Friday, February 1, 2013

Oh yea there's some game on this weekend:)

Friday has finally arrived and Chris and I are feeling much better after days of chicken soup and plenty of good night sleeps.  I think we are both ready for a little playtime outside the house!
 Tonights art show will be the highlight of my week~ not the Superbowl!
 Killing this bird was Ash's highlight!  I don't think I'll ever get used to having a killer, I mean a cat.
 This outfit is as comfortable as my pajama's and just about as cute too!

 I also received a beautiful gift this week that I will share with you soon.

 I picked this dress up a while ago for $3 and I love the look and feel of it with leggings!
AND check out my hot little baby sister rocking some serious colors!  You make me proud Tracy!
I hope you all have a great weekend!  See ya soon!


Mariela said...

I'm glad that both of you are feeling better. I'm very impatient when it come to being sick.
The hubby and I aren't big sports fans but if there's nothing better to do than I guess we might watch the game.

Vix said...

I'm so pleased you're both feeling better! Here's to a fantastic weekend full of fun, frolics, booze and laughs!
I love that dress, I love it all, you look gorgeous and ready to have a blast.
Ash is such a little biatch, but beautiful with it.
Tracy looks fantastic, it runs in the family!
love you! xxxxxxxxx

Ivy Black said...

Glad to hear your both on the mend, and you do look ever so well.
Have the best weekend full of fun and colour and art.

Cristi said...

That outfit is so cute! I love how the back of the dress perfectly frames you tush.;) And, mixing leopards is my kind of fashion circus! Also love that your lipstick matches your hair so well...totally fab as usual!!
Your sister looks like a fun gal, ready to have a good time in her pink and green!
The day is not going to go fast enough-can't wait for our art feast!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to read that you and Chris are feeling better and you look smokin' hot in this super fantastic outfit!!! A leopard fur is always a perfect way to celebrate the weekend and the hat looks great on you!!
Your sister is stunning too with the hot pink trousers!!You both made my day!Sorry for the bird, your cat is a real hunter!
Love you more than fabulous leggings!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're both feeling better!! I just came out of hibernation with the intestinal bug that has been going around. UGH

You look like an art exhibit in your fabulous paisley dress and leopard fur coat!!

Your sister is adorable!! I can see the family resemblence~~

Have fun at the art show!! This weekend is FOOTBALL at our house--our local team the RAVENS are in the SUPERBOWL!!

hugs and tummy rubs!!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time at your art event tonight Krista! IF this is what you're wearing you're going to steal the show!
That little jacket is just gorgeous, especially topped off with that hat. I love fur!
What a cute dress too. Like the hem on it that way. Very you!

Trees said...

I love the hem of your dress, so cute and quirky. I'm glad you guys are both better, I always feel like our house is plauged when we are both sick! Tell us more about this art show!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Looking fantastic!!! Love that leopard jacket with the floral/paisley dress-- have fun at the art show :)

Nat said...

Yay that you are both feeling better in time for the weekend! You are certainly looking chirpy and fabulous as ever :-)
Have a good one!

Louise Mc said...

I love that hat and jacket, you can't beat a bit of faux fur. So glad you're feeling better, have a great weekend. X

two squirrels said...

Yay you are feeling better!!!!! Good old chicken soup. Love your furry wee jacket sweet, just lovely with your fab hat.
Hope the weekend is filled with love and happiness.
Love V

pastcaring said...

Good to hear that you and Chris are feeling much better and ready to get out and about and PLAY!
You certainly look ready to enjoy the weekend, that dress is beautiful, I love the pointed hemline, and of course the colours and print are gorgeous. Perfect with a bit of faux fur too!
Doesn't your sister look fabulous? I bet it would be really good fun to hang out with you two, LOTS of laughing, I think!
Tell me about killer cats, I have one of those...
Have a great weekend, love! xxxx

Frocktasia said...

Great news that both of you are on the mend :)
Loving the faux-fur and paisley print fusion that you've got going, you're looking fab!
On the subject of killer cats, when we were visiting the animal shelter in Thailand, one of the little darlings came up and plonked a dead gecko at my feet, charming! I still gave him a good old cuddle though.
Lot's of love,

Domenic Bartlett-Roylance said...

Holy crap you are endlessly cool. Can NEVER have too much pink.

xx Domenic


Domenic Bartlett-Roylance said...

Holy crap you are endlessly cool. Can NEVER have too much pink.

xx Domenic


Helga! said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah, you sexacious BINT!!! That is one hot bod and I wanna grope it! The little frock is heavenly, and shows off your deliciousness perfectly!
O, I can't bear it of my babies catch a bird, the little buggers. Peeps woke me up one night, mewling away, and I found her in my sewing/dressing room rolling around with a dead bird like a bloody little necrophiliac. UGH. I removed the poor carcass pronto, I can tell you.
Love you, darling, and SO wish I could touch your luciousness!!!

CityScape Skybaby said...

Thank you for your lovely comment Krista, it was so nice to know you like receiving my comments even if they are always late! Glad to see you and Chris are out having fun again and that dress was a total bargain for $3. I know what you mean about cats killing things. I really adore cats but I grew up with a house cat so didn't have to see that side of things. Then we got Sasha and she was a killing machine when she was young, though not any more. It's the one thing that makes me not sure if I'll have cats in the future. xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Your hair is looking super luscious at the moment. I adore cats but they are evil sometimes. I really like your jacket. You look wonderful my darling and I'm pleased you're feeling better too! Xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh piss off stinky sickness!!!! Can't you see that Krista simply has not got time for you? She's got fabulousness oozing out of her pores and she's gotta spread the lurrrrrrrrrve, not the feckin' germs!!! I swear I think about you everyday when I see my pink sparkle necklace and bracelet - they are getting worn to death, they're so versatile (well, I wear them with everything so that means they versatile). Oh and now I'm a die hard Die Antwoord fan thanks to you and I sneak peeks of their smacking music vids when the kids aren't looking;). I found this today and love it. Have you seen it yet?
Love D xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxxo

Wendy said...

That dress is amazing... Seriously! And you're working it, too! Very pretty! :)

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh I love the pattern mixing - paisley and leopard is GORGEOUS! So sorry you've been sick! You'd never know it - you look so beautiful!

Sarah xxx

Thick Threads said...

wow i love the jacket, again, so awesome, i love it with the dress, it looks amazing. The dress looks so good on you, I adore the prints and colors! And your sister looks very cute surrounded by pink and green :)