Monday, February 11, 2013

You gotta have friends! LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!

How can it possibly be Monday already, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It all went by much too fast.  The party was so much fun!  I loved seeing all my friends in one place, my place, happy, hanging out and getting to know each other a bit.  We ate, we drank, we laughed and we ate some more.  I was pretty busy playing hostess so I only took a few photos. I wanna introduce these gals to you.
From the back left we have Cristi.  She is the gal I recently meet from Portland and who makes the most fabulous leggings!  We have only known each other a short time and I feel as if we have always been friends.  She is very easy to be around and we are similar in so many ways including our love of fashion and playing dress up!
Next is Kathi.  We used to be neighbors and that is how we became friends.  I adore her and her beautiful family.  Even though Kathi and I are very different people we can laugh at life, have deep conversations and connect very much over cooking.  She is a fabulous cook and loyal friend.  

Then there is Tammy.  She has been giving me the best deep tissue massages for years now.  Here is a single Mom with a gem of a daughter who just started her very own massage business.  She is the youngest of the bunch but she is wise for her years. I can always count on her.

In the front row left to right is Cathy, Peetee was the only male in attendance:) Cathy is the first gal I met when I moved up here from California to Portland.  We partied hard together that first year drinking and dancing the night away.  It was a blast!  We have enjoyed weekend getaways and many delicious dinners.  She is a friend tried and true.

On the other side of me is Alia.  Alia's husband and Chris are best friends and that is how me met.  She is a high school teacher and has two adorable little girls.  She is one of the most open minded laid back people I know and is always ready to hang out.

Then there is Kristi with her beautiful smile.  We have shared stories, secrets, good times and bad and a ton of cosmos:)  Her company is so comfortable and I love her and her two amazing melt your heart girls.  I can really be myself around her, I feel like she loves me no matter what.

Last but not least, up above Kristi in the cute mint green top is Jenni.  Jenni is also someone I met through Chris.  I need to hang out with this girl more.  My favorite thing about her is that she is always happy.  Well maybe she isn't but she always feels that way to me and I think that makes her amazing!

I finally used my great grandma's glass pitcher!

The drink for the evening was Sex on the Beach.  Vodka, OJ, cranberry juice, a tad of peach schnapps and a bit of Chambord, YUM!
 All the food was so yummy but I didn't snap any pictures of it just my cupcakes.
  It's hard playing hostess,  I felt like I didn't get enough time to chat with everyone!
 Uptop that is me and Kristi and below is Tammy, check out her DIY heart jeans!
 Kathi, Alia and Jenni having a bit of grub.
 There is Cristi from behind her blue tipped hair looked so good. You can't tell but her hair goes all the way down to her ass!
 What is a party without treat bags?
All my girls got bubble bath from Lush, a pinky toast mirror, a handmade ring, a little framed piece of art, and a 100 year cold Valentine card because LOVE NEVER DIES! Some of the trinkets.

 I love Pinky Toast and what better way to share her art than these cute pocket mirrors!

The rings were handmade from BeClazy and they were beautiful!!
After chowing down we watched the hilarious Jenny McCarthy in Dirty Love.  Have you seen it?  If not you must!!
It has everything from Jenny getting her boobies vomited on to well I don't want to give away all my favorite parts.

It was a really nice night that I hope to have more of.  At the end of the day, it's times like these I look back on and remember fondly.


grunge-queen said...

Aw, I so love it that you had a Valentine's Day party for all your amazing friends, and that they got pretty loot bags too! Thanks for introducing us; I love this kind of stuff. I'm thinking back to a Valentine's party I went to a few years ago that was also an all-girl affair. We each were to read a love poem of our own composition. I had just broken up with a jerk, so mine was biting and drole. Looks like your had heaps of fun **sans** bitchy poetry! And the cupcakes look divine .... xo

Vix said...

I wish I'd been there, I'm so jealous! The girls are all just gorgeous, loved reading all about them & admiring their lovely smiles, I bet they were thrilled with their gifts.
Just look at Cristi's hair and Tammi and your leggings!
Those cupcakes look amazing and look at Peetee looking like the cat who got the cream surrounded by all that beauty.
Can I come next year?
Love you! xxxxx

Frocktasia said...

Looks like you chicks had a wonderful time :)
I love your thoughtful party treat bags and I'm sure your guests did too.
Those rings are truly amazing.
Lot's of love,

PinkCheetahVintage said...

What a perfect party-- the cupcakes, drinks, party bags look amazing!!!
So much fun to celebrate your friends like this!!
Being hostess can be hard-- I always feel like I didn't have enough time to hang out with each individual person!
Becky :)

Cristi said...

Thank you for a wonderful evening-it was magical!!

Wished everyone was there to see what an amazing cook and Hostess Miss Krista is! Everything was so yummy and perfect, from the drinks and nibbles, to dinner and then those super cute cupcakes and cookies! Wow, can this girl rock the kitchen! And, the whole decor was done to perfection. Everything looked so cute, the whole house was super festive!
It was fun to be at such a wonderful party with such a great group of gals!! I was honored to be there!:)

ar†ificial said...

sooooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

A ton o' fun with a pack of fine ladies! Happy Valentine's Day! If you were up here I'd take you to the senior center for a luncheon and fashion show! lol

Trees said...

I wish I could come to your party Krista! You did SUCH an amazing job - you look beautiful too.

Helga! said...

Fark, you know how to throw a party!!!
You are the hostest with the mostest!!! Having enjoyed your wonderful and warm hospitality, I reckon I have a great idea of how frigging awesome this night was! What a great bunch of gals! You are blessed to have such wonderful women in your life, darling!
You freakin' ROCK! Love you!

Misfits Vintage said...

What a lovely bunch of friends... and ERMAHGERD those cupcakes look amazing! And I love the gorgeous picture frames and the rings and you look absolutely radiant!

Sarah xxx

Nat said...

How lovely to meet your friends! They sound like amazing women and seemed to thoroughly enjoy your fabulous party :-)
Would have loved to be there....

Anonymous said...

How I'd love to be with you!! This is a great party!!I love how you introduce us to all your friends, it sounds like a great team!I enjoy to see everyone happy surrounded by your love and great hospitality!!The presents were awesome too, I'm a big fan of Pinky Toast and the rings are beautiful too!
Jenny McCarty is a genius, I used to watch her sit com many years ago and I found her irresistible!
Thank you for sharing these photos with us!
Love you more than Sex on the beach!!!

Thick Threads said...

awww what a great bunch of galssss! :) you are all so gorgeous, seems like you had a rad-ass party! :) all that awesome decoration is so cool! glad you had fun! :)

OH! I have a Giveaway
going on on my blog, would be nice if you came to check it out :) thanks!


Kathi said...

The party was lotsa fun! It was great hanging out with a great bunch of girls. You are a fabulous hostess dear!

Anonymous said...

Oh my how wonderful does it all look!!How i wish I could've been there!! The food, the treat bag swag--the decorations--it all looks AMAZING!!

And just look at that studmuffin Peetee getting all the attention from the ladies!! He had quite a harem!!!

pastcaring said...

Well, if I couldn't be there in person, at least I got to meet all your gorgeous girlfriends one by one, find out how you met them, and seeing you all together makes me feel all warm and smushy!
You throw a fabulous party, Krista, and obviously put loads of work and thought into making it a really wonderful evening.
The cocktails, the food, the party bags and gifts, all so delightful. Those little frames and mirrors are beautiful, as are the rings.
Romantic love is one thing, but love for and from your pals is pretty special too! xxxxxx

Style Sud-Est said...

What a nice thing to do for your friends !
You are so sweet!
Love all the gifts,
Loks like a nice bunch of girls

Ariane xxxx

Ivy Black said...

That's one lovely party, it's great to see you all together. I could eat all those cakes in one sitting. Yummy...just like you.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Wonderful! I'm so jealous, everything looks just lovely. You look like such a little minx, I bet your food was wonderful and your treat bags are amazing! You're such a lucky gal... I lurve your apron. xxxxx

Heather said...

everything looks AWESOME!! How fun to see all your friends and hang out ~What a blessing ~You throw a pretty fantastic party ~Thanks for sharing you look adorable as hostess ~Love Heather

Nerd Burger said...

WOW! Looks like a fantastic night. I wish I could have been there. Those cupcakes look amazing and I love your glasses with the day of the dead skulls on them.
Dirty love hey? Ok you convinced me. I really will watch it today and let you know what I think.

CityScape Skybaby said...

Hurray! I can see your photos at last, the computer wasn't letting me see any pics properly for a while there. Your party looks fantastic fun Krista, I love your kitty cat dress and those cupcakes look so yummy. And your little party gifts are gorgeous too. I've not seen that film but I do like those kind of films, that are just mad and daft, it looks like something the teenagers in the house would enjoy too. Glad to see you all had such a great time! xx

Ruth said...

I discovered your blog and i think you are a wonderful loving ray of sunshine! Thank you for brightening my day, Krista! xxxx