Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You make me happy

 After so many, well it almost fits, I had almost given up on buying dresses on ebay.  However, when I spotted a lot of 7 dresses all in my size I could not resist.  This was one of the seven~ only one did not fit and Vix, it's in the post!
I ended up paying about $7 a dress, pretty sweet if you ask me.
Huge fan of ruffles here.
I also found this purse at the Vintage by the Pound, the beads gave it some weight cost $4.  
I find myself pretty happy today.  Lots of things making me smile.  First off is my oldest nephew who is a senior in high school.  He spent the last two years working his ass off and saved up and bought himself a 2013 Dodge Challenger!
 We spoke yesterday and he is over the moon.  I had to tell him how proud I was of him and to drive safe.  If he's gonna gun it make sure its a straight away there are no cops around.  Priceless advice from Auntie Krista who almost lost her license at his age for countless speeding tickets and that was in a Datsun 210!
I love getting random texts from my family.  My sister, Mom and the boys sent me this from their Sunday adventure.  
 Clare made me squeal like Helga when I received a parcel from her yesterday. Just look at her painting of my Peetee!!!!  I love it Clare!!!!  Thank you!!!!
 Also in it was this sweet Hello Kitty wallet I had lusted over when she bought hers.
A gorgeous print dress that I will have to rework because my boobs are just too BIG!  I love the colors so much!!!!!  She also made me a CD with some insane music on it, totally loving that Clare!!!!
My friend  Kathi the mad knitter made me this sweet hair tie, which does not look like two wieners tied this way:) Such pretty colors.
I have a lot to be thankful for in my life.
My friend Shannon gave me this bracelet, it suits me don't you think?  Remember she and her husband stayed with Chris and I for a few days on their honeymoon?  She's pregnant!  I just saw pictures from the ultrasound!!!
Yes today is a good day!  I hope yours is too!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Color my winter red

I hope everyone had time to unwind this weekend and recharge!  Mine was a bit of both and I almost feel ready to tackle whatever this week tosses my way.  I made a few necklaces, finished some crafty projects for a couple of friends, cooked a killer stew, and even squeezed in a bit of thrift shopping!  I just about died when I found a red wool Pendleton cape from the 1970's in great condition.  I'm saving that for another time ~ you know how I like to tease:)
Here is a dress I found last weekend with Cristi for $12.  I dig the ruffle collar.  For whatever reason when I wore this outfit grocery shopping on Saturday I was getting lots of love from the fellas, it was rather amusing :)
 Maybe it was my new psychedelic after dinner mint leggings made by Kiss Me Kitty
 Based on all the happiness this outfit was spreading I'm going to say we all need color in the winter!  Its like a charge to our senses and reminds us we're alive!
 Happy to oblige:)

 My pink religious bracelet from Vix and the rainbow Union Jack remind me of friends and good times across the pond.
I have a new nick name for Peetee and it is over the top in its cuteness.  Petite pronounced (PA-TEE-TEE) Peetee!  
Go ahead say it out loud in your best high pitch super fast voice.  See I told you.  Yes now you know how silly I can get with my dog.

Friday, February 22, 2013

A night of painting with the girls:)

Last night was such a total blast!  My friend Kathi treated her daughter Brianna and I to an evening of painting.  The place was called Vine Gogh and there were about 25 people total.  The way it works is they walk you through a painting step by step and we all paint the same thing.  We chose last night because we liked the painting.  Check out some pictures.
 You can see some examples of other paintings they do on the wall.
 The wine was complimentary and tasty!

 Brianna has taken plenty of art classes in school and she really is a natural!
 The start of something awesome!   

 I love these two gals so much!  They have always made me feel like I was part of their family.
 And it just wouldn't be Portland without putting a bird on it!!!
After last night I find myself thinking about what could we all do next!  P!NK is touring this year, hmmm....

Have a wonderful weekend all my pretties!  I have no plans and that's ok with me!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

See what 4 bucks got me!

I mentioned how much fun I had thrifting on Saturday and I have been dying to share what I scored with you!  The store I found these at is called Vintage by the Pound.   The price is $6 a pound and these two frocks cost all of $4.  I think I love them both just a little more because they were such a bargain.  No guilty pleasures here.
 I really like this dress, the colors, the cut and even the length.
I need to re-do my roots but can you believe how bright my hair still is after a month and a half?
Next up was this beautiful handmade number.
 I don't even have to hem it!
 Worn with my handmade Frida necklace from Tamera, who is having a Birthday real soon!
Our new refrigerator was delivered yesterday, it's gorgeous, well except for the lengthwise dent that goes all the way across the front because the delivery guys rammed it up our narrow staircase.  No worries though another arrives on Friday.  I think being an appliance delivery guy is ass busting work and the last thing I wanted to do was be one of those crazy ladies flipping will all work out in the end and that's all that matters.

Tonight I am taking a paint class with my friend Kathi and her daughter Brianna.  I'm pretty excited and I'll be sure to share with you what we make.  It's almost Friday......YAH!!!!!  How is everyone's week?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Be your own sunshine!

Another weekend come and gone.  I had a blast thrift shopping with Cristi on Saturday and eating big beefy burgers.  We both found some really sweet stuff, more on that next time, I'm just so happy to have a new friend with so much in common and who actually likes to hang out!  
 Below I am sporting another pair of leggings she made.  You can find them here.
 Moss covered stairs a common sight this time of year.
 Check out my arm warmers, also made by Cristi at Kiss me Kitty.
   I about died when she bent over and her cat just hopped right on her back.  She said she likes it there.
I finally got a killer shot of her hair to show you, pretty bad ass huh!!!!!
  I know this post is a bit all over the place, kinda like my mind lately :)
  Here is a jacket I found a few weeks back, I have a soft spot for anything with faces on it.
 We also bought a new refrigerator this weekend!  Every house I have lived in came with one so this is the first time I had to buy one new.  So how much is a fridge?  A lot!  It gets delivered tomorrow.  I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend I promise to catch up with you soon!