Friday, March 29, 2013

These legs will take me everywhere!

Every Friday should be Good Friday don't you think:)  I'm hoping for a quiet day at work so I can cut out early.  The sky is already clearing and it promises to be a gorgeous weekend, our first of the year.  I have gardening to catch up on and a book to finish reading~ sometimes I relish in my lack of responsibilities.  
 Are you ready for the most fantastic pair of leggings from Kiss Me Kitty.  These are pure happiness!
The hardest part of wearing them is picking what to wear with them, they go with so much!
 Peetee is back to chasing squirrels in the backyard.
  Me contemplating the yard work piling up, yeah I'm gonna have to do something about that:)
Enjoy the long Easter weekend ladies!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A cape for all occasions

Finally, after I'm sure you forgot all about it, I wanted to show off my red Pendleton wool cape.  First time I found a cape small enough to fit me, most just swallow me whole.
 I paid $14 for it.
 The label tells us it's from  the 1970's.
The pink buttons tell us it's been Kristafied!
The dress I bought last year while visiting Vix in the UK and the leggings are from of course Kiss Me Kitty!
 That is the sun shining and this weekend it should make it all the way to 70 degrees!
 That's why I'm squeezing in this jacket post.  I have one more to share.  I picked this one up at Target.
  It was marked down from $60 to $20 and I love it with my hair.
 BUT let's get one thing straight, I'm ok if this is the last time I wear it for a while :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Kittens and Sunshine

Hi everyone!  I have to say it's been nice to have a break from the computer these last few days.  I shut my office door on Friday and never looked back.  My weekend was positively fabulous!  I ate killer food, hung out with wonderful people and enjoyed the much missed sunshine!
I spent yesterday playing around with these gals!  We are all wearing leggings made by Cristi at Kiss Me Kitty!

 Unicorn necklace from Cristi.
 Here we are hanging out at Teresa's.
 Cristi's new shark print.
 I loved Teresa's house so colorful!
 Her roommate got a new kitten and I bet you know what we did the rest of the afternoon. 
 She was a minx and had no tail.

 Of course I have to show you some of what I ate  too.
  Pizza from the Pyro pizza cart.  It was delicious!
Babyback ribs and a big ass baked potato on Friday night.
Peetee and his main squeeze. 
Cristi and I finished our day at Vintage by the Pound there I picked up a purse, a hat and 4 vintage dresses for $25.  SCORE!!!!!!

Am I the only one that finds the work week more bearable if I've had plenty of play time on the weekend?
I thought this was an interesting lunch date:)

Can't wait to see what I've missed although for some of you it sounds like snow!!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Pop goes the weasel

Happy Friday everyone!  Even though it's freezing outside my insides are warm at the idea of having a few days to myself.  I get a wonderful massage at noon and tomorrow night Chris and I take his folks out for a yummy dinner.  I also had my cherry popped this morning!  WTF you ask?  Someone finally left me a mean comment, anonymous of course!  I had to share it with you!

"Are you actually serious?!? I came across this blog somehow and I thought it was a joke. I'm sorry buy that is way to busy... You should tone it down with some naturals, becuase it looks like you're trying to dress like a fiv year sorry but it's true I'm 15 and would be embarrassed if I saw someone I know wear that."

They totally get my style because I will never ever dress my age!  Thanks for noticing!  Just for you is my best 5 year old self!
  I'm missing all my UK girls pretty bad right about now, but I'll have you know I'm saving up for another trip!
 I wish I could bring Peetee with me:) and in no particular order some random shots to make you smile!
 Thanks Vix I have found a trusty denim vest and it is a Godsend!
Rainbow socks for $6 at Sock it to me!
 I made this for Cristi!
 Pinball machines at Bar of the Gods.
 Ash being cuter than usual.
 My favorite coffee shop Albina Press.
 Another coffee shop I like by my house called Insomnia.
I know not everyone gets my style or even likes how I dress but I do and that is all that matters!  Love yourself first and I promise it will be hard for others not too.   I thought it an appropriate time to share a text I sent my 13 year old niece who is having problems with girls at school.  Of course she posted it on Facebook!

Thanks for giving me a safe place to play, I love all you gals, I really do!