Thursday, December 6, 2012

Birthdays RULE!

I thought today would never get here. I'm heading to San Diego for a few days of fun in the sun.  My birthdays on Friday and 42 looks pretty good to me or should I say on me:)  I will visit with friends family and most definitely eat, drink, shop and shoot!  BUT guess who has a Birthday today?
I found this card after I already sent one.  Happy Birthday VIX!!!  I will be drinking to you tonight my dear!  Thanks for being such a wonderful friend and a constant source of fashion inspiration.  Enjoy celebrating YOU!
It's been so wet here in Oregon I found this cute little mushroom growing out of our deck.
 I have always hated letterman jackets (I didn't hang with that crowd) but this teal one made of soft jersey had to be mine.
 I got it at Ross :)
 I also made a necklace for Zandra Rhodes (EEEEEK) since I'm having dinner with my girlfriend who is friends with Zandra's boyfriends daughter.  I hope someday I can have a few cocktails with that eccentric talented bundle of pink inspiration!
I can see her rocking this for sure!  Okay everyone take care until I see you next week!  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!  That's 42 kisses:)

Growing old is mandatory:growing up is optional.~ Chili Davis


Rose&Bird said...

Love the card, very Vix! Happy birthday for Friday x Love the colour of the jacket and I'm surprised not to find more mushrooms growing in the garden as it's been pretty wet here too! The necklace is really cute, I hope Zandra wears it x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you will be having a wonderful time. Just the thought of Sandra receiving something you made is a thrill!
Love that little vinyl bag!

Anonymous said...

I love the card for Vix!!She's a true inspiration and I'm so glad that you find each other and that I find you both!I was looking for a letterman jacket last time I visited an American second hand shop in Rome, but because it was summer they still don't have it!I always love them because they remind me of the 90's when they were fashionable amongst the rock and roll guys that I liked and they always make me think about high school's love affairs,I'm so nostalgic, maybe because I'm getting old!I like the necklaces, both the one you are wearing and the one for your granny!I really wish you could meet Zandra one day!
I love you more than birthdays!!!

Lucy Nation said...

I know Zandra will love that necklace. How could she not! Love your jacket and the general brightness of your outfit against the dreary weather xxx

Miss Magpie said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful birthday. x

delia hornbook said...

That card is brilliant. Happy birthday have a great time, dee xx

Bella Morte said...

I love your outfit! The colours are perfect and so bloody cute, just like you :) I hope you have a wonderful birthday with your friends and family. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself, you're only 42 once! xxx

Vix said...

Zandra will love that necklace and if she doesn't see it and demand to meet you then she's clearly insane!
You look beautiful on the eve of your 42nd!! I always called those jackets Varsity jackets, I wanted one in red, just like Leif Garrett!
Have a brilliant birthday, the best yet!!! Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Helga! said...

Have awonderful weekend,celebrating til it HURTS!
That card is SO Vix!
Love the creation for Zandra, she will ADORE it and I reckon there'll be cocktails before you know it!She will LOVE you!
We ALL love you!
I love and worship you! EEEEEK!


Miss Simmonds Says said...

Wow Krista!! I love the necklace and I hope Zandra appreciates it, she should do if she knows what's good for her! You look gorgeous! The letterman jacket's colours are wonderful on you. It looks fab. Goes well with the boots. I didn't realise it was your birthday tomorrow!!! I would've sent you something. Happy Birthday princess xxxx

Nat said...

Happy happy birthday for Friday!!!
Hope you have an amazing day and the best of things to come in the year ahead :-)

thorne garnet said...

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful, beautiful day!

Hollie said...

Call me a nerd, but I was stuck in bed all day yesterday with nothing to do play the Sims and I totally made a sim based on your pinklalicious style. Hee hee!

pastcaring said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful Krista! I hope you have the most wondeful time in San Diego, recharge, and come back to us refreshed and extra gorgeous!
I love the card you found, it's SO Vix, and you are looking lovely in those delicious shades of pink and turquoise.
Hope Zandra loves the necklace, and commissions more of your work - you could be best mates and colleagues as well as cocktail buddies! xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Happy Birthday Krista!!! Hope you are having a wonderful few days, have a fantastic birthday and the BEST YEAR EVER! You look gorgeous in teh pink and blues - love the floral and LOVE your little deer necklace - and your Zandra necklace is gorgeous too - almost as beautiful as the ones you made for me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOVE! Sarah xxx

Melanie said...

Happy birthday for today lovely Krista!
My step dad always wore a red letterman jacket so I automatically associate them with him. Yours is a lovely colour and goes so well with your hair xxx

Cristi said...

Hey Birthday Girl!!!

Happy Big Day-today we celebrate YOU!:)

You look fab as usual, maybe just a bit cold.;)

I am glad you've escaped to sunny So Cal, as today's weather is not birthday worthy.
So, my birthday fantasy for you, is that you are sitting in rays of sunshine, maybe with your feet in some warm sand on the beach, and something cold and celebratory in your hand!;)

Hope you have a glorious birthday and a wonderful year ahead!:)

And, hope Ms. Rhodes gets in touch to thank you for that beautiful necklace. It's really the perfect necklace for her!

Anonymous said...

A very Happy Pink-a-licious Birthday!!!!! Have fun in San Diego!!
I love your letter jacket with the aqua boots and dress!!
The Zandra necklace is AMAZING!!!
I'm mailing out a parcel of birthday joy to you and Peetee on Monday!

Victoria said...

Such a cool card! Well, happy birthday to both the birthday girls! Enjoy your days in San Diego.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday!!! WoooHoooo!!! Hope it is Great!! and Yes 42 looks fabulous on you GET OUT!! you look so young!!! give me all your youthful secrets hehehe You look Adorable love the boots ~Love Heather

Nerd Burger said...

LOVE the necklace. The colours are fantastic. Happy Early Birthday my pink haired princess. I can't wait to see photos from your trip.

Sacramento Amate said...

Happy birthda, dear Krista, ahhhhhhhh 42, you are but a baby yet.

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

You look great, so I'm looking forward to be 42 then (in February)

Bella Q said...

Ah, it's the week of style icons! Happy Bday dear Krista- wishing you one marvelous time!

Veshoevius said...

Krista - a very very happy birthday to you! Hope 42 holds wonderful things for you!