Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love will find a way:)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Tonight there will be no overpriced dinner out for Chris and I, we tell each other I love you every single day in this house:)  I do think aside from all the commercialness holidays are what you make of them.  Valentine's Day is special to me because without the love of my friends and family I wouldn't really feel alive and loving people and showing them brings my heart the greatest joy!  Today I have an even bigger smile for strangers and a bit more swing in my step, or should I say swirl in my skirt:)
February is also the same month I got Peetee 10 years ago.  I always celebrate his Birthday on Valentine's Day as well, it just seems fitting.
Peetee at 3 months.  He used to be so hairy!
and so pink like his Mom is now.
I also wanted to show off this fabulous hat Cristi from Kiss Me Kitty made for me, I feel like a supermodel in it!  I also had to show off the pink faux fur jacket I scored this weekend for a ten spot.  
 Don't you wanna hug me?
 Here is one of the rings I got for myself from BeClazy.  Her rings were only $10 and for everyone you buy you get a free one.  Scratch courtesy of my little resident murderer Ash:)
 Hat love!
I'm sending all of you beautiful blogging gals a mighty BIG HUG today and a kiss!
"If you judge people you have no time to love them."~ Mother Teresa

Judge less LOVE MORE!!!!!


Melanie said...

Happy Valentines Day Krista xxx
Peetee was such a cute pup, I like scruffy dogs the best :)
Wonderful jacket, it looks so soft. I also love your new hat.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Your puffy jacket and hat are the best!! Your pics look like Valentine's Day to me all the time because of all the pink!!!! lolzzzz
Becky :)

Vix said...

Happy Valentine's to you and Happy Birthday, Peetee!
I hate the thought of all those couples looking dead behind the eyes & being ripped off for dinner.
You look the picture of beauty in that fabulous swirly frock, the rock star hat and leggings and that incredible jacket, what a find. I love the BeClazy ring.I wish I could hug you!!!!
Peetee looks so cute, hairy or not!
Great quote by Mother theresa.
Love you!!!!! xxxxxx

halloweencouple said...

Big X's and O's too you!

Love the ring & jacket!!

thorne garnet said...


Don't you look pretty today? Love the way the dress spins out. Baby Peetee is the cutest puppy ever

Anonymous said...

How glorious do you look in magenta velvet and pink fur!!!

I love the view of your garden--veggie?? I do raised beds, too.
It looks like Peetee is scoping out for some tasty turd treats ij the garden!!

How ADORABLE was Peetee as a puppy?? I wish i had puppy pix of my babies!!

Happy Valentine's Day to you & Chris!!
The diva sends Peetee a love nuzzle and MrBill a head rub (and he hopes Peetee struck some delishus GOLD in the garden!!)

Nat said...

Happy birthday Peetee and happy Valentine's Day too! My hubby and I share the same sentiments... we don't go out and spend cash on overpriced meals just because Hallmark says it's Feb 14th! Saying I love you every day is what counts... for sure!

Loving your dress - it looks so luxurious :-) And Peetee is too cute!

Anonymous said...

I want to hug you in all your soft and furry glory for sure!!!Happy Valentine's darling!!!You look amazing in your new Kristi's creation,(as you know I adore fake fur hats)and pink velvet and fur!!
Happy birthday to Peetee too!!
Thank you for this great Valentine's post, I feel like you are sending a kiss to me in that stunning last pic!
I love you more than Cupid!

Helga! said...

You ARE a supermodel, and FECK YEAH, I wanna hug and squeeze you to BITS!
You gorgeous furry snuggly thing you!
I adore you, you brighten up Blogland like no other, my darling!
Much love to you and Chris! XXXXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

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Lucys Lounge said...

pink to make the boys wink. it's my favourite colour. I love your leggings and the doggie. lucyx

Lucys Lounge said...

hi Krista, thanks for your lovely comment. my shop is in Dublin, Ireland.

Louise Mc said...

Happy Valentines day my lovely, sending you and gorgeous wee Peetee some big hugs. X

Anonymous said...

Yes! I'll take a warm furry pink hug! Happy Valentine's Day to you too. And Happy Birthday to your special little man. He's adorable with pink hair.
We'll be going to our favorite bar at least, no fancy dinners though. Every day deserves a martini! ;)

Penny-Rose said...

OMG you are so snuggley I would definitely want a hug!!! Aw, Peetee is just so cute, give him a big Happy Birthday hug from me.

Anonymous said...

You do look incredibly huggable and the colour of that dress is Amazing!!

Cristi said...

Love the swirly dress, looks perfect with the leggings and jacket! The hat looks super cute on you, want you warm and stylish!:) And, that ring is beautiful, love those colors swirled together! You are the perfect swirly twirly girl today!!:)

Can't believe that is Peetee with that hair, that bit of pink was way too cute on him!!:)

Anonymous said...

aww that was such a sweet post :) I can't decide what I like more, you pink, velvet dress, your jacket or you hat!

Bella Morte said...

Happy Valentines Day Krista! God damn that dress is gorgeous! Am I right in saying it is velvet? It shines so prettily in the sun! Happy birthday to little Peetee too! :D ~ ♥ ~

pastcaring said...

Gorgeous twirly whirly loved-up Krista! You are right, it's our relationships that make life worth living, and that's worth a spin or two!
Cristi mDe you an adorable hat, and it looks so cute and cosy along with your new faux fur. That dress is perfection on you - the colour and fit are delicious.
Ahhh - baby Peetee, how cute is that dog?
Hope you and Chris had a lovely Valentine's Day, my darling. xxxxxx

xStroutx said...

I DO want to hug you! You look so cute and happy. And twirly. How fun is twirling? I like your attitude to Valentines Day. I believe in telling the people that you love how much you love them every day.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I would love to be able to give your velvet-and-fur-clad self a bigh hug! That ring is very pretty, and definitely looks like it cost more than $10.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Happy Vday lovely! We always do cards and a little gift cos we're big believers in any deviation from a 'normal' day, but we equally always say I love you every day. Love your rings.


Miss Simmonds Says said...

You lucky girl!! Love the hat. And you found another perfect fur jacket. You know I love pink and I'd love to hug you of course. And obviously I'd love to hug Peetee, what a sweetheart! Big love beautiful lady

CityScape Skybaby said...

PeeTee was such a cute puppy, though I think he looks younger now! My Dixie is ten now and she's getting very grey where she used to be tan. I love your attitude to life Krista, you always look for the good in everything and it shows in your happy face. Love your pink twirliness too! xx

Mary Lou said...

ooooh what a beautiful pink velvet dress! it matches so well with your wonderful hair! and i love what you say about valentines day, i mean if you love each other you don´t need a day when society tells you to show that in public, better tell each other every day that you love each other!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

YES!!!!!! I do wanna hug you!!! Oh that jacket is divooooon and I'm lurrrrrrrving your beautiful Hex leggings:) I love seeing you in your BM pieces and my goodness happy birthday Peetee!!! You know you're always welcome over for a slumber party at my place, but your mama will have to make the trip with you too;) xoxoxoxoxoxo

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy fabulousness, you have the best hair in the WORLD! I love the twirly pink dress and the FAB BM leggings. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEETEE!!! The new jacket looks super cosy and cuddleable!

Sarah xxx