Monday, February 25, 2013

Color my winter red

I hope everyone had time to unwind this weekend and recharge!  Mine was a bit of both and I almost feel ready to tackle whatever this week tosses my way.  I made a few necklaces, finished some crafty projects for a couple of friends, cooked a killer stew, and even squeezed in a bit of thrift shopping!  I just about died when I found a red wool Pendleton cape from the 1970's in great condition.  I'm saving that for another time ~ you know how I like to tease:)
Here is a dress I found last weekend with Cristi for $12.  I dig the ruffle collar.  For whatever reason when I wore this outfit grocery shopping on Saturday I was getting lots of love from the fellas, it was rather amusing :)
 Maybe it was my new psychedelic after dinner mint leggings made by Kiss Me Kitty
 Based on all the happiness this outfit was spreading I'm going to say we all need color in the winter!  Its like a charge to our senses and reminds us we're alive!
 Happy to oblige:)

 My pink religious bracelet from Vix and the rainbow Union Jack remind me of friends and good times across the pond.
I have a new nick name for Peetee and it is over the top in its cuteness.  Petite pronounced (PA-TEE-TEE) Peetee!  
Go ahead say it out loud in your best high pitch super fast voice.  See I told you.  Yes now you know how silly I can get with my dog.


Vix said...

That red ruffly frock is fabulous, I'm not surprised the boys were paying you loads of attention, I'd have been the same! Love those crazy leggings and the adorable hat, you look so snuggly and fabulous I just want to hug you (and Peetee!)
Those bangles bring back very, very happy memories!
Now stop teasing and show us your cape!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxx

Frocktasia said...

Lovely, happy & colourful Krista...
Whenever I visit your blog virtual rainbows come shooting out of my screen and it's so fabulous cause you know what, I LOVE RAINBOWS!
Those leggings are ace and I'm totally mesmerized by the awesome pattern. You're new dress is gorgeous and I'm really looking forward to seeing your 70s wool cape.
Peetee is a wee darling :)
Lot's of love,

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hello rainbow warrior! I thought of you and Peetee this weekend when I was in Brighton and spotted some crazy pink dog trainers - take a look on my blog!

Mariela said...

You have the most amazing leggings like in history! They look great and so do you. I love wearing bright colors in winter. People think you're crazy but it lifts the mood and dread of winter.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Petite is just a little darling, I love him, no wonder he makes you go all squishy. I'm looking forward to seeing this pendleton cape! Sexy. The after dinner minty leggings are brilliant! Gorgeous snuggly cardi too! xxxxx

Nat said...

I'll bet all the boys were looking at you... you bring a welcome blast of colour to an otherwise dull winter day :-)
Looking forward to seeing the red cape soon!

Anonymous said...

Peetee is such a cute little sweetheart!!!I'm very happy that you found and love each other!!!
The dress is beautiful and even if I'm not a big fan of ruffles, I love it with the coloured leggings and the rainbow cardigan!Can't wait to see your future project, your blog brings me always inspiration and joy!!!
Love you more than red hearts!!!

Helga! said...

Whoops, shouty, sorry!
Love the ruffley frock, it's just scrumptious and the perfect shade of killer red! The new tights are divoon, such a great print!!! Colour is just the injection of joy we all need, anytime, any season, but most of all in Winter.....the mornings are getting darker here, and the nights a little cooler.Autumn is on the horizon!EEEP!

thorne garnet said...

There's nothing like bright colors to chase the gloom away. A++ to you.

Heather said...

Those leggings are just so darn cute they come in amazing colors and patterns, I love how you pair them up with everything ~Thaanks for the great advice an adventure sounds like a fantastic idea!! Love Heather

Perdita said...

Those really are fantastic leggings!

delia hornbook said...

Such a beautiful and colourful post you really do brighten up a cold and dull day :-) dee xx

Melanie said...

Hehe, Peetee's pose in the last picture is so funny! I am terrible for baby talking our Bob, one of the most common things you'll hear me utter is "Who'saboyboy!" in a very high voice and very fast which usually gets him very excited and he binkies around the room honking! That or "The Boy! The Boy!" in a voice a lot lower which usually ends up reminiscent of James Mason xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the fella's noticed how those red ruffles brought your boobage to Helga-like prominence!!!

I love the red dress with the new leggings--so so cute!!

Awww--Peetee looks like he survived the party!! MrBill says they need to get together again soon for some more manly dog bonding!!

Bella Q said...

I've not doubt in my mind why the fellas loved your look- you look delicious and interesting and friendly! Lots of color but colors that are warm, and inviting. I love the frill of the frock on you, and I can not wait to see your red cape- oh lawdy, I'm going to swoon on that one.

Scarlett said...

Aww I've missed your rainbow coloured greatness! Still looking blooming fabulous and that hat rocks. Scarlett x

Cristi said...

But of course you were getting lots of attention-cuz you look HOT Sista! And, were the ray of light cutting through the gray skies of the day. You are full of rainbow brightness!:)

Aw, love that cute shot of Peetee with his little paw up, like he is performing a trick for you. What a little doll.;)

pastcaring said...

Never mind the blokes, I'd be checking you out for sure, Krista! You look colourful and beautiful and you radiate good cheer and humour, who wouldn't want to look at you?!
I don't associate the colour red with you as much as the obvious (pink and orange) but boy does it suit you!
Oh adorable Pa-tee-tee!I talk SUCH rubbish to my cats, complete with silly voices and kisses. It has to be done!
Love you! xxxxxx

Nerd Burger said...

Fantastic outfit. You look so warm. I'd love to see a post on all your jewellery and how you store it. You have so many bracelets.

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Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh red, red, red ... glorious red!!! Have I ever seen you rock red before? I'm sure I'd remember if I had coz you look utterly gorgeous and I FREAKIN' ADORE the leggings baby!!!! Your bracelets and necklaces always make me smile and oh that ruffle neckline - gorgeous!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

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