Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Can we please rewind?

I am back my pretties!  Thanks so much for all your well wishes. I had a very special Birthday in San Diego and as always, time flew by.  Leaving is always bitter sweet and this time I cried a lot. This visit was extra special because I made a new friend, her name is Ivie!

Do you remember her, that precious little girl that I made a floral crown for?  Her folks said she had been talking about meeting me all week long.  This kid made me feel like a movie star.
She was a total sweetheart and a diva in the making.  She is creative too and made this lei just for me.
  We sat and talked about fashion for about 20 minutes, she kinda blew my mind!
 She also gave me this cute toy with the pink hair and my sister the orange one, I took both because that's what sisters do!

We pinky swore that if I lived in San Diego we would be best friends forever.
I also had a chance to go shooting with my step Dad.  We popped off about 200 rounds and tested out his new scope.
 Did you hear about the shooting at our mall in Portland?  Since I have a conceal and carry I am seriously considering it.  Is this really the world we live in?
 After it was time to eat and Mom came along.
Seared ahi is always tasty.
I had fish tacos 4 times :)

 My Mom and I:)
  The couple who raised me right:)
 A little Birthday flash and my new half off BM leggings.  They had a killer sale after Thanksgivings and I took full advantage.
I got to catch up with friends.

Like any good Auntie I thought I would impress my nephews who are obsessed with the Transformers by renting a Camero like Bumble Bee.
Bumble Bee was yellow so they called this one Black Bee.
  They are getting so big!
We had fun being silly.
  I know he is rather handsome.
 We got the Xmas tree.
 Untangled the lights.
Decorated the tree.
The boys pretty much played on the computer the whole time.
 I even had a chance to dye my sisters hair.
Simple things with my family bring me the greatest joy.  I really wish I could start that weekend all over again, it just went by way too fast.

I brought home a pretty nasty cold and I'm in denial that I am sick.  I have a busy week ahead of me, someone please give me strength! 


Melanie said...

This post is full of fabulous things! Your family are just lovely and how sweet of Ivie to give you those gifts, bless her xx

Anonymous said...

Krista--wow!! Looks like you had such a wonderful time but I'm sure you're glad to get back to chris and Peetee and the cats!
You're parents are adorable!!
Little Ivie is just too dear--look at those BOOTS she's wearing!!
You're nephew's are so cute!
You look cute AND kick-ass at the gun range! It's so horrible about what happened at the mall!

Give your little man a tummy rub from his East Coast homies!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!!I love your vacation's posts, they are always full of joy, wonderful people, food and clothes that it's so hard to comment without missing something out!!Ivie is too sweet, little girls could be so pretty yet so wise!Your mom and dad seem very happy to have you with them, they raised you so well that they already are my heros!Your nephews and your sister are adorable too, you have such a great family!!!!
I'm sorry that you come back with a stupid cold, I hope you'll get better soon!!!
I love you more than Pinypon!!!

Vix said...

Happy birthday week!!! Your out and about photos are always a delight, cool ladies, cute kiddies, food, your ace parents, animals, you looking fabulous!! Little Ivie has the cutest smile and her makes are amazing. I'm loving Krista with gun, you looking smoking hot in that psychedelic maxi and your sister's new hair. Blogland's much brighter when you're around!!!
Can't wait to catch up andf chat for real!
Love you!

ar†ificial said...

what a cute family you have! u are sooo lucky!<333

pastcaring said...

Hey, she's baaaack!
It looks as though you had a fabulous trip, you obviously had a ball with your friends and family.
How cute is your new BFF Ivie? I love seeing the pics of your mum and step-dad, don't they look happy together? Cutest nephews too!
Wonderful food, great to see you with your pals, and your spotty, blue and floral frocks are all beautiful.
My goodness, your sister's hair is the shiniest EVER! It's brighter than the lights on the Christmas tree!
Look after yourself, Krista, this is no time to get sick, so I'm sending a big old squeeze to dismiss that nasty cold! xxxxx

Helga! said...

How totally FABULARSE your weekend was! I'm astonished at just how much you packed in! Looking scrumptious at every moment, of course!
O,Ivie,she's sooo sweet! Of course she worships you! Who doesn't?! She's just showing her natural exquisite taste!
MMMMMMMMMM, mouthwatering food, divoon frockage,wonderful loving people! HEAVENLY! SO glad you had a super b'day,darling!

Louise Mc said...

Wow, what a truly tremendous weekend, I can't believe you fit it all in. It certainly looks like you had a wonderful weekend, and you look so beautiful and radiant with happiness in all of these pictures. There's nothing like spending time with the people who you love is there? Get some honey and lemon down you and you'll be fine. Hugs. xx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Cool kids, awesome parents, new leggings, the gun range, birthdays, sisters, friends, hair dye, tacos... I didn't even know you could fit that much cool stuff in one post!!

two squirrels said...

Hello Gorgeous lady!!!!! Happy happy birthday and big furry squirrel hugs!!!!
The pics of your trip made me smile, such happiness. Your mum & dad look so very kind and lovely, that's why you are!!!!
Hope you are feeling better soon and the cold is just a wee sniffle.
Love V

two squirrels said...
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Bella Morte said...

The children in your life are so very lucky to have such a fun and awesome auntie and friend! It's always sad saying goodbye after spending good quality time with family and friends but memories always last longer than goodbyes! I would love to go to target practice and get the chance to shoot some guns! I definitely feel your pain as I have a horrible cold at the moment too! xxx

Heather said...

Looks like a great trip!! You had way to much fun ;) have you tried some airborne on our last travel we picked up a cold in New York and we all hit it hard with airborne, umcka and lots of fluids it worked really well :) ~Those new tights are to cute!! and look at you at the shooting range!! Awesome~ Annie get yur gun!! hehehe :P Hope you feel better soon ~Love Heather

Misfits Vintage said...

Little Ivie is a superstar! I love the fabulous lei she gave you and you look spectacular as always in all of your great outfits! So glad you had such a wonderful time with your family and such a great birthday week! Big hugs! Sarah xxx

Connie said...

You look so pretty in the sunshine. Next visit we'll get together ;-)

Nerd Burger said...

So glad you had a rad trip. Ivie is adorable. Her gumboots are the bomb and I love your little toys you got.
PS: You look great in your polka dot dress.

Thick Threads said...

happy belated birthday gorgeous! wow the story with the little girl who is all about fashion is awesome, she is so adorable and i can imagine it being soooo overwhelming, what a cutie pie! your parents sure did raise you right, i'm only speaking from what i know from this blog but you seem like one cool chick so they must be good people, they look like a lovely couple :) and your nephews look so cute! they must have lost it when you rented that sweet ride! :) i love your leggins! it looks amazing with the pink docs, but you already know how i feel about the docs :) I'm glad you had fun with your family. Hope you get over the non existing cold which really exists, but not really, but it does. so drink tea :)


Ivy Black said...

How wonderful! Your posts always make me happy, especially your family time. You are one of the coolest aunties ever and I'm glad you had such a great birthday week.

Sacramento Amate said...

I bet they are all over the moon to have you filling their world with pink.
You are wonderful, Krista.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

You are such a cool Auntie and wow, the Camero as a rental car is very cool indeed. Is your Dad shooting at an alien muscle man? Ivie is very sweet and obviously you had to steal both dolls, it's your duty as a sister to commandeer anything that your siblings might want. You look so happy and fabulous the whole time, I'm not surprised you didn't want to leave. oooh those gyozas are making me peckish!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Annie said...

What a fab, fun post, Krista! It was lovely to hear about your weekend. It's great that you got to see your family before Christmas.

I love your new Black Milk leggings, they look stunning with the black and white dress. xx

Cristi said...


You are the coolest Aunt! You remind me of the Brady Bunch episode when Jan was worried about her weird aunt and then when she met her it was instant LOVE. I was always inspired by that one, because I wanted to be that cool weird aunt myself! Remember her? Gonna have to send Ivie a plaster leg!;)

And, you look great in your birthday finest! I always love all the colors you put together, and your little mini-me totally completes the look! She is just adorable. I would have a hard time keeping my fingers out of those cute little dimples!;)

Your Sister's hair looks great, so shinny, looks great with the cut.

AND, loved the shots at the range. You are the most stylish Pistol Packing Mama! I used to shoot skeet as a teen. It would be fun to do it again, maybe we can make it a date this Summer!:)

Now-take care and get better!:)

Little-Hat said...

WHAT a fantastic post! Handsome kids, bright colors, smiles, and guns! :) You are quite a remarkable person: I don't believe for a second that your cold even has a chance at getting you down!


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Happy belated birthday lovely! Looks like you had a wonderful time with your lovely family and gorgeous new bestie.
I'm hoping I'm finally BACK now my laptop is fixed - get well soon.


The Canon Girl said...

Spending some simple, cosy time with family is the best thing in the world, nothing can beat that feeling of utter perfectness <3 It looks like you had an amazing time with your family and of course you feel like a mess when you realise you have to leave again. I have to brothers living in different countries (one of the other side of the world!) so I'm extra happy with the time I get to spend with my sister and mom here, hoping and praying that they don't leave to go live abroad, haha. That christmas tree is epic and colorful, I love it. And OF COURSE I need to have those black and pink skeleton leggings, they might just be the best thing ever. Your Biggest Fan is the cutest girl in the world, I love her rainbow skirt.

CityScape Skybaby said...

No wonder you didn't want the weekend to end Krista, it sounds like you had a wonderful time. Little Ivie and your nephews are such cuties, you must be like the magical fairy auntie to them all. I didn't hear about the shooting but I heard yesterday's sad news and it is horrible that such things happen. xx