Friday, November 9, 2012

Where would I run too anyway?

We made it. FRIDAY has finally arrived!  Despite how chipper I look in these photos I'm feeling beat up and worn out today.  Ash is all better but Zoe is pretty sick now and I have to take her to the vet.  I had two meetings this week in addition to my normal workload and I had a nice fight with a loan officer about how the title company screwed up our refi and now I have to send them more money. (I know first world problems) With the holidays approaching I am already dreading the hustle and bustle.   Sometimes I just hate the responsibility of being an adult and I want someone else to take care of it all.    I haven't really slept the last two days and all I want to do is quiet my mind. Feel me?

I do have a fun weekend planned hanging out with some friends, cooking and eating and starting another book.  What are you up to? The weather here has grown so cold and I just moved the lemon tree inside.  Burr and bah to these frosty mornings.  Good thing I found another maxi dress to help keep me warm.  Another score at $3!
 I also got spoiled by Terri at Rags Against the Machine with a package of goodies! Thanks Terri!
 I love this lil knapsack with the most adorable scene!  She also sent this super cozy bright pink jacket.
But wait theres more.  She also included this skeleton cameo made by a Megan.  I don't know if she sells them but how killer is it! She knows I have a thing for skulls:)
 What do you think about these gorgeous sleeves?
 She also sent this dress that is totally my colors!!!
I really had to stuff my boobs into both of these dresses, I'm not complaining just saying!
I decided to treat myself to these gray leather boots by Miz Mooz. I needed something I could really thrash on and not care if they get dirty plus I wanted a lil heel, these fit the bill perfectly.
Thanks for letting me vent ladies.  Visiting your blogs this week has been my little ray of sunshine in a cold gray week, and your genuine heartfelt comments always lift my spirits.  I love what we have!  Enjoy the weekend!


Melanie said...

I'm sorry you have to go through all of these things, but oh Krista, on the sunny side, that dress is magnificent on you! And that backpack is beyond cute! I love it!

Vix said...

Well despite your crappy week you look freakin' gorgeous! I'm dying over that purple dress and you know how much I love those boots already.
Terri's done you proud, that backpack is perfect and Megan's pendant is amazing!!!
Sorry life's a bit rubbish at the moment, thank goodness for the marvels of blogging. I wish I could pop over and get drunk with you. Hope Zoe gets better soon, she's probably hating the cold weather as much as her human.
Love you!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bella Q said...

Sorry you are having a down week. You however look so bright and cheery you definitely brighten up mine- Terri really pegged you with the pink coat and that amazing cameo! Perfect for you.

It's cold! I'm not ready for this!

xo. Bella Q

Laura (dusty_rose) said...

That dress is really cute! I love the backpack too.

Perdita said...

Hope next week is less stressful! :)

LOVE that purple dress, just perfect. The sleeves are super.

Nerd Burger said...

Im sorry your week sucked. Enjoy your weekend with friends and keep that smile on your dial. Ps that purple dress is lovely

Nerd Burger said...

Im sorry your week sucked. Enjoy your weekend with friends and keep that smile on your dial. Ps that purple dress is lovely

pastcaring said...

Oh honey bunny, I am sending you a massive squeeze (can you feel it? It's BIG!) I am so sorry you've had a bit of a crapulous week, but you would never know it from the gorgeous pics.
Purple dress and sleeve envy going on over here! How fab is that frock? And if the girls are a little squeezed in, then they are looking good on it! Woo hoo!
Great parcel from Terri, the colours on that little dress are very you, and the backpack is adorable.
And great boots, I think you will get a ton of wear out of those beauties.
Give Zoe a stroke from me, Peetee and Ash get a tickle, and a big ol snog for you, cos I loves ya! xxxxx

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Yucky week. I'm sorry. I hope Zoe feels better soon and that you have a great weekend!

Miss Magpie said...

Boo to the crap week and hurrah to a fun filled weekend. I love that backpack, it's just too cute. The girls look pretty magnificent in that purple frock and not at all squished.

Penny-Rose said...

Sorry you have had a stinky week and I do hope Zoe is better soon. The dress with the sleeves is awesome and what a lovely parcel of goodies too. Krista you are a ray of sunshine in the blogging world, never feel bad for venting, that's what we are here for! Hope you have a good weekend.

Louise Mc said...

Aw, I hope your feeling better soon. It's really difficult to get through season change I think, I love Autumn and Winter but even I'm struggling this time. That purple dress is too gorgeous, my favourite colour. Xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Happier weekend to you. And good job on the boob squishing, it seems to have worked out pretty well!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I would kill my dog to have boobs to stuff into anything. My mom bought me a B size bra back in the 70's and told me I'd grow in to it, and I'm still waiting! I got ripped off and this is why I'm pissed off at god. ;)
Really though, that is the cutest napsack I've ever seen.
Have a great weekend, and take care of those poor kitties. Must be the change of seasons.

Trees said...

Ugh! I know how you feel - I have been feeling flat lately and stuff has been piling on top of me. I'm sure the weekend will do us both a world of good! I love that purple frock - so pretty, especially the sleeves and Terri sent you a fab package. If I'm right, that cameo is from Meghan at Meg's ragged edge ( - she's sent me a few of her cameos and they are awesome

Misfits Vintage said...

That purple maxi is the best thing I have ever seen! The sleeves are utterly magnificent and you look GORGEOUS in it! Sarah xxx

Lanternarius said...

Aww a skeleton cameo! I so love it!

Anonymous said...

That maxi is beautiful and those sleeves are amazing! Jealous of that score!

lucy joy said...

Hey Krista, anyone with s brain as big as yours, energy level as high as yours, heavy workload and such a big heart for her pets, ambitions for home.improvement, a creative streak which never stops gonna get stressed at times. You are unique and set high standards. We see the results-the super toned bod, gorgeous colourful home, adorable pets, and.the places you.go, people you see, clothes you wear, food you eat and that amazing HAIR!

Give yourself a break. You have the best dress and boots for thousands of miles, parcels of joy arriving at your door because you inspire your readers, and you have everything to look forward to.

LoadsofloveCariadfach (fach-little, but a term of endearment)

Lucy x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Giving up money because someone else fucked up is a problem everywhere, not just the first world so don't feel bad for venting.
I love your dress, the sleeves are magnificent and the boots are great, there's a hint of Victoriana about them. You deserved to get spoilt, that dress is absolutely your colours.

Meghan Edge said...

Terri is the best, isn't she? I love your purple maxi dress.

:-) I remember when I sent her that necklace. It was one of the first sales in my shop. It looks so lovely on you. I'm glad you enjoy it.

thorne garnet said...

Those sleeves are insane.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

No way! I almost bought a vintage Mexican bag JUST LIKE THAT at a flea market yesterday!

Heather said...

Love your boots so cute!! and that cameo is Awesome!!
I am wishing you a wonderful weekend!! Hope it is great for you ~Love Heather

Anonymous said...

The dress and the cameo are amazing!!
I love the fabric and the butterfly sleeves!!I hope your weekend was relaxing and that you spent your time away from bad moods and sense of responsibility..
Terri's presents are all so beautiful, can't wait to see you wearing that awesome pink and orange dress!
Love you more than weekends!!

delia hornbook said...

Im so sorry life is hard at the moment for you i hope everything improves quickly for you. I also hope that Zoe is ok and its nothing to serious. You look beautiful though no matter how your feeling that purple dress is lovely and i love the white lace sleeves. I also love the look of the orange dress great pattern. Have a great week sweetie, sending you a hug, dee xx

Dolly Cool Clare said...

I am also having a crappy time at the moment, still waiting to move house...its all I an think about at the moment, so I totally get you when you wish you could quiet your brain! If only there was an off switch, so you could stop it whirring in the early hours eh? Fingers crossed that your troubles pass soon :)

Anonymous said...

Vent on Krista Vent on....must've been a suckage vibe in the air this week. I'm glad it's over!!
OOOOOO what a gorgeous purple maxi!1 i wore one exactly like that in mustard gold polyester for my high school choir costume so i know that's from the mid-70's
What awesome goodies Terri dent!! The skull necklace is amazing!!
{{{hugs}}}} to Peetee from the diva!!

liz said...

So much goodness in one post--silver boots, purple maxi dress, skull cameo?! You just inspired me to take photos of this pink/white dress just SITTING on me, thanks! :)