Saturday, December 29, 2012

True love stories never have endings

I hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays and the time off from routine.  I have been as lazy as I have been busy so it all evens out in the end, right?  My secret to starting off the New Year with plenty of positive motivation~ be super lazy the last week of the year:)  Works every time.
These are quite possibly my favorite BM leggings, scored at half off.
They are RGB color codes, how geeky:) I found this silver lacy dress at Ross for $16.
    This scarf was a Christmas present from Chris.  I suggested it:)

So was this silver star by Giant Dwarf.  It is made from German glass glitter and sparkles like diamonds!
We are also waiting for delivery of our new crazy kitty mansion!  The cats are going to love it,  they needed something to get them through the wet winters here.

I wore this outfit on Christmas. I am not a fan of red and green but pink and teal, now that works for me!  The dress is new from Modcloth $35 and fits like a dream.  I recently ripped the seams out of three of my vintage dresses my boobs just need more room;( These leggings are another present from Chris. They have fleece on the inside and are so comfy warm.
 I also scored this striped purse for $5 bucks a few months back.
 Faux fur coat for under $10.
 Cute button details on my dress.
 I took all of last week off from work.  I didn't even walk into my office until this morning.  It has been a much needed break.
With only a few days left in 2012 I am happy to be in this moment, right here, right now.  I think Chris and I will grab tacos later and see a flick.  How will you spend the last few days of the year?  Tell me, I want to know.


Mary Walker Designs said...

Love the leggings

Ivy Black said...

Oh they are fantastic leggings! Colour overload and we could do with it's all a bit grey. My old cat could do with an adventure playground like that....she is so over all this wet weather and is defo a summer creature.
I'll be taking it easy going in to 2013...making some plans for projects to keep me out of trouble, and enjoying more time with the family. Have a great time seeing it in.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Wow!! Pink and teal and leopard print. Such an amazing combo. Love the geek leggings too, they're fab. The lace dress is beautiful and so's the scarf. So much to love here. Glad you're having some lazy time. Me too! The star is just gorgeous, like you. Bought a hellooooo kitty purse in the sale, will email you a photo xxxx

Rose&Bird said...

Great leggings - I thought they were Pantone colours to start with. The scarf is gorgeous and the dress is very pretty too. It must be annoying to have to squash your boobs into dresses, I'm afraid I have the opposite problem! Your pink and teal combo is lovely, so you! Love the striped bag and the faux fur is a real steal. Have just got back from visiting in-laws yesterday and we'll be spending the rest of this year at home. May raise a glass to the New Year!

Vix said...

Get us pair blogging on a Saturday!
Loving those leggings and the fleece- lined ones and get you with your boob busting powers. Let's hope the new frocks perform better than the vintage ones.
Who wants to look like an elf in red and green when you can look like a fabulously gorgeous fairy instead? The bag and the shawl, and, of course, that fabulous leopard coat are stunning.
Dying to hear what the kitties make of the play house.
I shall be mostly be spending the last few days of the year getting deliriously excited about Goa!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Laura (dusty_rose) said...

Those paint chip leggings are amazing! The glitter star is really cute too. Huzzah for holiday sparkles! :)

Anonymous said...

You are so unique. I love those leggings on you, simply perfecto!
And what a great purse. Just like it was made for YOU. I love how great the bright colors go with the leopard print jacket. Whodathunkit?

Since you described leading up to the New Year that way I guess I'm right on cue. Lazy days before the fresh start is the way to go.

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

You look fabulous in both outfits, but those first leggings are just the coolest!

Have a wonderful New Year!


pastcaring said...

Loving those leggings, Krista! And both dresses are gorgeous, but I am especially fond of the turquoise one, it looks so great with your hair. LEOPARD! Sorry for shouting, but I LOVE!
Great gifts from Chris - they do need a little direction, these men! - and that stripey bag is adorable.
My felines might be a little envious if I show them your kitty (nearly said pussy...) palace. They make do with racing around the house and scratching the rugs, little buggers.
Last couple of days of 2012, I will be sorting out some crap to chuck out/donate, making some space, clearing the decks, ready to see what 2013 has in store. Hopefully lots more lovely blog friendship!
Love ya! xxxxx

MistressCatgirl said...

Your are so fierce! I love it. I love the brightness of your outfits and you are the brightest one there. I hope one day I can wear what I want and not give a flying fart what others think.
That teal dress look wonderful on you. We're taking some down time. We had the parents over for a whole week and that was a bit trying. Time for new video games and pizza.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

did I miss it in the post? Where'd you get the color chart leggings??? They're amazing!

Lucy Nation said...

I love the title of this post and the theme is so vibrant and positive. The shawl is beautiful and I also love the colour chart leggings. Yay for taking time out from everything and just being with loved ones. I totally know where you're coming from xxx

Style Sud-Est said...

I 'm being lazy just like you! Isn't great!
The dress is super cute, it' really a good color for you
Awwwwww your pink docs! I want a pair for my birthday!

Misfits Vintage said...

Those leggings are FABULOUS and I adore that gorgeous striped bag and the beautiful shawl/scarf is BEAUTIFUL! Sarah xxx

Helga! said...

Not one but TWO fantabularse outfits!
Dammit, I knew there was something wrong with me;I haven't been wearing enough pink! Must rectify!
Love you star and scarf, such perfectly beautiful pressies! I've been meaning to find some stars for hairslips, better check out the post chrissy sales, I suppose!
The leggings design is awesome! I adore colour charts,I could dribble over them for hours!
We've got some friends over for dinner shortly, and are going out to the countryside for New Years Eve! YAY! Should be fun.
Did I inspire the tacos, by any chance?! I was inspired by thinking about Porque No or whatever it was called.LOVE that place!
LOVE you! Big smoochies to you all!

Melanie said...

I love your Pantone legs! You are certainly ready to leap into a new year wearing them and all those fantastic dresses, glitter, shiny boots, faux fur, awesome scarf, stripey bag goodness... I wish they made an adult-size kitty palace. I'm working, busy season, but I like it.

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Looking forward to see your colorful New Year's outfit (huh?).

delia hornbook said...

Hi lovely, i seem to have missed some of your posts so sorry im off to have a peek at the moment. Im loving your teal and pink outfit you look gorgeous those colours together are beautiful. And with your little fur and that multi coloured strip bag a perfect combination. I bet your cats are going to love that tree hope it arrives soon for you. Heres to a magical new year ahead. Best wishes, dee xx

Anonymous said...

Awesome leggings!!!They remind me of Jeremy Scott's last collection with the colored bricks clothes and the silver lace dress is perfect for New Year's Eve!!I've been very busy during these days with family and friends, yesterday was my daughter's birthday and we had a great party at home, it was funny both for all the screaming kids and for us! But it was lot of work to prepare everything and to clean before and after!I'm quite tired today and I slept a lot!Tomorrow we are going to visit some new friends in another town to have our last party of the year, I wish you and Chris could be here with us!
I love you more than Holydays!

Anonymous said...

OMG the RGB leggings are SO cool!!! Love both of your new dresses--but the aqua, pink & leopard combo is stunning on you!!
The stripey bag is really cool!!

We've been thinking og getting a kitty palace for the girls, too as they are 99% house cats.

I've finally gotten all of the indoor xmas stuff down, put away and the snowmen put out. I plan to recuperate in the recliner watching tv and playing with my new tablet!! and of course getting lots of puppy-love!!

Nerd Burger said...

Love the black milk leggings. I've neverseen that design until now. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that stripy bag. So cute. I hope your new year is amazing.

two squirrels said...

Oh you are just the most beautiful lady!!!! Look at those leggings, fabulous.
The kitty's are going to be in play heaven.
I want to wish you and your family the most wonderful 2013, may it be filled with so much love and happiness!!!!!
Thank you for being part of our wee world, it has been so nice to share yours too.
Love vanessa

lucy joy said...

Well, you end the year looking better than ever - as do lots of my other favourite stylish and cool blogging friends! Chris got the right things - great star - it is you in symbolic form!

I MET YOU THIS YEAR! It was an honour and privilege.

I don't want a life without Krista, so stay here, please!

Lucy x

Bella Q said...

Before I tell you ANYTHING, let me just say that dress- the teal modcloth number is a dream in a knit- it hugs your pink-hot-bod like race car on a hair pin turn. Boom.

Now that I am feeling cold, I appreciate the fleece business- so prevalent here and I get it now- so hot pink fleece gets the thumbs up from me- way to go handsome Chris!

I am wishing you a glorious NYE, and 2013. I hope I get my financial act together so I can plan another trip to Portlandia and hang with the coolest Pac NW style blogger, ever.

Hugs. Fleece. Kisses.

PS: We are staying home. Nothing fancy, but I'm stoked to hang 2nd year in a row with my dude. My agenda: 2 bottles of champagne, and some video games.

Cristi said...

You really know how to rock the leggings! That BM pair is one of my favs of all time. I love the pantone color chip look, and those pink ones are a perfect match for your hair. The fleece lining will be great for the winter.
Love the lace dress, so pretty and girly. While that Modcloth dress looks fab with your pink hair, love the contrast.
That multi stripe colored purse is also so great, will go with so many outfits will all those colors!
And, omg-your kitties will be so happy with their new kitty condo play land! Mine love theirs, but it's not as big, so yours will be having a kitten ball!;)
Have a wonderful New Years!!!:)

The Canon Girl said...

Gaaaah those leggings are the best thing ever! The scarf you got from your hubby is absolutely gorgeous and you look a total babe in the silver lacy dress, even more than usual! I also really want that silver star in your hair, it's perfection. I'm also not into red and green but since I'm also an incredible sucker for dressing within a theme I usually try to pick one of the christmassy colors. But teal and pink are so you, it's perfect for you.

Mary Lou said...

oh how i love love love your gorgeous hair and that awesome colourcombo of pink and green is so unexpected fabulous! also those leggins are to go mad for! you beautiful rainbow!
wish you all the best for 2013!
love and kiss,mary

Kafka's wife said...

I'm blinded by your colors and fabulousness! I love both outfits and especially the leggings! And I know that boob-dress-problem. I always have to use safety pins on blouses, to keep my boobs from popping out :D

xStroutx said...

Oh dear Lord those leggings!!! Incredible. I'm having difficulty understanding the concept of leggings with fleece on the inside (you simply do not get those in Australia) but they sound pretty great!

Annie said...

Amazing BM leggings! And great pressies from Chris. I had some fab pressies this year too. Spoilt!
Happy 2013 Krista! xxx

Heather said...

Happy New Year Krista!! glad you got some down time in I have been trying to do the same. I think I got way to busy at the end of the year and I am a little burned out. Love your outfits and that orange purse from the other post is gorgeous!!! Those tights have fleece in them how cool is that!!! Love your Modcloth dress I always see dresses I love on there I try to look for sewing ideas it is a great place to get some inspiration. ~Cheers to 2013.. come visit me for sure your always welcome we can cook up some good food and enjoy the views around here. :) ~Love Heather