Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Furry sunset keep me warm!

It's so bone numbing cold here in Portland.  Seriously it's 34 degrees right now. Yesterday I had a nice deep tissue massage, although I'm a bit sore I feel so much better today.  I have been getting these every month for almost 5 years.  I think because I slouch in front of a computer all day they are a necessary part of my healthy regime.  If I even have a regime:)
This week Joni was rocking some shorts with tights and I loved how it looked!  Here is my take on her outfit:)
I also wanted to show off a crazy faux fur I scored when I was lusting after those overpriced ones that were almost $200.   This was $20.
Check out my mirrored skull ear rings from our most missed VIX.  Blogging isn't the same without her.
 She would love this coat!
  It's the same color as my hair!
 Finally getting a chance to wear this orange rubber belt found for less than $5.
 Still loving this ring!  From Joni!
 For those of you who commented on Lance Armstrong I feel like such an idiot for believing in him.  What a lying cheating bastard!  I don't know if I even want to hear what he has to say it just makes my blood boil!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Totally LOVING the new fur--it's so YOU!!!! You look adorable in your shorts!

We warmed up to almost 70 over the weekensd and now it's in the mid 30's and raining. UGH!!!

I'm thinking a deep tissue massage would be AWESOME!!

Nerd Burger said...

I hardly ever war shorts without stockings underneath. You look so cute and your pink jacket it the icing on top of the delicious cake.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

The jacket is KILLER!! And $20-- man, that is sooo sweet! I can't believe how cold it is there... It's abnormally hot here for our 'winter'. Everybody is MAD, We look forward to the 3 months out of the year we aren't supposed to be sweating.
P.S. Great orange belt with all the pink-- I love that color combo :)

pastcaring said...

Oh that little fur jacket is perfect on you, Krista - but do it up, you'll catch a cold on your (magnificent) chest! Love the pink and orange colour scheme, always a favourite, and the shorts over tights look great.
Wonder what Vix is up to, while we are freezing our arses off? Sunning herself in her bikini, and eating wondeful food, and seeing amazing sights... Jealous? ME? Just a bit!
Glad your massage made you feel good. Hope you are less sore after your fall. Take care of that delicious body of yours, it's pretty special! xxxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

You look amazing! That coat is awesome, your perfect colours! I miss Vix too but I've still got all my other blog bitches like you. It's freezing here too! Annoying isn't it? Joni is a superstar too!
Ps. I was serious about being paid in marshmallows.
Pps. Do you know the song Snot by Snot?

Anonymous said...

I'm getting entirely too much attention in here! But, YOU are adorable my Krista. I love that coat so much and funny thing too, I just came back from a local consignment shop and tried on something almost identical except in warm colors. Brown, black, grey, white...but the sleeves were too short. Damn! I wish I'd bought the pea green furry coat I saw a while back on Etsy but it was so expensive.
You look so natural in this look. Now you can get so much use out of shorts all year round. That's what I love about it. More interesting then pants for sure.

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Oh, that fur is great. And yes, our weather has been ridiculous. Stay warm!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is snowing!!I kind of love/hate the snow, but I'm sure that a fur like that would make me definitely craving for the cold weather!!It's a super lucky find especially for such a reasonable price, it really looks like the pieces you loved on etsy!
I like to wear shorts during winter and both you and Joni rock them with a lovely tomboy attitude!I really miss Vix too!!
I love you more than mirrored skulls!!!

Helga! said...

We've actually got some rain, so it's cooler here and I can emphasise! That coat is ROCKIN'!!! Great score, and such a bonus that it matches your hair!
Ah, our Vix. I daresay she isn't giving any of us any thought at all whilst she's soaking up the Indian sun and food! The mirri skull earrings are just too cute!
What a total cock Lance Armstrong is! I bet he ain't giving back all the pirze money he's won over the years,bastard.He'll be fine, he'll just live it up anonymously somewhere, that's how it goes.
You might feel cold, but you look HOT, you little minx!
Love you!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I bought shorts for the first time in my life this summer and I had no plans to ever wear them again (I just don't like shorts) but now I think I'll try with leggings. Inspired.

thorne garnet said...

The Weather Channel listed a heat index here today...81! I've had the heat one once this year. Crazy weather. By the way, it's good to know you weren't the woman suck in the wall. What a crazy story! Love the 2-tone nail polish

Misfits Vintage said...

LOVE the new coat and the belt and the ring and the tights - all the best colours! Sarah xxx

two squirrels said...

How cute is that little furry pink jacket, it's just perfect on you!!!! Amazing matching too!!!!!
Stay warm beautiful lady.
Love V

BellaBean Vintage said...

Lovely ensemble of pink heaven! That ring is a stunner too!

delia hornbook said...

Loving the new fur it looks gorgeous and very warm on you. Its frezzing here to im sat with my heating on and its not even lunch time yet. I bet Vix is having a wonderful time in the sun. dee xx

Cristi said...

Love the new jacket-it was waiting just to be found by you!
Tights and shorts are one of my favs...glad your wearing your fleece lined ones, cuz baby it's so cold outside! Whey can't we get some snow if we're going to freeze our butts of!;) At least it would be pretty and we all could stay home for the day.;)
I'm loving Joni's look too, especially that little hint of leopard on top of those boots-too cute!
Vix picked the perfect time to leave, read that the UK has been getting snow. Hope everyone is bundled up and keeping warm!:)
And, the other Blog Goddesses are making me jelly with all that warm weather talk!;)

Bohemian vanity said...

The perfect faux fur coat for you Krista ! Suits you so good and matches so well with your beautiful hair ! I do also love to wear shorts in winter combined with cosy tights. You and Joni did well ! xx

Anonymous said...

That fur jacket was made for you, but if its 34degrees then fasten the bloody thing up!!!

You certainly rock the shorts too x

Sacramento Amate said...

I am digging that pink coat, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Thank you for your sweet words, my dear krista.

Rose&Bird said...

Cute coat, just goes to show everything comes to those who wait! 34 degrees, I just looked up how much that is in Celsius (about 1 degree), it's not been much warmer than that here! Missing Vix too, but she definitely picked the right time to go!

Bella Q said...

You look so fun in faux! And shorts. I love how both you and Joni rock the shorts over tights- my Cali days I could do it, but I'm just too cold right now! I would wear a sleeping bag in public if I could get away with it- brrr!

liz said...

Ah ha I have a hot pink faux fur coat too! More of a shrug, really, but you would dig it:

It was an ebay score, and I mean, SCORE! :)

CityScape Skybaby said...

Working my way backwards through everyone's blogs Krista, I'm so far behind this week! I've always avoided shorts but seeing them with tights or leggings is making me want to give them a try, you and Joni both look super cute in them. Your fur jacket was such a bargain and every bit as lovely as all the ones you featured in your blog a few weeks ago. Plus it is very you! xx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Krista - you are just a bowl of candy-coloured wonderfulness! The purple, pink and orange are such happy colours, and that is the most cheerful faux fur I've ever seen. It was waiting for you to bring it home. I used to wear shorts with tights when I was in my 20's but that was when I had a loose-fitting pair of army shorts that I loved.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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