Monday, December 3, 2012

These pins were made for sparkle!

Last week ended with a BANG that was started by receiving the sweetest email from a gal who reads my blog but has never commented. Her name is Cristi and she is right here in Portland.  I know!  Anywho, she makes leggings and wanted to send me a pair that she thought were totally me.   Guess what came the following day packaged all pretty?
 Magical sparkly leggings fit for any Goddess!  Cristi I love them and they are TOTALLY ME!
She will launch her online shop and brand called KISS ME KITTY soon, you can find her here.
I gotta say and I told her too that these are more comfy than my Black Milk ones and she said it's because hers are made for gals with curves:) NICE! I think I could even wear a small.
 I picked up this poncho last year for about $5, I love the pocket up front.
 Happy dance was in order!
 and a little flash because I know you like it!
 Seriously, these leggings are all kinds of comfy cute and original.
   and if that was not enough.....we met for coffee and a bit of thrifting!!!!!
She was super cool and I can't wait to show you our hilarious meet up.  I'm just so thankful she reached out to me, I have a new funky friend right here in Portland!


Vix said...

How exciting, a new pal who loves thrifting and makes the most fantastic leggings! I can't think of a better or more gorgeous model either, Cristi's going to inundated with orders! Just how cute is that wrapping? Did you do your infamous cat impression when you opened it?
Loving that sweet poncho and the cheeky flash!
Dying to hear more about your meet-up! It's been ages since you last met a blogger!
Love you, almost-birthday-girl! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ivy Black said...

Oooooh gorgeous! Fab sparkly legs, they are superb...the legs and the leggings! Cristi will be very busy.
And yes...yes we do love a flash.

Melanie said...

How sweet of Cristi! And generous too, I look forward to seeing your meet up post. You look sweet as sugar xx

Connie said...

How wonderful. You look like a sparkly pink kangaroo. How fun to find a new friend!!!!

Anonymous said...

So great to meet a new friend in town!!
I love Cristi's creations and the pink leggings she made are so beautiful and sparkling, I bet she's an interesting girl !!!The pink outfit is so awesome that it really makes me want to jump on the first plane to Portland to dance with you in your garden!!I'm hunting for more colourful dresses to bright a little my Morticia wardrobe, but it's so difficult to find them especially in the thrift stores!!
I really need to add a Krista vibe to my cold days!
A big hugxxxx
I love you more than presents!!

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Cristi absolutely nailed your personality with those leggings! They are fabulous and look so great on you!!

Anonymous said...

How cool is this??? I love the leggings and they were MADE to wear with that dress and poncho!!!

How I wish there was someone like that near me!! Closest style blogger I know of is about 200 miles away!

Louise Mc said...

How talented, I wouldn't know where to start with making leggings, and they look fab on you. Isn't it great when blogging helps you make real life friends, definitely one of the upsides of blogging I think. Xx

pastcaring said...

How great, to have someone get your style so perfectly, make you those special sparkly pink leggings, AND become a new pal! Cristi really did you proud, and you are modelling her creation with typical cheeky style - you're right, I love a sneaky flash!
Love your cute poncho and ruffley little skirt, and especially your happy dance. Hurray for friends and sparkles and happiness! xxxxxx

Veshoevius said...

Hello there! I love your hair! It must be so wonderful to have a job that lets you dress however you want to - ah the freedom - sigh!
Thank you for the comment on my blog -
Funny but thing but the flamenco dancing flat mate in Spain was a girl from Portland! There is a flamenco scene there I'm told. I'm fascinated by the way to know how you thought the story was going to end!

Helga! said...

I'm so glad you have a new fabularse friend in town!!!
Thosse leggings are SO you it's not funny! Perfect! And sparkely!! HEAVEN! You are truly scrumptiously PINKTACIOUS today!!!
I love everything about this outfit! I want to squeeze you!
Love madly! XXXXXXXXXX

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy!! That's how this post makes me feel lovely Krista!!!! I absolutely ADOOOOOOOOOOOOORE those leggings so much, they're so beautiful and I agree with Vix, Cristi is bound to be inundated with orders after people spy your FABULOUS bod looking all sparkly and shiny like! xoxoxoxoxo

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh how exciting - a local friend who also makes sparkle arkle bright leggings! They are absolutely YOU all over and look FABULARSE with your gorgeous bright dress and super cosy poncho. LOVE! Sarah xxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

Lucky you Krista, to meet a new friend through blogging who's so nearby. The leggings she made for you are gorgeous too. You must have pounced on that poncho when you saw it, the colours just look so perfect for you. xx

Trees said...

You were BORN to wear those leggings! Seriously - they scream Krista. I LOVE them :D I also love that dancing photo, you always make me smile. I can't wait to see the photos of your catch up with the creator of your leggings. How lovely to have a blogging friend in Portland. I would love to have some blog friends I Wellington to hang out with IRL.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Damn right I like a bit of thigh flash! You look gorgeous, such a sherberty pink delight! The leggings are wonderful, I checked out her other ones and they're fantastic, though too expensive for me, I expect they're worth the money. I bet you'll wear those to death. Big hugs out to you, how lucky to find a friend right in your home town xxxx

Sacramento Amate said...

Shiny gorgeous Krista.

Cristi said...

You look awesome! When I see you in that outfit, I hear the song "isn't sheeeeee...pretty in pink" running in my head!:)

Would like to say hello and THANK YOU for all the super nice complements!

I've lurked here for sometime as well as many of the other amazing blogs in this community.

I must say that I am continually inspired by everyone's spirit and amazing style. It's honesty so great to see gals who seem so true to themselves and have such incredible style-LOVE IT!:)

Annie said...

Cristi has called it right - "Pretty in Pink". What a supersweet outfit, and the leggings are fabulous.

Look forward to reading about your adventures with Cristi xxx

Bella Q said...

Those leggings are sooo you! Gorgeous stunners, and pink to boot! Congrats on a new local cool pal- you deserve that too!