Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I want a little fun fur action!

Thanks for all the concern about Chris's Mom.  It turns out she is suffering from Takotsubo, broken heart syndrome, this is when the heart is in a weakened state due to high stress or when you suffer a great loss, the result is that only half of your heart is pumping.  She will be ok but it will take some time.    Hopefully she will get to leave the hospital soon, we need her home for Christmas!

Lately all the sexy ladies in our blogosphere have been rocking some serious faux fur coats.  I own one that is a rose pink and although it is super comfy it is a weird shade of pink so I don't wear it often.  Here are a few I am dying to have in my closet but the price tag will not allow it.  How can people charge this much for this stuff?
 I found all three of these at  Feeling Vague Vintage.   The one above is $168, really?  That's robbery!
 I seriously need all three of these in my life.  *sigh*  Someone paid almost $200 for the one above.
The lime green is quite nice! The one below I love but I need more contrast when it comes to my hair :)  Found at Factory Handbook Vintage. 
This one is different and yea I'm going to say it, what a hot Russian princess!!! Found at Hell Hound Vintage.
Here is our very own Curtise rocking some fabulous furs! Complete with a lil bitch face action!
Vix has also been keeping warm and buzzed with this gorgeous blue one.  Did you know soon her outfit of choice will be a bikini?  If she wasn't so sweet I'd hate her for that :)
another inspiring look was from Helga.  I need this picture on my Christmas cards!
I recently scored a gray faux fur. It should arrive any day now and I can't wait to share that with you! What is the most you have paid for faux fur?  Come on confess!  


Melanie said...

I hope Chris's mum gets better soon.
That picture of Helga is just beautiful.
The most I have paid is £25 for a leopard print one. I also have a long strand baby pink and white one with a hood which is really cute, it has fur similar to the one second down.

xStroutx said...

I wish it got cold enough for some faux fur action here... but even it winter it doesn't really get cold enough.
I hope Chris's mum get better really soon and that you can have her home for Christmas!

thorne garnet said...

Love that Russian number and Helga looks like a Snow Queen in her photo. I got a fake fur coat at shopgoodwill.com, but can't remember what I paid for it. Under $50 I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

I had a favorite vintage furry pea coat years ago. It was a gorgeous burgundy color and I can't believe I sold it at a yard sale in a park. I still remember the woman who bought it. I still lust about it once in a while and search high and low for another one in the same color. I'd never pay those prices though, especially for a used one. Right now I have one bookmarked on Etsy in a pea green color. Maybe a Christmas present to myself. How about you? ;)

Vix said...

Poor Chris's Mum, Takotsubo sounds really scary. Hopefully she'll be hope and much better before the seasonal madness starts.
You fur-got (geddit?) to stick a picture of yourself rocking that cute leopard print number you were wearing last night! Rather liking the Russian Princess number and the insane rave one in pink shagpile.
Keep looking, none of mine cost me more than a few quid although I've sold most of them to go towards my trip.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for Chris's mom, that syndrome sounds awful, I wish she'll have a quick recovery!
I need a Helga's card set for my Christmas greetings too, she's stunning in that photo!!
I love fake furs and I have a little collection but they aren't very warm and here winter is quite hard, so I can wear them not so often!
I think I'll buy all the ones you posted if they weren't so expensive!!
Two or three jacket were lucky finds on e-bay or at second hand market,I paid for them only 2 dollars, but I have a fake leopard fur coat that I adore and it was an Italian fashion brand's piece on sale (I wore that in my fight club post) and that costed me 140 dollars on sale, it wasn't so pricey, but still a lot for my standards!
I love you more than pink fur!!

Heather said...

Anna says she loves every coat!! hehehe great coats~ can't wait to see the new one you scored ~I must of missed a post about Chris and his Mom sorry to hear she is not feeling well I will pray for her ~Love Heather

lucy joy said...

Krista - you need them all! Seriously.

Broken heart syndrome - my goodness that sounds so upsetting doesn't it?
Get well soon Chris' mum.

I paid £20 for a faux fur 3 years ago, the most I've ever spent at a charity shop. I can't resist fur, I get drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

Can't wait to see you rocking your new fur. I think Santa should be bringing you a new pink number too!

Lucy x

lucy joy said...
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Anonymous said...

I will keep Chris's mom in my thoughts and prayers!!

All of those fur coats are amazing. I've been stalking one myself.

pastcaring said...

Oh dear, Poor Chris' mum, that sounds awful. Hope she recovers soon.

Ahhh, the faux fur love! It's an affliction! Not really - it's great! Show us the rose pink one, I don't think we have ever seen it on your blog, have we? I love the Russian princess coat the best.
Ha - Vix looks gorgeous happy drunk, Helga looks ready to melt glaciers with her smouldering beauty, and I just have my bitch face on - typical!
Looking forward to seeing you rocking your new fur, you too will become addicted, Krista! xxxx

Helga! said...

O,bloody hell,that Tathingy sounds dreadful.Thank goodness she's in hospitable where they can sort her out.Not a welcome drama at this time of year,but to be dealt with as positivley as possible none-the-less.
Love those coats,the first one I can totally see on you,but who in their right MIND would apy those prices?! I have a long grey faux fur that I paid $40NZ for, which is exorbitant for me,but G was paying,so what the hell.That Russian Princess coat gives me the HORN.
Squee! How lovely to be included with such lovely faux fur rocking gorgeous ladies! Edie's given me a great idea-to make Helga cards!!! But not for Chrissy,for EVER! Bahahaaaaaa

Love you,adorable squidgey sexy one! You and Chris have a jolly big snoggy cuddle on me and G,please!

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet nobody should have a broken heart syndrome!!!! I hope she is feeling much better soon, she needs to be with her family on Christmas day to share in all the happiness and love.
Super duper faux fur jackets, I am with everyone and in love with the Russian beauty.
I paid $65 for my truly yummy 40's leopard cape, I just love it and would have even paid more.
Sending love V

Melanie said...

Those are some mad, mad, mad faux furs, especially that shag carpet for $200. I want them ALL! Curtise, Vix, and Helga all look divine in their furs. Can't wait to see your new grey piece. Healing thoughts to Chris's Mom.

Ivy Black said...

I hope she's ok an dbeing well looked after.
I love that multi pink fur...you'd look lush in that.
I paid five quid for a huge brown faux fur in the middle of July and a baking hot summer! I still have it somewhere, I must did it out.

Style Sud-Est said...

hoping that Chriss's mom gets well very soon!
I have lots of faux fur and got them cheap, yay!
I should do a post with my faux fur got one Mr D purchased for $5 i think
Maybe you will get faux fur as a X-mas gift????

Take care

Ariane xxxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

omg that russian princess coat is the best!!! If I was made of $$ i'd snap it up :). Maybe you could stalk some of your fav fauxs online and see if they go on sale??
That broken heart thing sounds so sad-- hope she gets better soon. This seems to be the week for broken hearts for everyone :(

Miss Simmonds Says said...

That fake Astrakhan coat I got recently was £19.95! That's the most I've ever paid. Those coats are all stunning but the prices are ridiculous, it sucks cos I can really see you in the first one, you'd look so cute!! The Russian style one is absolutely gorgeous!!! Helgs looks especially lovely in that photo.
I hope Chris's mum is back with you soon! I bet her doggy misses her xxxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Wow - I've never heard of that condition - how amazing our bodies are. Hope she's doing much better now.

All of those fauxs are FABULOUS! I lvoe that fab Russian princess one - did you buy it? Vix and Helga and Curtise all look GORGEOUS. I am not confessing my most expensive faux, which is my 1950s leopard print hooded cape - I paid WAY too much for it but it is amazing!

Sarah xxx

Cristi said...

Chris' Mom condition sounds kinda serious, so I hope she stays in the hospital until she is fully well and recovered. Doesn't sound like something you want to mess with. But, I know you will be giving her the love she needs to heal! So hopefully she'll be good as new with lots of love and some rest.

Those coats are great and would be fun to wear...but the cost-200, was it on ebay? Sometimes people get crazy with the bidding...and you never know who your bidding against-some cleb with unlimited funds?;)

The most I ever paid was $40 in 1985 dollars for a leopard print cape in SF, spent every last penny on it that day. Still remember my friends saying it was OK-they'd buy my happy meal later.;) So glad I blew it all that day-one of my favorite items of all time.;)

LOVE all the gals who look so great in their furs. And, must say, Helga has us fooled with that snow. She looks like she's right of the "White Christmas" movie. You'd never guess it Summer in NZ.;)

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