Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry everything!

Christmas eve is finally here!  I hope everyone will spend a little time with those that matter most.  I have been enjoying the last two days in a warm house smelling of vanilla and bacon.  My favorite thing about the holidays is misbehaving.  I'll eat out way too much, I'll drink too much, consume my own body weight in sugar and shop, shop, shop.  No wonder I love this time of year!
I will also dress extra festive :) Your welcome.
 This is my space girl dress :)
 and this is my new DKNY bright orange patent leather bag.
 I'm a sucker for patent leather and this color makes me smile on the inside.
 This is the kind of bag you would never find second hand and if you did it would be beat to hell.
 I thought at $40 it will be well worth the miles I'll get out of it.
 Ok enough with the bag:)
I have also been cooking.  I got a really yummy cookbook called Smitten Kitchen for my birthday from my friend Kathi.  I started easy and went with a white bean, swiss chard and pancetta soup.  It was one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth.
First you cook up about 5 ounces of Pancetta, get it nice and crisp, about 7 minutes.
Then add 1 chopped carrot, celery stock and 1 small onion. Cook for 7 minutes add 2 garlic cloves.
 Then add 4 cups of chopped swiss card.
 After a few more minutes remove it all from the pan.  Then take 3 tablespoons butter and 3 tablespoons floor and make a rue.  Slowly adding in 3 1/4 cups of chicken broth, then put the veggies back in.
 Add 1 1/3 can of white beans that you drained and let thicken.  Eat and be happy!
I also did a little painting.  I picked up these laser cut frames for $1 and painted them turquoise.
 My deer needed a little company.
 I don't know if I will fill them yet.
 My little pink tree.
 Zoe~ the nice kitty~ Ash is outside in the rain not giving a shit.
 Peetee and his poochie pouch, both of them :)

I wish you all a MERRY EVERYTHING! Also a BIG THANK YOU for coming to my blog and showing me some love.  We can all say that we write our blogs for ourselves but let's face it that would be boring.  It's been my pleasure sharing my life and heart with you this year.  I have made some real friends here.


Anonymous said...

Vanilla & Bacon would make an amazing perfume fragrance!!

WOW on the purse!!! $40 is a steal!! love your bright and cheery outfit!!

That soup looks AMAZING--I'll have to try it out!!

love your pink tree and cheerful house! And AAAAWWWWW to Peetee--he is just so cute!

Merry Christmas to all!!!

thorne garnet said...

Merry Christmas!

Great deal on that bag, it's huge!

Zoe look entranced by you tree.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I've been making stilton and guinness pate, it's delicious, but your soup looks really tasty, I'm feeling hungry now. It's lovely too see your face and your space dress too, it looks gorgeous on you. I love the bag - did you see my Krista pink DKNY purse? That was £40, so your $40 for a whole bag is a bargain! I love Zoe, isn't she beautiful. I'd love to come over and give you and Peetee a Christmas hug! xxxxx

Melanie said...

You look like the most groovy flight attendant in the galaxy in that ultra psychedelic dress and hat. I would definitely fly with your airline!
Your bag is dreamy.
I shall do my best at following your example to eat my body weight in sugar! LOL. Although I think I would prefer your soup!
It's a privilege reading your blog - you bring light, colour and love to the world.

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love it when we get to this stage of Christmas, all the work is done and it's just fun things like sprinkling reindeer dust and drinking hot chocolate with the kids all excited for tomorrow, though at the moment Jake's too young to know what's going on and the oldest two are teenagers, so just Riley's a whirlwind of excitement tonight. Hope you and Chris have a lovely Christmas Krista, I've loved meeting all you lovely bloggers this year. xx

Ivy Black said...

You look lovely and that bag is a bargain for sure. I'm mad for orange at the moment!
You have a fabulous Christmas and I look forward to another blogging year. It's been great hasn't it?! Here's to lots more of it....I'm raising a glass of rum and coke to you now.

Anonymous said...

What a delicious post, in EVERY way!!!! The fabric on your dress is awesome! Reminds me of Peter Max.
And of course you'd have a pink tree. It wouldn't be you without it, unless it was silver with pink and purple...along those lines. ;)

Your cooking looks scrumptious too. Can I come over??

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Merry Christmas from Hollie at Modern Colors Blog!

Helga! said...

Oooo,gobble gobble!!! Not sure about the chard though!
YAY to you looking like the most gorgeous fairy at the top of the tree EVER!!! Love the new bag, it's the most perfect colour!!! A gal needs a nice treaty about now!
Much love to you and Chris and all the pookies!!

Trees said...

Oh what a sweet post! I love your cute pink tree and your space dress is rad - I love space things!! Your soup looks amazing:)

two squirrels said...

Oh lots of Love to you!!!!! Thanks for all your wonderful comments sweet!!!! You are one very special lady.
Merry Christams, I hope Santa brings you lots of wonderful treasure.
Love and kisses V&W

Jean at said...

Bacon should be it's own food group, as far as I'm concerned, I love it so much. You absolutely light up the season here!! I love the way the orange bag compliments your outfit and hair. Orange and pink is a brilliant combination-love it. Happyhappyjoyjoy. XX))

Nerd Burger said...

Merry Christmas. Your house looks fantastic. Love the pink tree and the frames you painted look great.
I hope you had a fantastic day. :)

Dolly Cool Clare said...

A very merry Christmas to you Krista! I'm a bit behind on blog reading but I will be catching up on them, including yours now :)
Loving your pink (of course!) tree, and decorations, fabulous! x

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I love your hair color! =)

Vix said...

You look beautiful, I LOVE that crazy space dress and of course you deserve to splash out on that glorious bag, if anything had Krista written all over it that has!
Those picture frames are amazing and perfect with the stag's head & your sweets on the tree are little works of art.
Give Peetee & Zoe (& naughty Ash, if you can catch her) a big Christmas hug from me. Hope I get to chat to you before Tuesday!
Love you!xxxxxxxx

Style Sud-Est said...

A pink christmas tree! Wow!
Love and love!

Love your brand new DKNY bag such a nice color

Have yourself wonderful holidays

Ariane xx

pastcaring said...

Gorgeous little frock, you are rocking it, Krista, and you just LOVE your new bag, I can tell!mand why wouldn't you, it's orange and it's fabulous!
Mmm, good food and painting and kitties and trees and all sorts of loveliness.
Hope you had a gorgeous Christmas, darling Krista. xxxxx

SimplyyMayra said...

Hope you had a superdeeduperdee Christmas! I want that purse!

~SimplyyMayra ;)

Melanie said...

I must have missed Zoe, she's beautiful! I love Siamese cats, they're such pretty things. You look just lovely and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with Chris and your furbabies xxx

Annie said...

Hi Krista, Just catching up. Hope you had a great Christmas, and wishing you all the best for 2013 xx

delia hornbook said...

I bet your house smells devine ;-) It certainly looks it im so loving your pink tree it looks so sweet. Its bit late for me to wish you a happy christmas but heres to a great new year. dee xx

Cristi said...

Actually, a big thank you Krista for sharing your life and love with the world!! I am very happy I found such a great blog and community of fabulous women who also come to it.
It's been a pleasure reading it and sharing in your happiness and the love you reflect back to the world-Thanks for that-we all love your for it!:)
And, thanks for that soup recipe, it looks so good I plan to make it soon!
Also, of course you have a pink sparkly Christmas tree, it's the perfect Krista tree!;)

The Canon Girl said...

This might be one of my favorite outfits of you yet! The colors are amaaaazing and that dress + the hat and the straight hair somehow looks like perfection all together. That soup looks amazing and I love your little pink christmas tree. That bright orange bag is obviously amazing. And of course, YAY BANJO TOOIE christmas wishes! Adorable!

liz said...

Space girl dress! I would wear that with every color of tights imaginable! And I loooove those laser-cut frames.