Monday, January 28, 2013

Kitten and puppies and neon OH MY!!!!

Last week was a bitch!  Work kicked my ass and Chris got really sick.  Do you know what I did to make myself feel better?  I made these adorable pictures out of some old greeting cards from the 70's. 
 I know how sweet are they!
I thought the pom poms were a perfect touch.

I ate my body weight in crab!
I received the cutest sample pair of leggings from Cristi at Kiss Me Kitty!
 and paired it with a dress I found for $8 :)
 Wore a pink furry hat I scored for $5!

 I blinded all those I encountered!

I'm hoping this week will be better, I'm determined to make it so.  Thursday I go out with my BFF and her two girls for pizza and playtime and Friday night I am going to an art show with my friend Cristi so I have something to look forward too already.  Is it just me or do you find this time of year most people just want to rot at home?  Life is too short for wallowing I want to have fun!


Mariela said...

Those frames are totally cute! It reminds me of a much cuter less annoying Lisa Franks.

I hope you have a better week.

Vix said...

Those leggings rock!! I love the sweet mini dress and that adorable lace ruffle, too. You look gorgeous!
A poodle card with pom-poms? It's way too cute to send however much you love the recipient!!
Hope Chris feels much better soon, sending him lots of love and get well wishes from his BBF in the the UK.
The perfect antidote to this shitty season is to go out and have fun not fester in front of the TV wasting our lives away. I'd love to join you and Cristi for a bit of culture but I suppose I could settle for a Skype chat instead!
Love ya! xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Yes! Have as much fun now as you possibly can fit in. Ya never know when it will be suddenly postponed. Hope Chris is back on the mend and that you don't catch it!

That ric rac is so fun. I never knew they made it multi colored like that. Well, you must have invented it. Of course!

I love that mint color on your legs. I bought something furry recently in honor of you. I'll post sometime this week. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ugh--hope chris sisn't get the flu!! It's NASTY~~

You are rockin' the neon green tights--LOVE the new dress!!

I am loving your artwork--those
70's era cards had a certain charm to them, didn't they??

We've been stuck in alot lately due to the cold and the ice/snow. This winter SUCKS!!

YUM crabs--being so near the Chesapeake Bay I was raised up eating steamed crabs!!

Give the Peetster a nice head rub from all of us!!

Lucy Nation said...

I love the pics you made, they're so sweet. You're full on attacking those January blues with your rainbow wardrobe and positive attitude. I absolutely love your colourfull skull and heart necklace. Hope things improve this week xxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Such cute cards!! Love dress with the lace around the neckline! Have fun at the art show with your friends :) Hope your man gets better quick-- it suck to be sick.

Cristi said...

Krista, you are a ray of sunshine bright enough to drive those grey skies away and put a smile on my face! I love your dress and color combo, your new necklace fits it perfectly!! Glad you found a cute pink furry hat to top it all off with, otherwise I'd be worried you might catch a cold too. GWS Chris!
OMG-that crab is making me do the Homer drool...crrraaaaaabbb.;)
And, those little sweet faces made my morning, their cuteness is just too adorable!
I'm really looking forward to this week too, cuz I'll have you and art to look forward to! Like the Doctor said, take two of these and you'll feel better soon, best anti depression/Winter blues medicine I can think of!;)

Helga! said...

The lace detailing on that gorgeous frock ROCKS!
Farking love your latest creations!Those little pom poms are so adorable, I think they need to be on EVERYTHING!
Poos to Chris being sick,is he getting better?! Just smother him with love and those booboids and he'll be just fine!
Yay to fabulous sample leggings, those are too cute for words, as are YOU, you lucious candy cane wench!
Love you to BITS!

Frocktasia said...

Zingtastic outfit! I really love that cute mini dress and the leggings are wicked.
I’m having problems keeping upbeat at the mo, frigging post holiday depression with a nasty January blues sting in its tail L
I’ve decided to tackle it head on though, Mark and I are signing up for ‘Tough Mudder’, so no more slothful moping around the house for me.
You are so creative and your colourful personality shines through in all your output, it is a joy to behold.
All my best to your man, may he feel much better soon.
Lot's of love,

Nat said...

Love your colourful creations!
Sorry Chris is unwell and hoping he is feeling a lot better...

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Great outfit! I love that dress. And those pictures are so fun!

pastcaring said...

What cute little pictures, especially with added pom poms and ric rac!
And you are looking pretty cute yourself, Krista - I love the colours and print on that delicious frock with the neon sparkly leggings. Lime and pink and lace and flowers, what's not to love?!
Sorry to hear that Chris is feeling sick, hope he gets better soon, and that you are being a good nurse! January is a tough month, I think, and I find it difficult to love it. But you are right - it's always better to find things to enjoy rather than moaning! And good food and good company (and great dresses!) certainly help! xxxxxx

thorne garnet said...

what's better than ric rac? Multi colored ric rac!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

wow, seriously that dress is amazing!! And only $8?! THe hat and legings are pretty awesome too. I love the reused cards, they're so pretty and soooo Krista. Keep being creative and wonderful xx

Trees said...

I always love seeing your crafts - those cards are adorable! I really hope you have a better week this week pretty lady xoxo

Style Sud-Est said...

wow those leggings are awesome!
Love the green and the silver dots
What about that hat! Oh My! you know i love pink as well!

Hope Chris feels better soon

Cute cards you have made, very cute

Ariane xxx

Bella Q said...

That frock ROCKS on you- your neon glory must put smiles on all passerbys!

Lovin' your art btw- fun and funky and fabulous!

two squirrels said...

I just love that cute wee dress sweet, perfect!!!!!
Oh oh I hope this week is going to be amazing filled with lots and lots of happy moments. Let's also hope Christ is felling better.
Big squirrel hugs.
Love v

delia hornbook said...

So sorry to hear you had a bad week last week and im hoping that chris is feeling much better now. I adore your art work you could sell those there adorable i love the coloured rick rack you used to. And all the pretty colours you have a good eye for colour and texture. Hope this week is better for you, have fun with your friends. dee xx

Rose&Bird said...

Poodles, Pom-poms and ric-rac, perfect combination! Sorry to hear you've had a hard time and hope Chris is feeling better. I found the crab picture a tad scary!

The Canon Girl said...

I hope your hubby is doing better! Those frames are adorable and I love love LOVE those leggings! Would buy them in a heartbeat, the color is fantastic. And that dress is also wonderful. I want to have fun too! Life IS too short to worry about everything and wallow at home.

Heather said...

I hope you have a much better week getting out of the house sounds like a great idea!! Hope Chris feels better soon also! ~Super cute leggings you have some really great pairs now ~Love Heather

SimplyyMayra said...

Hola Krista!
You can rock any outfit! You look fantabulous! And I love the pom-poms!

~SimplyyMayra ;)

Forest City Fashionista said...

It is not just you - I have found the same thing in that no one wants to go out and do anything fun. Mind you, I was sick for a week recently, and had no energy for anything, but now that I'm better, I can't find anyone to play with. Hope Chris feels better soon!

CityScape Skybaby said...

Such cute little pictures you made Krista, though I agree with Vix, I would end up just keeping them instead of giving them away! I love that dress so much, it makes me think of Springtime so it's a perfect dress for this somewhat gloomy time of year. I also love your positive energetic approach to life, you always remind me to be more like that myself so you're a good influence on me! xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I didn't realise until the last pic that those gorgeous leggings had silver dots all over them - they're SO, SO gorgeous!! Ooooooh and with that awesome new frock, yesssssssssssssss!!!! I do love a frock with a cute sleeve, tie-back and amazing lace bib. You are blowing winter outta the ice!!! xoxoxoxoxooxox