Tuesday, February 5, 2013

So many reasons to smile!

I am all smiles today:):):) This weekend filled with art and friendships both old and new, really nourished my soul.  The Art show was put on by Buckland Elementary and this was it's 23rd year.  This is what I wore!
Why yes it is my new favorite jacket!
 I picked up the dress for $13.99 at Mod Cloth. The top of it is not my favorite but I do like it over a pair of leggings!
 I even curled my hair for the occasion.

 Cristi looked so cute when I arrived and while we were at the show tons of people wanted to take our picture.  They said we were walking art! We were both loving all the positive attention from a really great group of people.
 I really liked this gals paintings.
 Aren't we cute! What do you guys think of my new hat?  Cristi made it for me (along with two others I can't wait to share) I know not only can she bang out some killer leggings but check out her hats! You can find her here.
 These were the prettiest hand woven towels I have ever seen.
 I am regretting not getting one even at $32 a piece I know this gal put a lot of time into them.
Here is what I did buy.   A flaming heart made out of an old Scottish Ale can. You can find her stuff at The Bone Haus.
and this lightbox from Sparrow and Sundry.

Afterwards we had dinner and drinks at my favorite place The Observatory.
And then the weekend got even better when I came home to a package of goodies from Tamera!    I have to show what she made Peetee first!
 It's a hello Kitty man scarf and she made me a matching skirt!  I swear pictures will be coming of us together looking ridiculously cute!
 She even made me a FRIDA necklace, these are pretty famous at this point and I adore mine Tamera!

 A handmade just for me Zandra card!
 Gorgeous strawberry ear rings!  A sweet aqua cardigan and here is my mini!
 Gotta love the pink ric rac!
This Saturday is my big Valentine's day party!  I am so super excited and promise next week to share all that I have been hiding from you.  I wish you all could come!  I hope your week is off to a great start!


Anonymous said...

Precious Peetee!!
I love your hat and your leggings. Your friend is quite talented. I checked all her tights out at her shop. Love them!
Do you know a bartender down in Portland named Erin? She has short red hair. She's traveling right now I think. She's worked in a lot of bars so not sure where she's at now. Looking for a coincidence!
That dress is super cute on you with the ruffle underneath. If you didn't want to cover the top with a jacket you could always pop a vest over it!
Love what you bought at the show!

Cristi said...

That was a super fun night, filled with such wonderful people and great art, still filled with the warm fuzziness of it all.;)
That Tamera is such a talented gal! I love those pressies! Can't wait to see them all together on you and peetee, love all the little details, rick rack, kitties and strawberries-so cute!!:) And, that is one of my fav Frieda painting, cuz you know I'm crazy for black cats.;) Love how it's mixed with all the rainbow colors and flowers, so pretty and will go great with so much of your stuff!!
Geeeze, that pic of Peetee is killing me with the scarf over his ears, how can you resist anything he'd ask for...you want another treat? OK, whatever you want...another? OK, another?!!;)

Mary Lou said...

oh darling you make me all smiling too!!! i don´t know if it is the power of pink but i love those good and positive vibes i get always on your blog;)
your hair looks so outstanding beautiful here, curly and gorgeous you! and i love leoprint with bright pink! hot hot hot!


Ivy Black said...

Every time I come here you make me smile. You are a gorgeous bundle of colour and I'm feeling the joy over here in what's frankly a freezing evening.
I love those bird paintings and Peetee is a rockstar.
Loves ya!

Vix said...

I'm with Em, a post from you ALWAYS makes me smile and when you've included Peetee and our girl, Cristi in there as well I'm thrilled to bits!
Where do I start? You are totally rocking your coat, leggings and leopard frock and those curls are so cute. Cristi's leggings are phenomenal and her blue-tipped hair, too. I bet you were both the centre of attention.
Love the light box, the animal art and the beer can art and as for Tamera's gifts, lost for words!
love you! xxxxxx

Louise Mc said...

I think 'a walking piece of art' is a great description of your fabulous style, I love that no matter how colourful other bloggers are that you the most spectacularly colourful, it brightens up my day. I adore those hats. X

Perdita said...

What a lovely happy post. Thanks for cheering me up!

That coat is epic! And with the leopard dress, even better.

Helga! said...

YOU are the best work of art, darling!!!! I would have been so distracted by your colourful fabulousness!
Love the lightbox, and the beautiful bird paintings.Gorgeous!
Is The Observatory the place we went to after thrifting??
Hurrah for Parcels of Joy,I had one from tamera recently, and I also got Frida pendant! She is bloody amazing!
You've talked up this Valentines party so mcuh that I feel a little hysterical!!! Hurry up saturday, I can't wait to see the pix!~!!
O, Christi is a LEGEND!

Penny-Rose said...

You and Cristi look just so gorgeous together - a great combo of color and patterns. Love your curls and Cristi's blue tipped hair. The Art show looks awesome, so good to buy beautiful things. I'd buy the deer picture in a flash. Peetee is just adorable.

pastcaring said...

Peetee in his scarf! Sorry, you look great, Krista, but seriously - PEETEE IN HIS SCARF!
Now I have got that out of my system, I can continue!
What a great weekend you had. Art and friends and drinks and presents, perfect! You and Cristi look fabulous together, no wonder people wanted to take your picture. That jacket with the leopard print dress rocks, and your ringlets look stunning. Cristi has a little steampunk thing going on, with that ruffled dress and her amazing jacket.
Tamera sends parcels of real joy and love, doesn't she? Her Frida pendants are legendary! And did I mention how cute Peetee looks? Hmm, think I may have done...
What a lovely post, Krista, full of your trademark exuberance, colour, fun and friendship. xxxxxxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

The two of you looking amazing!!!!! Your curls are the prettiest! What amazing art-- that looks like such a cool event.
Becky :)

thorne garnet said...

Man, you're a lighting bolt of happy, and Peetee is about the cutest darn dog in the universe

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

So much to love in this post - but mainly, you and Cristi have to be sisters from another mister - so cute! Love both your leggings especially and your new purchases.

Anonymous said...

In this post every photo puts a huge smile on my face! Thank you Krista you are such a great help on a 'not such a bright and happy day'!The outfit you are wearing is something that even our 'Zandra' herself could only hope to imagine! I do agree on the top of the dress that is not very flattering for your wonderful figure, but the skirt detail with the leggings and everything makes me feel in Wonderland!!The furry hats are fabulous, Cristi is awesome!!The exhibition was fantastic and I'm sorry that almost everyone already told you, but you were walking masterpieces!!Thank you for the extra-cute sight of Peetee, can't wait to see you both wearing your matching presents and Tamera is a great artist, the necklace and the card are breathtaking!
Love you more than art!!

Trees said...

This art show looks like a blast and you two are indeed walking art! I really can't wait to see you and Peetee in your matching combo, I have to see Peetee is looking so adorbs in the scarf:D

Melanie said...

Your hair looks so beautiful curled and that ladies paintings are glorious. Peetee looks so sweet in the little scarf xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh sweet-Mary-mother-of-freakin'-jaysus!!!!!!!! I. AM. DYING. You are goddamn killing those amazing Cathedrals (in my top 3 BMs) with the leopard-print and magical pink fluffiness!!! If I'd been at that show, I would have been leaping all over you to hug you, then you would have flipped me over your shoulder and put your boot on my neck because I would probs freak everyone out ;). The show looks absolutely magical ... best way to spend Super Bowl huh? Beyonce can go blow herself ... she ain't nothin' on you baby!!! Absolutely AMAZING gifts, Tamera is such a darling and OMG I think Peetee needs to come live with me. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

How fantastic do you look in leopard and pink fur and petticoats and awesome leggings!! Yes you are a joyous work of art!!!

OMG PEETEE!!!! How cute does he look. He does have that look in his eyes like MrBill when I put clothes on him -the "I love you so much Mama that I will suffer this humiliation to make you happy!!!"

The Diva say he looks HOT in the scarf!! MrBill sends his condolences!!!

Can't wait to see how you style the skirt!

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy guacamole - you both look AMAZING! I love your jacket - and the hats - and the dress! Peetee is UNBELIEVABLY cute in the scarf! I love the beautiful bird paintings and the heart wall thing too. SO MUCH FUN! Oh and your hair is EXQUISITE!

Sarah xxx

Style Sud-Est said...

you are so darn cute Krista
Sorry haven't been commenting lately
You are now in my fav on my i-pad
I love your crazy style, all that pink, faux fur and all
Peetee is so cute with his scarf
You are a joy to watch girl

Ariane x

Thick Threads said...

what??? a frida necklace??? I want one!!! thats some rad business right there! man oh man! and wow your coat is stellar, you looked really rad at the art show. I love the hat you got and omg! peetee is sooo freaking adorable and stylish! he's totally rocking that scarf :)


Nerd Burger said...

Fantastic Post. You guys look great in your fake fur hats. :) Love matching outfits in general.
That market looked so cool. So many things I would have purchased.
On and Peetee looks so adorable in that hello kitty scarf. Hehehe

Forest City Fashionista said...

You ARE walking art in all that fab fuschia/leopard print/turquoisefurryness!! That photo of Peetee with the scarf around his head is just tooooo much cute - his expression is priceless!

Rose&Bird said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend, the art show looks like fun. The towels are beautiful, I've seen weaving being done and it takes forever! Love the Frida pendant, Tamera is really clever x

CityScape Skybaby said...

Your posts are always so bubbly and happy Krista, it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, you and your friend Cristi are works of art, it would brighten any event up you two being there. I love the paintings of birds, they are lovely aren't they. The Frida necklace from Tamera is beautiful, and PeeTee is so cute with his huge eyes poking out of his gorgeous scarf, looking forward to the pics of you and PeeTee in your matching outfits. xx