Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday cheer

I hope everyone is enjoying the much needed time off from regular life.  As I mentioned in my last post Tamera is also crazy for her dogs.  I about died last week when I received the most amazing gift from her for Peetee.  She called it the "Poochie Pouch."  I think you need to trade mark Poochie Pouch Tamera and start making millions on these:)
It's like a pillow case with a slit in it.  He immediately started burrowing and snorting.  That = LOVE
 Look at how warm and snugly it is inside!  I'm sure Peetee will be buried in this.
 The print on the outside is gorgeous too, big bright flowers! Peetee is spoiled and snuggles in this everyday. She also makes gorgeous jewelry and made me this beautiful brooch!
 and this pair of ear rings and necklace too, look at the little skulls!
  Also included was this bright quilted warm robe that has never been worn! All so totally me!
and then the mother of all pink, no that's not right, the mother of all BLONDE ~this fabulous tee
I also got the most thoughtful b-day package from my soul sister across the pond Vix. 
 A spiked bracelet that would even make Rob Halford weep.
 Lasercut mirrored skull ear rings!
 Three beautiful sparkly Barry M polishes!!!
 I kinda like this look.
She also gave me this colorful bag from Indian.
See the pink bits!
 The most feminine yellow slip that fits just right.
 A gorgeous, curve hugging maxi.  I have so many new frocks to wear!
There is plenty more baking to do and recipes to share and even a new bright orange patent leather handbag that I had to have. I also need to see what you guys have been up too!
XXOO ~it's almost Christmas;)


Hypnotic Mushroom said...

Everything is so so gorgeous! :)
It is so you! My darling....I am so inspired by you, lots of hugs and love and sparkly glittery kisses from me! <3

pastcaring said...

Isn't it fabulous that our blog buddies know us so well? Those gifts are spot on for you, Krista!
The pics of Peetee are so adorable, I love the thought of him snuffling and snorting as he burrowed his way into his new pooch pouch! Tamera is as kind and thoughtful as she is talented and creative, love that jewellery.
And of course Vix knows your taste perfectly, so a cracking set of birthday goodies from her. Spiky rock chick bracelet, sparkly nails, skulls, a nod to her beloved India, what great gifts. Can't wait to see the frock - and. Ight we be lucky enough to get a wee perv at you in the yellow slip, or is that for Chris' eyes only?! Go on -you know you wanna show us!
I am READY now. Bring on the festivities! xxxx

Trees said...

I love Peetee Pouch - he looks so adorable and he seems to really love his pouch. You have received so many amazing gifties - I can't wait to see you rock that frock you've given us a sneak peak of:)

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Indian goods are the best- I loooove that style

CityScape Skybaby said...

Tamera is very talented. I've seen things she has made popping up on different blogs and it's always beautiful and imaginative. My doggies would love snuggly blankets like that too. Jordie managed to get his whole body stuck in a coat sleeve once with just his head sticking out the end and Pat had to rescue him, so these would be a lot less dangerous! Vix sent you lovely prezzies too, I can just picture you with that big studded wristband and earrings. Looking forward to seeing you modelling it all. xx

Sacramento Amate said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gorgeousssssssssssss

Anonymous said...

Great presents!!!I'd love to have them all, especially Debbie's t-shirt and all the jewels!Peetee is just too cute in his warm shelter, it's so cold here that I need one too!
I'm very busy with Christmas shopping and meeeting family and friends, so if we can't write each other before Christmas I wish you and Chris the best Holydays!!
I love you more than Santa!!

Louise Mc said...

Aw bless, how cute is Peetee, and what fabulous gifts you got. I did wash the doggies outside, it was a milder day and then they were brought straight inside to the warm radiators to dry off. Never fear, I wouldn't freeze my pooches. X

Style Sud-Est said...

Lovely gifts Krista and totally you which is great!
Peetee is so adorable and what a nice gift for him

Ariane xxxx

Vix said...

I loved watching Peetee burrowing into his amazing bed when we were Skyping, he really does love his Auntie Tamera's present! The other things she sent are fantastic, the jewellery and tee shirt are stunners.
Please share some recipes, the cupboards are bare and I've no idea what to eat! Love you! xxxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

you've been thoroughly spoilt my darling and little Peetee too! He looks so flippin' cute!! I love him and I think my dogs would love one of those dog nests for my dogs. Your presents from Vix are wonderful too, she knows you so well. And Tamera is fantastic, her craft skills are second to none! Loads of christmas hugs xxxxx

Melanie said...

You and Peetee have been spoilt wonderfully! Merry Christmas to you and yours Krista xxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I love the Blondie tee and can't wait to see the slip and the maxi dress! So much fun stuff :))

Anonymous said...

It just warms my heart to see Peetie with his poochie pouch!! I made another for our daughter's chihuahua Noelle.
MrBill Loves to burrow inside theirs and then roll around like a sack of potatoes--much to her majesties disdain!
Awesome goodies from Vix! Can't wait to see the new frock!
Merry Christmas and {{{{hugs}}} to you, Chris, the cats and of course=Peetee!! and licks and rubs from Kae & MrBill!

lucy joy said...

Aw, cute dog pink stuff,glitter,parcels of joy and the best pink-haired lady in the world!

How clever is Tamera? Those pouches should be patented for sure.

I can't wait for another year of following your life, I just wish you were coming to the UK again.

Have a wonderful Christmas, you deserve it so much.

Lots of festive love,

Lucy x

Little Scribbler: sh*t I wear, think, eat, drink said...

Ooh, I'm excited to see an orange patent bag! The little dog snuggly blanket thing looks great. She should do those in people sizes too! Have a super smashing swell Christmas when it comes x

Bella Q said...

That bag is awesome- looks like you've had a very good Xmas! xo.