Friday, November 2, 2012


I've really enjoyed seeing all of the Halloween posts!  Most imaginative and down right dirty goes to Helga ~oh sweet sister Mary such a crying shame.  On the opposite end of the spooktrum was Curtise and the most adorable gang of ghouls!  I didn't dress up this year instead Chris and I had a yummy dinner out and saw Silent Hill in 3D.  Like most films based on video games the picture pretty much sucked. However, there were a few insanely gruesome moments and that made it all worthwhile.  The nurse scene was by far my favorite.  I guess you get a smirk instead of a smile today ;/
I did wear a sugar skull tee that my sister gave me so it always makes me think of her and my star gazer leggings by Black Milk.
I picked up these knock off docs in Scotland for $30, I didn't want to hike around the Lake District in my pink leather boots.  They have faired well but are just starting to crack :( Cheap made in China crap!
 Sugar skull sleeves.
I have a massage scheduled for today and see a hot bath my future.  I picked up some yummy LUSH bath bombs and wanna have a good long soak afterwards :) I'm craving comfort food, warm socks on my feet and want a new book to read.  I think most of you gals are extremely well read.  So PLEASE can you recommend to me a book you LOVE!  Please tell me why you love it too I wanna know!
 This is how Ash fell asleep last night on Chris, ahhhhhhhhh's all around right.
Poor lil thing now she has a cold and has been sneezing up tons of snot.  I called the vet and she said not to worry.  Hmm.  How long before I should?  Have a great weekend everyone!


Jean at said...

A massage and a hot bath sound perfect. I noticed my Portland grandson was carrying an umbrella in his Halloween shot, of course. Too bad about the boots. They look good, but...!

I love the name Sugar Skulls. The shirt is cool too.

Vix said...

Hello cutie! Check out those posh leggings, fits-like-a-dream tee and smouldering smile.
A Lush bath bomb and a massive sounds wonderful. It's freezing here and I'm dying to jump in a hot bath adn soak away my aches and pains just as soon as I've caught up on blogging.
See how Ash is over the weekend and make an appointment on Monday, she looks so cute but I can see a devilish gleam in her eyes.
We'll talk books later! Speak to you in a bit!
Love you and enjoy that pummelling!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Perdita said...

LOVE those star gazer leggings!

I take it those aren't real DMs? Because real ones come with a guarantee so you could get them replaced (mind you, you would have to get them back to Scotland...).

Trees said...

Those leggings are so awesome and I love the Day of the dead tee. Last book I read was Picnic at hanging rock, its a Classic Australian novel. I'm sure its something I would have been made to read in English class if I had grown up in Australia! Its a fascinating story, I would recommend it xoxo

Nerd Burger said...

I love the outfit. The sugar skulls always have a place in my heart, and you'll never guess what i purchased a week ago? Those same space tights. Heheeh. I'm glad you had a great Halloween. We stayed in and ate cupcakes while watching the movie Halloween. :)

Louise Mc said...

I didn't dress up either. I really want to see that film, I loved the first Silent Hill. Those leggings are ace. I'm pretty obsessed with James Bond at the moment so reading Casino Royale by Ian Fleming. Xx

Melanie said...

What a pretty kitty, I love kitty bellies!
I used to put Vaseline on my patent DM's (hehe), it softens them right up and holds off the cracking, it might work on your pink copies xxx

Anonymous said...

Ash need a belly rub!!!
Love your outfit--so colorful and happy!!
A hot bath sounds like a good idea tonite!
I can highly recommend The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel!!! I thrifted a copy I'd gladly shipoff to you if you'd like it!

Melanie said...

Again, your pink is electric fun. The Black Milk is always a winner. That is the sweetest kitty photo ever! One of my favourite books is called "Slammerkin," about a waif in London who follows her love of an impossible good life tempted by a piece of new red ribbon. Great period piece by Emma Donoghue.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Ooh love today's outfit - fab t-shirt and AMAZING leggings, I want me some of those. I didn't manage to dress up either - well, just the nails!
Have a lovely weekend xx

Punk Glam Queen said...

LOVE that sugar skull tee, suits you so well! Your kitty pics are adorable! I hope her cold is better asap! We're considering fostering a kitty or puppy as the NY shelters are about to euthanize almost 200 of the poor babies due to overcrowding from Frankenbitch. I'm a bit wary though, my dog may fall in love and think she's some little puppy or kitty's mum and then if the owner comes to collect it she may be heartbroken. Regardless, we're going to see what we can do to help the poor little displaced babies. I wish all shelters were no-kill shelters! XXX Jet

pastcaring said...

Ooh, I just want to tickle her gorgeous tummy! Ash is looking cute too, hehehe! Aren't I just hilariarse?!
Seriously, I don't know which of you I want to cuddle more, you or Ash. You rock pink, skulls, denim, Black Milk leggings, and fake DMs, Krista!
We so missed your sparkling presence at Second to None yesterday, we were laughing about you flashing your knickers at June! I was hoping that leopard print coat might still be the (for Lucy) but alas it had gone.
Hope your massage and your hot Lush-infused bath were therapeutic.
Books? Hmm... I like a lot of dark crime fiction, so the Jo Nesbo series of Harry Hole books are a favourite, as are the John Connelly series featuring the character Charlie Parker - they are American Gothic (though the writer is actually Irish), modern crime but with a little supernatural edge. I'll have to think of some others and email you.
Have a relaxing weekend, my darling friend, and be sure that your UK friends are missing you very much! xxxxxx

Heather said...

Your so cute love your sugar skulls. With the horse I am covered every day in dirt, nothing cute about my clothes right now jeans and dusty boots lol!! So I am glad I get to see you looking cute and colorful!! I love history books so I would recommend As Long As Life The memoirs of a Frontier Woman Doctor ~I loved this book just amazing reading about women and what they had to go through to have careers or any sort of equality. This women in particular has a very interesting story. ~hope your having a good week Love Heather

Helga! said...

O,you can prbably imagine how much fun G and I had plotting and shooting that mad post!!!
Ash is making me SQUEE with her darling cuteness! The poor wee darling having a cold! I hope she comes right,may pay to get her checked out just in case!
You are looking HOT and relaxed! I am wearing a caftan; it's a bit cool here today after a good warm week,and I just can't be fecked!
Books! I could go on for HOURS! Are you on Goodreads?Anyway,my fave writer is Lisa St Aubin deTeran, her autobios are awesome,and her best novel is The Slow Train to Milan,in my opinion.I read a LOT and could recommend until the cows come home,really.....what sort of thing do you like reading the most? Any particular genre??
Love to you and Chris,you both frigging ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Did you change the name of your blog? Something tells me it's probably just my absent minded self, but I could swear your blog was called Peetee's Place. Then all of a sudden I notice it says Palace....not Place. Palace is hilarious! Now I'm sitting here laughing. ;) Too cute.

We sure do inspire each other, in fact, without you blogger friends I really think my life would feel a whole lot less fulfilled, seriously.

For sure a blogger meet up in 2014. I'd die to go to England someday, with you at the same time? OMG, FUN!

Helga! said...

hey it's G here, like'n the pink boots. I don't know if it's it's you but my 1st thought to a read was On Mexico Time, Helga will know who writes it, I'd recommend it to the both of you especially having just had a trip abroad.specially if it's starting to get cooler over there..Lookin goos girl.......G

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love your leggings Krista, and your top, looking forward to seeing your autumn/winter style, I've only seen you in summer clothes I think. Except when you came to Britain, that requires warm clothes usually!
I used to read a lot but I've grown very lazy lately and it's not often I read something and really love it these days. I'm going to look up Lisa St Aubin de Teran as I've just seen another Helga blog recommending her, then saw her comment here, so I take that as a sign! I really enjoyed 'The Sea The Sea' by Iris Murdoch. I've never read anything else by her but I liked that. If you like biographies I loved Julian Cope's books 'Head On' and 'Repossessed'. Also Billy Childish is really interesting, he has a really inspiring way of looking at the world I think.
Hope Ash is doing better now. xx

delia hornbook said...

Hi lovely, so sorry i haven't been over before now. But i was given strict instructions by the girls from the bloggy meet up with Vix on Thursday that was come over right away because your gorgeous and so lovely and they were right. You look gorgeous in your pink boots and space dust leggings loveing all the colours. Bless Ash he is so sweet try not worry about his cold im sure he will be fine. Im afraid i can't help you on any books i haven't read a book in ages. Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

Misfits Vintage said...

Those leggings are so fab and i LOOOOOOVE that tshirt so much! Ash's tummy looks so soft and scrummy - I would love to have her fall asleep on me like that (and I'm not particularly a cat person, but she looks so lovely and cuddly!). Hope you enjoyed your massage and bath and having a gorgeous weekend. LOVE! Sarah xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Ash is so cute, but isn't it weird the way cats lie in those freaky contorsionist way. You look bloody gorgeous, love your galaxy leggings, especially with those boots, which I want. Big love xxxxx

Meghan Edge said...

Yay sugar skulls!!! :-) I love those black milk leggings! Goodness they are fab. And you look wonderful in them.

Anonymous said...

Hm, I like books by A. S. Byatt, Possession is one.

You're rockin' the tights.

WendyB said...

I love sugar skulls and all your pink!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love the sugar skull t-shirt and the black milk leggings!You always look so great and seeing your photos always makes me smile, especially on gray mornings like these, I'd love to go back to sleep just like Ash!
I really don't know where to start with books, I really love to read and I have many favourites, if you need a relaxed and funny read I suggest you Douglas Coupland's 'the Gum Thief' or any of his books, he's wise,very clever and has a huge sense of humor!I really love Vladimir Nabokov too, I really need to read 'Pale Fire',but I still haven't found it!
Love you more than books!

Thick Threads said...

good god your galaxy leggins are so radically rad! you look so cool! When i grow up I wanna be like you :D

and awww what a cutie Ash is!

enjoy your bath, LUSH stuff is so awesome, i think I might just go do that myself now :)