Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A furry find that blew my mind

Remember all those overpriced faux fur coats I was lusting over?  My patience (and being up at 4am on ebay) has paid off!  Check out this crazy jacket I picked up for $7.18.
I learned a valuable lesson here, never want something so bad that you become blind to its price tag~EVER! Ya hear me?!
 I have seen this same jacket for sale for $99 on etsy.
  I just had to wait and that I am not so good at.
 I'm happy wearing it because it was a steal, looks killer and keeps me warm!
 I also love this red and pink combo on my nails.
And since Nat shared some lovely frozen spider web pictures here are a few of my own.
 They sparkled like diamonds!
It looks like the frost has finally passed.
My poor Chris is still sick and I am fighting it too.  Am I the only one who gets pissed at myself when I get sick?  I always think it means I'm unhealthy.  I slept for about 13 hours last night got up this morning and managed to do my Zumba, take that sickness!

Enough of the sick talk.  It's mid week and only a few more days until the weekend.  What do you think of this beauty?  Without giving too much away this ring has something to do with my Valentine's day party!
I hope everyone is having a good week!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Kitten and puppies and neon OH MY!!!!

Last week was a bitch!  Work kicked my ass and Chris got really sick.  Do you know what I did to make myself feel better?  I made these adorable pictures out of some old greeting cards from the 70's. 
 I know how sweet are they!
I thought the pom poms were a perfect touch.

I ate my body weight in crab!
I received the cutest sample pair of leggings from Cristi at Kiss Me Kitty!
 and paired it with a dress I found for $8 :)
 Wore a pink furry hat I scored for $5!

 I blinded all those I encountered!

I'm hoping this week will be better, I'm determined to make it so.  Thursday I go out with my BFF and her two girls for pizza and playtime and Friday night I am going to an art show with my friend Cristi so I have something to look forward too already.  Is it just me or do you find this time of year most people just want to rot at home?  Life is too short for wallowing I want to have fun!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Create more consume less

How's everyone doing today?  I mentioned last week I am throwing a Valentine day party for some of my closest girlfriends.  I can't share a ton with you beforehand because I want a lot of it to be a surprise and a few of them read my blog :)  I can tell you that I have been making some of my own decorations with these Valentine day postcards from the early 1900's.
 The one above is a story of betrayal.  Who she is is unimportant, but what she did for love really screwed up a family.  You see she fell in love with her sister's husband and eventually he left his wife for her.  Joni I told you I'd find a use for the cuffs.
This one just makes me happy with those pom poms on it!  It feels really good to create right now instead of consume.
Here is a unicorn who just got done impaling someone who got too close to her horn.  Respect the horn!

I treated myself to a new pendant and strung it up all purty!  It was made by Sugar and Spikes!
 Pretty yummy huh!
I can show one of the party favors I've been working on.  Each gal gets a different one!
This is all you get to see of me today, I just didn't feel like snapping photos of me this weekend.  As you can see I was busy making stuff.
I hope you all have something to look forward too today, and if not create it!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Why Friday I could just kiss you!

There are few things that remain the same over time but for as long as I can remember Fridays have always reigned supreme! My excitement starts on Thursday night as I think of the last day in the work week approaching.  Not too much on the calendar but I do have stuff to do, if you know what I mean :)

My Mom wanted me to paint a picture of Peetee and like any good daughter I listened.  My Mom is a pretty crafty lady and her current medium of choice are pastels.  I did this with acrylic because they are cheap and it's the only paint I've ever used. I think his head is a bit wonky but all in all an ok first attempt and totally enjoyable.
 Yes I put glitter in his ears:)  That's my Peetee, Peetee punkin pie!
Here is the picture I used.
Remember that turquoise dress I bought at Mod Cloth?  I loved it so much I bought another one in royal blue!  This shade of blue is new for me but with my pink hair I think it really works. 
 The fit is just so flattering and I'm digging the big red nautical buttons and pockets too.
 My one of a kind heart leggings made just for me by Cristi at KISSMEKITTY!
 I heart these a super whole bunch!
Why... I do feel thugly:)
and cold...
 Some other bits from an outfit this week.
 Another pair of leggings from KISSMEKITTY!
Have I told you I'm throwing a Valentine's day party for some of my girlfriends?  I am!  Working on all the small details has brought me so much joy!  It will be an evening to remember!

Have you ever tried a non traditional take on Valentine's day?  If so, what did you do?  Enjoy the weekend everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Furry sunset keep me warm!

It's so bone numbing cold here in Portland.  Seriously it's 34 degrees right now. Yesterday I had a nice deep tissue massage, although I'm a bit sore I feel so much better today.  I have been getting these every month for almost 5 years.  I think because I slouch in front of a computer all day they are a necessary part of my healthy regime.  If I even have a regime:)
This week Joni was rocking some shorts with tights and I loved how it looked!  Here is my take on her outfit:)
I also wanted to show off a crazy faux fur I scored when I was lusting after those overpriced ones that were almost $200.   This was $20.
Check out my mirrored skull ear rings from our most missed VIX.  Blogging isn't the same without her.
 She would love this coat!
  It's the same color as my hair!
 Finally getting a chance to wear this orange rubber belt found for less than $5.
 Still loving this ring!  From Joni!
 For those of you who commented on Lance Armstrong I feel like such an idiot for believing in him.  What a lying cheating bastard!  I don't know if I even want to hear what he has to say it just makes my blood boil!!!!!