Friday, November 30, 2012

They are playing our song

It's Friday, we made it!  As a reward I have a pretty cool song and video to share with you.  Not too much planned for this weekend a bit of jewelry making, packing for my trip and maybe a bit of thrifting.  Today I have tortilla soup cooking in the crock pot, yum!
I have been on a legging kick lately.  I like them better than tights because they are warmer.  I picked these up at Target and I swear they are more comfy than my pajama's.  I am trying a bit of pattern mixing, Bella at The Citizen Rosebud is the absolute master of this!  Check her out here. I hope I did you proud Bella:)
This crazy sweater was a recent find on ebay another bright and warm addition to my winter wardrobe.

 I also have to share with you the most gorgeous pendant I picked up by Jasmine Becket.  
I made a cool necklace for it to hang on.  Isn't she sweet with her lil baby dragon?  
Are you ready for our song or what?
Play it loud and be proud!  I love you guys!  I don't think I have told you that enough lately but I do!


Vix said...

Pattern mixing to the max! You look fucking awesome (as they say in the song!) That shaggy cardi is totally mental, don't leave that lying around if there's any hipsters on the loose. I love the beads you've added to that gorgeous pendant, it's taken it to another level of fabulousness!
Tortilla soup? What's that? I thought tortillas were like crisps? I need a lesson!
Have a fabulous weekend, I loved the song. I'm going to make Jon listen to it right now! Love you & speaking to you last night rocked! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

pastcaring said...

I am wondering the same thing as Vix, tortilla soup is a mystery! Bet it's good though. And you are looking so warm and cosy and colourful, Krista, you certainly don't need any lessons in pattern mixing! Those leggings are fabulous (my Littlest Love has a similar pair!) and I always love to see that wonderful hat. Cute pendant, I love a dragon!
Have a relaxing weekend full of good stuff! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh this video is great I like the part where the guy jump in a forniture shop wearing a fur!I need to listen to the song now on a working computer!But if it says 'you look fucking awesome' as Vix wrote,it's perfect for your outfit!!!
I like the matching prints 'a la Bella' and you add your special touch with the most amazing and vibrating colours!Those leggings and the dress are beautiful and the new cardigan is great!!It would be perfect for the weather here!There are no words to express how much I love Jasmine Becket's art, that necklace is wonderful!
Have a fucking awesome weekend!!
I love you more than leggings!!xxxx

Bella Q said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Someone posted that viddy on my FB page saying it was written for me- so yeah it is our theme song-

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pattern mixing! I had already swiped the first pic for my inspiration folder then read you were inspired by me- and yup, SO VERY PROUD. You rock it!
Love the whole vibe of your outfit- colorful and warm? Yes and yes.

Wishing you a wonderful week end! xo. Bella Q

Connie said...

Yeah, Krista! Take it Grandpa Style!!! Love this so much!

Perdita said...

Totally agree on leggings v tights! I am a legging addict!

Hollie said...

leggings all the way. I'm working on building a nice collection. I think I'm going to go to Target to pick me up a pair like yours!

Trees said...

Tortilla Soup? I want to try that!! Post a recipe? :D

I am so much more into tights than leggings. I think mostly due to the fact Wellington is so mild I can really wear tights all year round (not too hot or cold).

I love all the colours you're wearing!! Yah!!

Anonymous said...

I like how I can still leave a comment and keep listening to your video. I drive my son to school at the Seattle Center each Friday and this song comes on KEXP a couple of times a week but I never knew who it was. Plus I live down the street from Easy Street and this band name has been on the billboard for weeks. Thanks for tying it all together now. I love this song!

thorne garnet said...

I wear legging in the summer; cotton = no sweaty thighs. I want to find cotton tights, which I've found in the past. That sweater is mental! Your patterns rocks. And so does the pendent. Boob shot!

Annie said...

I love the bit where he says he probably should have washed the coat :)

Love your cardi and hat. Leggings are definitely the way to go when it's cold. The pendant is gorgeous, and you've made the perfect necklace to hang it from.

Yay for Grandad style! xxx

The Canon Girl said...

Ooh that pendant is like a stylised version of the Khaleesi from Game of Thrones! :-D Gorgeous! And I've been totally into leggings lately, too. They're super cosy and comfortable. The one in this post is just beautiful, I want one for myself! Love your pink sneakers, too.

lucy joy said...

My my, that tune is fucking brilliant! Just sent it to everyone who I know will like it!
You know colour like nobody else, pattern, texture, style - you just know what works - I salute you.

I must sleep now, but I have a little parcel building up for you which was intended for your birthday - who knows - may get to you between then at Christmas!


Lucy x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I've seen that song before and thought it was great but now I have to download it. Reminds me of lonely island. Love the fancy the guy too. leggings! I badly need to get some mad patterned ones. You look gorgeous, your hair is looking luscious ( even if you don't have a soul). Mad jumpers are the best, it looks amazing on you. Keep being a superstar xxxxxx

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

The world would be a little nicer if I met people like you when I go to work, shop at the grocery store ...

Style Sud-Est said...

Hello Krista!

I love your pattern mixing taken to the extreme
Love your spunk and joie de vivre!
Love the necklace

Have a good Monday!

Ariane xxx

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Love the pendant!!!
I'm LOL at the Brit's confusion on tortilla soup!!
Love the pattern mixing and that cardigan is adorable!
COOOL Song!!

Hugs to Peetee!!

Anonymous said...

Was just catching up on your blog and omg that song is the bees knees lol thanks for sharing it <3