Friday, January 18, 2013

Why Friday I could just kiss you!

There are few things that remain the same over time but for as long as I can remember Fridays have always reigned supreme! My excitement starts on Thursday night as I think of the last day in the work week approaching.  Not too much on the calendar but I do have stuff to do, if you know what I mean :)

My Mom wanted me to paint a picture of Peetee and like any good daughter I listened.  My Mom is a pretty crafty lady and her current medium of choice are pastels.  I did this with acrylic because they are cheap and it's the only paint I've ever used. I think his head is a bit wonky but all in all an ok first attempt and totally enjoyable.
 Yes I put glitter in his ears:)  That's my Peetee, Peetee punkin pie!
Here is the picture I used.
Remember that turquoise dress I bought at Mod Cloth?  I loved it so much I bought another one in royal blue!  This shade of blue is new for me but with my pink hair I think it really works. 
 The fit is just so flattering and I'm digging the big red nautical buttons and pockets too.
 My one of a kind heart leggings made just for me by Cristi at KISSMEKITTY!
 I heart these a super whole bunch!
Why... I do feel thugly:)
and cold...
 Some other bits from an outfit this week.
 Another pair of leggings from KISSMEKITTY!
Have I told you I'm throwing a Valentine's day party for some of my girlfriends?  I am!  Working on all the small details has brought me so much joy!  It will be an evening to remember!

Have you ever tried a non traditional take on Valentine's day?  If so, what did you do?  Enjoy the weekend everyone!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Krista, I just love that hoodie! I want one of those. And you're right, the dress is very flattering. I grab those things and buy what I can when I find something flattering. They stay in my closet a whole lot longer too.
Valentine's Day can be fun and I like the idea of spending it with girlfriends. I did do a sort of non-traditional thing once a few years back. I was working for a high school vocational training center and bought a red velvet cake from their culinary class students. Then I stopped by the butcher and picked up some yummy Kalbi ribs. I had my oldest daughter invite some of her friends over and we had a really fun meal. The down side was that the cake was terrible. I think they dumped way too much baking soda in it. Gross! But, it was still fun.
I hope you enjoy your weekend!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

The dress really does show off your amazing figure and the color actually helps all your pink to really pop! I love your painting!! You are really really good! Keep it up 'cause I totally want to see more of that-- can you paint people as well as animals? I know some artists that say they find human faces intimidating to paint vs. still life/animal. As a non-artist it seems the same to me lolzzzz What do I know? I can't paint draw/paint for crap!

Bohemian vanity said...

Awww the painting of Peetee is so cute ! Well done dear !!! I'll come and grab it !!! Have a fabby friday ! Btw my excitement also starts on thursdays ! xx

Kathi said...

Awww...Peetee! You need to hang that on your ceiling above you bed. I'm sure Chris would love that!

BTW - Vine Gogh has their February calendar up. Take a look.

Anonymous said...

The hoodie is so COOL!!! Those modcloth dresses are styled just for you!! The new cobalt one looks amazing with your hair!!

PEETEE!!!! OMG how cute is his portrait. With glittery ears (he's probably sighing a breath of relief it's not his real ears that are glittery!!)

This is my Friday to work (I work four-9 hour days and have off every other Friday) and it is DRAGGING!!!!! I've got stuff to do!!! It's a 3 day weekend for me!!

Have an awesome weekend!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Gorgeous!

You are really , really good at painting! I'm impress!
I love Peetee's portrait!
Awwwwww! Those hear shape tights are so fabulous and i love the new ones as well!
That blue dress is perfect with your hair

Have a good weekend

Ariane xxx

Heather said...

Love your painiting! and you look super cute that dress is fabulous looks great on you I can see why you bought another one!! Enjoy your weekend TGIF ~Love Heather

Louise Mc said...

I love that dress so much, it's such a flattering cut and colour. I wish I could paint, Peetee is such a cutee baba... funny how both your blog and mine is named after our hairy babies, what does that say about us? lol. Have a great weekend lovely pinkhaired lady. xx

Ivy Black said...

Hi Beautiful!
Peetee's portrait is so sweet. It would look great on a t shirt. I never thought about it until Louise pointed it out, but my blog is named after one of my cat.
You do look fab and that hoodie is wonderful.
Have a top weekend.

Melanie said...

Fantastic portrait of Peetee with glitter on his ears! I love your colour selection and expression you captured are perfect.
Good idea about the new blue dress with big buttons. It looks great on you.
I'm not a big Valentine's gal but I liked in Japan where Feb 14 is the day girls give boys a Valentine and then on Mar 14 boys give girls a Valentine.

Cristi said...

OH, I love your Peetee painting-you really captured him, so CUTE!!! And, of course, sparkly ears, cuz we all know, he's magical!;)
You're outfit is so awesome, the colors are all perfectly combined, and really compliment your hair! I heart it so much!
And, with that sweet jacket added, you look like one of the cool kids from one of those Japanese street style mags!;)
Also must add, you really can rock a turban girlfriend!!:)
YAY-THREE DAY weekend, wish they all were-Have a fun one!!!:)

Nerd Burger said...

I LOVE the painting of your little fur man. I wish you could paint a picture of me with glitter in my hair. :)
That blue dress is striking too, I love the big pockets.
I'm glad you had a great Friday. I know what you mean. Fridays seem to fly by to the weekend. (except this Friday cos i had to work on Saturday)

Anonymous said...

I love your Peetee painting!!Acrylics has the brightest shades and I love how they look on canvas, pink and red are a beautiful combination I should use more in my works!!
The blue dress is really pretty and the bold contrast with your hair makes you shine, the hoodie is awesome too!
I wish you the best weekend sweetheart and I really can't wait to see what you are planning for your I'd like to be there!!
I love you more than parties!!

Bella Q said...

Oh, it works it works! I love that shade of blue on you- your pink pops against it! And the portrait of Peetee is precious! Also: we have the same brooch- mine is in browns but just like it- one gem popped out so once I fix it, I will be your amber twin.

Happy Friday, K!

thorne garnet said...

Nice work on Peetee's painting, love the glitter. Love that color blue. It's Friday and that means a 3-day weekend!

liz said...

Peetee painting yes! I've considered getting that very same dress from Modcloth (in several different colors) many times! With Modcloth I frequently lust, but rarely buy...I'm cheap. We threw an "Anti-Valentines Day" party in 2010 and it was our most popular party ever! Clearly we have cynical friends. ;)

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love Ivy's idea of putting Peetee's portrait on a t-shirt, that would be so cute Krista, and as I've just started going to a little art group, it's great for me to see what you're doing and be inspired by it, I used to paint over drawings with glitter nail varnish and I like what you've done with your painting of Peetee. I started a painting this week and I find it much harder than drawing so I need all the help and ideas I can get. Also that dress really does stand out well against your hair, you're a work of art yourself! xx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I'm throwing a steampunk valenties day ball fundraiser for my Ren Faire. Love that blue on you!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Wow, I'd love to come to your party!!! I like the sound of Hollie's party too. I love your painting of Peetee! you should do more, don't worry to much about angles and perspective etc, it's all nonsense, you've got a definite talent, so just do more!! I love that dress, it look gorgeous. I think your brooch is really pretty too! Big love xxxxx

Nat said...

That shade of blue is perfect for your hair! And love the Peetee portrait :-)
We tend not to do much on Valentine's Day as it can be another commercial racket, but I like your plan!
To respond to your comment on my blog... yes, still on a high from my Alpine adventure....and just booked to go back in the summer too :-)

pastcaring said...

Ahhh, cute painting of Peetee, and of course he had to have pink glitter in his ears!
Love the cobalt blue with your hair, the dress is great on you, so buying 2 in different colours makes perfect sense! Looks so good with your one-of-a-kind leggings and cardigan.
And you really suit a turban!
I don't do Valentine's Day at all but I will be interested to see what your alternative plans are, Krista! xxxxx

two squirrels said...

Oh Peetee is so cute!!!! The painting is too!!!!!
Yummy pinks and blues on a happy Friday!!!!!
I'm with Curtise you really suit the turban.
Happy weekend lovely Krista.
Love V

Trees said...

I do love your painting of Peetee - he is so cute and you have some real talent there missy :D You dress is really cute too - loving the big buttons and I do love anything with a nautical twist. I also LOVE the idea of having a Valentines Celebration with friends...hummm...wonder if I could pull off something similar?

Thick Threads said...

Nice painting! i think its great for a first attempt! :) he's such a cutie!

ooo i love the royal blue with your pink hair! it looks fantabulous! wow!! and your leggings are so cool, i love anything in heart print, it rules.


Wendy said...

There are soooo many awesome things about this post! The leggings, that argyle sweater, the color contrasts and that flower pin... So cool!

Helga! said...

Squee! When I love a frock, I usually want it in as many colours as possible! The cobalt blue is fabulous on oyu, and it's gorgeous with pink!
Your painting of Peetee is frigging AMAZING! What a precious! The glittery ears are perfect!
I don't take much notice of Valentine's Day! I;d probably laugh in G's face if he got me flowers!!! I like to get them when he means it, not because he's supposed to. I like that you're taking a whole different view on it and can't wait to see what you get up to!
That pink brooch is glorious....

Misfits Vintage said...

I LOVE the Peetee painting! The blue dress is gorgeous on you - the colour is fabulous with your hair and I adore those heart leggings. I have never really celebrated Valentine's Day - it's just not a big deal over here. I would LOVE to go to a party with my girlfriends though - that would be FUUUN!

Sarah xxx

Domenic Bartlett-Roylance said...

You have such a groovy style and I am so glad I have found your blog! Definitely following you. xxo

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

There is a lot to like in this post. The hoodie, the painting, your colors etc.

The Canon Girl said...

GOODNESS that blue dress looks AMAZING with your hair! And those pink leggings <3 AND THAT HOODIE! Amazingness!