Monday, January 14, 2013

Where there is LOVE there is LIFE!

I finished my weekend off with a nice hot bubble bath filled with delicious LUSH bath soap.  This is much better than how I started it.  Friday morning I headed outside to snap a few pictures and I slipped on my frozen deck and fell flat on my ass.  OUCH!  I looked cute too, oh well.  The things I do for my little blog :)
I have been meaning to show you this little kitten I recently found, obviously separated at birth.
I touched up my pink this weekend.
Did some crazy pattern mixing!  Thanks to Bella for all her tips on making this work found HERE!
 The ring was a recent gift from the lovely Joni.
I have been having fun painting little creatures.
I think I will try and paint Peetee next!  Chris and I hung out with my BFF Kristi Saturday night and checked out a neighborhood bar called Balls the Cat's Moonshine Kitchen & Lounge.  I can see why people just call it Moonshine.  They had these fabulous pinball tables in back.
 The drinks were top shelf and made with fresh squeezed fruit.  My Greyhound was the best I've ever had made with a fresh pink grapefruit, so smooth.  The Gimlet was really tangy too!
 Chris loves getting his photo taken:)
 We brought dessert home.  I can't recall what either of these were but they are gone now:)
Mondays are so much easier when I've had a weekend that amazing!
Things on my mind today are:

I'm angry and deeply saddened by the suicide of Aaron Swartz.  SHAME ON YOU MIT and the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!

As the kid of a gay parent, I'm proud of Jodie Foster!  I know its none of our business but thanks anyway!

And finally as someone who believed in Lance Armstrong I'm dreading what he will confess.


Nerd Burger said...

Wow your hair is looking more pink than ever. I love the little packet your wearing in the outfit photos. Super cute.
Please tell me you had a go on those pinball machines? At least the Star Wars one. :)

pastcaring said...

Krista, you look just as pink and cute and gorgeous as can be! That little jacket is so you, and doesn't it work perfectly with the ring from Joni? Love your brightened up hair, your polka dots, and the cute kitty!
That bar looks great, wish I could have a few drinks there with you guys! Kristi is beautiful. Chris looks mortified! The puddings look delicious. Hope this week is as good as your weekend. Nah, I know - weekends are the BEST! xxxxxxx

Frocktasia said...

Dearest Krista,
Another spirit lifting ensemble, you've got them nailed!
I love the crazy pattern mixing, the more the merrier in my opinion.
I love pinball machines, they used to have them at the Trocadero in Piccadilly Circus and we used to go along every couple of months to play but sadly they were replaced by some crap shoot 'em up arcade games, I was gutted.
Lot's of love,

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You always look so cute!! Ahhhhh... I love your paintings-- you're an artist!! I should have known ;) Moonshine looks so fun and the drinks and desserts look so freakin' yummy.
Aaron Swartz - Awful! Horrible! I agree with you, SHAME!
Jodie Foster - her speech was cryptic, but I think I got the gist of what she meant! Glad she shared a little bit --always an inspo to hear thoughts of super talented, creative, & successful women.
Lance on Oprah-- he says he will tell all!!!! Only Oprah :)

Cristi said...

I love your little twin of cuteness, glad you found each other again!
And Awww, your paintings are adorable starring at them is like medicine!
I too am in a deep funk about poor Aaron Swartz and these bring a much needed smile. Democracy Now, dedicated the whole hour show to him this morning and hearing his speeches were so inspiring-we lost a very bright star.:( I wish all the MIT kids would give the finger and walk out today in protest! Information must flow and sharing is fun!!

And seeing the beautiful Ms Foster this morning helped too. I've loved her since I was young. I am so happy for her to be able to say and be her true self...wish that to everyone!!:)
So glad you had a great weekend-looks like you had a fab time! You look great in all your mixed patterns and your hair is amazing!!!:) Now, next time please be careful, we need you!;)

two squirrels said...

Hello cute wee pink lady!!!! That wee outfit is wonderful and I just love the jacket. Poor little tushie, I hope you are ok after your fall!!
What a great place to go play with friends, the pinball machines are fabulous.
Happy happy week ahead lovely Krista.
Love V

Nat said...

Ouch! There seems to be an epidemic of slipping-on-buttitis going round...I fell flat on my beehind in my boxercise class, getting a bit too enthusiastic with my new found fitness after all that alpine air :-)
You are looking gorgeous as always! Liking the longer tresses....

Rose&Bird said...

Lovely pictures, glad the weekend worked out well in the end. The kitten is pretty cute and I like your paintings too. How I would love to go out for cocktails with you guys x

Helga! said...

You are a Pinkalicious Princess!
I adore pattern clashing, I just don't think I'm very good at it!
So pleased you didn't seriously injure yourself, falling on yer ass! You be careful, my sweet!
O, great speech from Jodie. It really isn't anyones business, I suppose though the call to "come out" is too instill pride and courage in those that feel they can't admit it, but to me it's no different than asking what you earn! If you wanna tell me, fine, if not, whatever!She's pretty awesome, that one, and I had no idea she is 50!
I think the world will be devastated if Lance 'fesses's just too awful!
Stay warm, dry and injury free, loveycakes!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

You and Helgs have made me so depressed about British pubs, your bars just look 1000 times better. That place looks awesome!
Ok. You don't have to send me actual money. Just pay me in American marshmallows!!
You look very contemplative in these photos. And gorgeous too. Can't wait to see more of your paintings. Love what I've seen so far!! Xxxxx

Anonymous said...

I see you've got that Panama bracelet on again. It suits you so well and I know how comfy it is. I'm going to buy more hopefully this year later.
Love that little short sleeved jacket, it's the perfect little topper and in all your best colors.
Keep on painting Krista! Can't wait to see Peetee's portrait. ;)

Anonymous said...

I really needed this pink post, the first days of the week are always the hardest and a positive vibe, cute things and art are just what I was looking for visiting your blog with my eyes still half closed!!!I love the clashing patterns outfit, it's really a masterpiece, I loved Bella's post, but I still haven't found the perfect mixture, as you are showing here one of the colours must be the same to achieve success!I love the little pink cat and your painting are beautiful, you have great colours and characters, the secret is keep on doing it!!
Have a great week!!
I love you more than cake!!

Bohemian vanity said...

Krista you look stunning !!! I love your outfits you always look like you've been created in a candy factory !!! Night out looks like fun and i adore your paintings, too cute !!! Have a fabby day ! xx Tani

Sacramento Amate said...

I have just fallen in love with that little jacket, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh You are the Pink Queen, my lovely

thorne garnet said...

plaid, strips and dots? How awesome you look!

Melanie said...

I never liked Lance Armstrong, he had an arrogance that really grated on me and I suppose now it's all become clear as to why - he was getting away with it and that if nothing else, pumps up an ego. Andy told me a story about Lance where he and the peleton chased down a French escapee at the Tour de France and brought him back again, even the escapees own team marched to Lance's orders. Next day the man packed up, went home and that was the end of his cycling career. It put Andy right off him too; he's a bully. It's so sad that the whole sport has been tainted by his actions. He should just be a man and confess, everyone knows he did it anyway, he's just damaging others with his silence.
/end rant ;)

delia hornbook said...

Im afraid im not aware of who Lance armstrong is im a bit ignorant of famous people to be honest. So sorry you fell hope you didnt hurt yourself to much. You look gorgeous. Love your hair have you just dyed the top and kept your natural red hair underneath?your art week is brilliant. Hope you have a lovely week, dee xx

Anonymous said...

Your hair is pinkaliscious!!! What a cute outfit--I love the jacket!!

YES to a painting of PeeTee--can't wait!! I love your artwork (I've been on a real creative streak myself--I've got like 4 projects going at once!!!)

Chris is like MrBill getting his picture taken--LOLOL

Anonymous said...

Your hair is pinkaliscious!!! What a cute outfit--I love the jacket!!

YES to a painting of PeeTee--can't wait!! I love your artwork (I've been on a real creative streak myself--I've got like 4 projects going at once!!!)

Chris is like MrBill getting his picture taken--LOLOL

Bella Q said...

I always loved Jodie Foster! Admired, respected, and had a long term crush on that woman. So I got weepy at her speech. She rocks- and I don't mind giving her privacy- but a fragrance and a reality show? I'd say, maybe, JF.

I had a couple of pro bikers as friends back in the day so I knew Lance was guilty. I am glad he's coming clean- pity his self righteous anger about the accusations are coming to bite him in the ass.

YOU are a brillant color and pattern mixer! And I LOVE the plaid and polka dots dancing on your outfit!

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh I love this fab pattern mixing - the colours are PERFECT. Your hair is super amazing - if I could have any hair in the world it would be YOURS!

Sarah xxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love your paintings Krista, you really make me want to get to art group and paint some more. Also love your pattern mixing, especially those gorgeous leggings, and your weekend looks like such fantastic fun, I agree with Clare, I want to go to an American bar! I've only heard a bit about Jodie Foster but I've always liked her. I go along with the view that it ain't nobody's business but her own, she should be able to talk about it if she wants to, or be private if she wants to. xx