Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Be your own sunshine!

Another weekend come and gone.  I had a blast thrift shopping with Cristi on Saturday and eating big beefy burgers.  We both found some really sweet stuff, more on that next time, I'm just so happy to have a new friend with so much in common and who actually likes to hang out!  
 Below I am sporting another pair of leggings she made.  You can find them here.
 Moss covered stairs a common sight this time of year.
 Check out my arm warmers, also made by Cristi at Kiss me Kitty.
   I about died when she bent over and her cat just hopped right on her back.  She said she likes it there.
I finally got a killer shot of her hair to show you, pretty bad ass huh!!!!!
  I know this post is a bit all over the place, kinda like my mind lately :)
  Here is a jacket I found a few weeks back, I have a soft spot for anything with faces on it.
 We also bought a new refrigerator this weekend!  Every house I have lived in came with one so this is the first time I had to buy one new.  So how much is a fridge?  A lot!  It gets delivered tomorrow.  I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend I promise to catch up with you soon!


Vix said...

Hoorah! I'm first!
Love that crazy blazer, well, I love it all, the jewellery, the leggings, arm warmers, bobble hat... (including you!). Cristi's creations are fabulous and you are the perfect muse, you gorgeous gal! Talking of gorgeous I love Cristi's hair and the insane cat. He's a beast!
We never spoke about the fridge, I demand a Skype close-up of it next week!
Love you! xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Second!!!! The blazer is really cool!!! I was surprised to see you in pants! Love both outfits!! Laughing at the expression on Cristis cat!!

Is the new fridge pink?????

Cristi said...

OMG-What a fun day that was! Can't wait for the pics-you scored some super cute stuff!! Funny how the last place we thought might not have anything turned out to have some real gems! Dresses for you, cape for me...and crazies for entertainment.lol;)
Your yellow and pink hat is sooo cute! I just love that little puff ball on the top, so perfect with your cute braided hair and with that super fun comic top! Your new necklace is the cherry on top!
Also, love that orange polka dot dress with that jacket! The green trim works great with the color and the print is fun and really lovely!
And, must say that pic of me and Misa makes me smile, cuz she's like whaaat!?!...this is my spot, what, you no do this!:)
Can't wait to see the new fridge-congrats!:)

Anonymous said...

I love faces on fabric and jewelry too. I know that little jacket jumped off the rack and into your arms where it rightfully belonged.
Yes, your friend's hair is gorgeous. I love all the unique coloring we're seeing out there now.
Love your stairs photo!

Louise Mc said...

I love your bobble hat so much! So bright and warm looking, win, win! Cristi sounds fabulous, so good to have friends with stuff in common! Aw, lovely Krista! Xx

Heather said...

Love all the color!! And wow your friend has great hair!! one of these days I will have to do something exciting with mine I am always thinking of coloring it ~I love that coat you found super cute Love Heather

Anonymous said...

Great jacket my sweetheart!!Good choice, I adore beautifully illustrated clothes and those colours are amazing!!!
So lucky to have found a friend like Cristi in your own town, it's great to have a coffee and a chat together, I'd love to be with you both and with her lovely cat!Maybe you could even dye my hair in a killer shade like yours!
The polka dots dress is fabulous too and all Cristi's creations as well!!
I love you more than summer!!

pastcaring said...

Don't you look cute in that bobble hat?! It's adorable!
How wonderful that you have made such a great friend in Cristi, she is obviously just the perfect gal pal for you. She has awesome hair (SOOOOO long!), she makes fab stuff, AND she has a magnificent cat sitting on her back! Now that's not something you see every day...
Love that little jacket with the green trim and the groovy print, and I can't help but smile at the sight of you in plaits and orange polka dots, Krista! YOU are like sunshine, my colourful friend! xxxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You look cute with those braids and arm warmers. Her hair is pretty freakin' amazing. That's mermaid hair! Sounds like you had so much fun. I have a thrifting friend and it's so much more awesome when you get to go with someone.
Fridges are expensive!! OMG all appliances are, it's ridiculous!
Very fun face jacket-- can't wait to see the other stuff,
Becky :)

Lucys Lounge said...

I love those leggings and that great jacket. cristi's hair is gorgeous. love lucyx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I am so in love with that strawberry lemonade beanie. And your friends hair is simply stunning!

xStroutx said...

I really kinda wanna eat your necklace. Which of course means that I love it (food-esque jewellery is rad). Your arm warmers and leggings are also awesome and the two toned blue hair is very very cool

Style Sud-Est said...

Hello Krista!

I see you are doing well!
Love those leggings and warmers
Peetee is so sweet i would have not guessed that he 10!
Love his pink hair!
I love your friend's ombre hair!
She is very talented!

Have a good one

Ariane xxxx

delia hornbook said...

I always love the colours in your posts. Looks and sounds like you both had a great its always lovely when you find friends that have a lot in common with you. And i have to agree her hair is gorgeous. Have a great week, dee x

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I'm over the moon that you and Cristi have a blast together, I'm betting she's thanking her lucky stars to have stumbled across you too - who wouldn't? You are GLORIOUS!!! I'm completely in love with your jacket and I know what you mean about the faces - I can't get enough of them on my walls, jewellery and clothing if I can find the right ones. Beautiful post hon, The Stylist and I would have a field day braiding your beautiful hair! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'm a bit in love with Cristi's hair! I love the leggings she made you too. Plus your adorable woolly hat! Why can't you live closer to me? sob sob. Expect post! xxxxx

liz said...

That jacket is sooooo cute! Love it.

Misfits Vintage said...

Love that gorgeous bright beanie! That cat is enormous! Is he really as big as he looks?? Cristi's hair is fabulous and you are super gorgeous in the polka dot dress and funky face jacket! And I LOVE the enormous heart pendant!

Sarah xxx