Saturday, December 29, 2012

True love stories never have endings

I hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays and the time off from routine.  I have been as lazy as I have been busy so it all evens out in the end, right?  My secret to starting off the New Year with plenty of positive motivation~ be super lazy the last week of the year:)  Works every time.
These are quite possibly my favorite BM leggings, scored at half off.
They are RGB color codes, how geeky:) I found this silver lacy dress at Ross for $16.
    This scarf was a Christmas present from Chris.  I suggested it:)

So was this silver star by Giant Dwarf.  It is made from German glass glitter and sparkles like diamonds!
We are also waiting for delivery of our new crazy kitty mansion!  The cats are going to love it,  they needed something to get them through the wet winters here.

I wore this outfit on Christmas. I am not a fan of red and green but pink and teal, now that works for me!  The dress is new from Modcloth $35 and fits like a dream.  I recently ripped the seams out of three of my vintage dresses my boobs just need more room;( These leggings are another present from Chris. They have fleece on the inside and are so comfy warm.
 I also scored this striped purse for $5 bucks a few months back.
 Faux fur coat for under $10.
 Cute button details on my dress.
 I took all of last week off from work.  I didn't even walk into my office until this morning.  It has been a much needed break.
With only a few days left in 2012 I am happy to be in this moment, right here, right now.  I think Chris and I will grab tacos later and see a flick.  How will you spend the last few days of the year?  Tell me, I want to know.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry everything!

Christmas eve is finally here!  I hope everyone will spend a little time with those that matter most.  I have been enjoying the last two days in a warm house smelling of vanilla and bacon.  My favorite thing about the holidays is misbehaving.  I'll eat out way too much, I'll drink too much, consume my own body weight in sugar and shop, shop, shop.  No wonder I love this time of year!
I will also dress extra festive :) Your welcome.
 This is my space girl dress :)
 and this is my new DKNY bright orange patent leather bag.
 I'm a sucker for patent leather and this color makes me smile on the inside.
 This is the kind of bag you would never find second hand and if you did it would be beat to hell.
 I thought at $40 it will be well worth the miles I'll get out of it.
 Ok enough with the bag:)
I have also been cooking.  I got a really yummy cookbook called Smitten Kitchen for my birthday from my friend Kathi.  I started easy and went with a white bean, swiss chard and pancetta soup.  It was one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth.
First you cook up about 5 ounces of Pancetta, get it nice and crisp, about 7 minutes.
Then add 1 chopped carrot, celery stock and 1 small onion. Cook for 7 minutes add 2 garlic cloves.
 Then add 4 cups of chopped swiss card.
 After a few more minutes remove it all from the pan.  Then take 3 tablespoons butter and 3 tablespoons floor and make a rue.  Slowly adding in 3 1/4 cups of chicken broth, then put the veggies back in.
 Add 1 1/3 can of white beans that you drained and let thicken.  Eat and be happy!
I also did a little painting.  I picked up these laser cut frames for $1 and painted them turquoise.
 My deer needed a little company.
 I don't know if I will fill them yet.
 My little pink tree.
 Zoe~ the nice kitty~ Ash is outside in the rain not giving a shit.
 Peetee and his poochie pouch, both of them :)

I wish you all a MERRY EVERYTHING! Also a BIG THANK YOU for coming to my blog and showing me some love.  We can all say that we write our blogs for ourselves but let's face it that would be boring.  It's been my pleasure sharing my life and heart with you this year.  I have made some real friends here.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday cheer

I hope everyone is enjoying the much needed time off from regular life.  As I mentioned in my last post Tamera is also crazy for her dogs.  I about died last week when I received the most amazing gift from her for Peetee.  She called it the "Poochie Pouch."  I think you need to trade mark Poochie Pouch Tamera and start making millions on these:)
It's like a pillow case with a slit in it.  He immediately started burrowing and snorting.  That = LOVE
 Look at how warm and snugly it is inside!  I'm sure Peetee will be buried in this.
 The print on the outside is gorgeous too, big bright flowers! Peetee is spoiled and snuggles in this everyday. She also makes gorgeous jewelry and made me this beautiful brooch!
 and this pair of ear rings and necklace too, look at the little skulls!
  Also included was this bright quilted warm robe that has never been worn! All so totally me!
and then the mother of all pink, no that's not right, the mother of all BLONDE ~this fabulous tee
I also got the most thoughtful b-day package from my soul sister across the pond Vix. 
 A spiked bracelet that would even make Rob Halford weep.
 Lasercut mirrored skull ear rings!
 Three beautiful sparkly Barry M polishes!!!
 I kinda like this look.
She also gave me this colorful bag from Indian.
See the pink bits!
 The most feminine yellow slip that fits just right.
 A gorgeous, curve hugging maxi.  I have so many new frocks to wear!
There is plenty more baking to do and recipes to share and even a new bright orange patent leather handbag that I had to have. I also need to see what you guys have been up too!
XXOO ~it's almost Christmas;)