Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Basketball wedges!

This weekend was just what I needed and I almost felt guilty for enjoying it so much.  I did two paintings but I can't share them with you just yet as they are gifts :) I ate Thai food twice, went into at least 3 thrift shops.  I had a nice conversation with my Mom who is currently being spoiled by my step Dad from the comfort of her bed.  I didn't take any blog photos this weekend so these are from last week when the sun blessed us with her presence.
 I'm also wearing two new items, these killer pink tropical leggings by Cristi at Kiss Me Kitty
and my crazy new sneaker wedges!  I love them both so much!!!!

 The dress was a gift from our very own rock and roller Helga!

Ash has been annoying me a lot less these days and it's not pitch black when I finish work anymore. I try and appreciate the little things.  What small things are you grateful for these days?


My name is Peggy Sue said...

Dear i love your pink hair!!! Its special! You speak very good the spanish! Im very happy! Your blog its lovely! Kissssssssssss

lucy joy said...

Fantastic wedges - the perfect compromise for you between heels and cool sneakers!
I'm delighted to read that you had an indulgent weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. Also to hear your mum is being well cared for.
Sun, I miss it. I'm grateful for being able to walk the boys to school without getting soaked, and for unexpected freebies - more to come on that soon!

You're looking super cute, and Ash looks super snooty to me (in a good way!).

Lucy x

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I love the wedges!! I have been lusting after a pair of studded black wedge sneakers for months now and I just don't like the knock-off versions so I am holding off.
Can't wait to see the art!! Nice thing being spoiled isn't it?? You're mom must be soaking up the love and attention! lolzz
Becky :)

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I love the wedges!! I have been lusting after a pair of studded black wedge sneakers for months now and I just don't like the knock-off versions so I am holding off.
Can't wait to see the art!! Nice thing being spoiled isn't it?? You're mom must be soaking up the love and attention! lolzz
Becky :)

Anonymous said...

Even if it's raining you always bring the rainbow!!! I'm always more convinced that in Portland and here the weather is quite similar, I couldn't take any photo yet because it's raining since early morning!!
Those wedges are something I'm seriously considering for months, you completely sold them to me, especially in pink, I wish I can easily find them!
These Kiss me Kitty leggings are stunning, the print is fabulous, lovely for Helga's striped dress!!
Can't wait to see your secret paintings!!!
I love you more than lovely sunny days!!!

Helga! said...

I am incredibly grateful for you brightening up the Blogosphere!!! And for having had the chance to meet your lucious self last year...amongst other things!
Your wedgy sneakers are divoon!! How funktacious they are! You are a breath of fresh air, a ray of light, a RAINBOW extraordinaire!!!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

glad to hear your mom is being well taken care of. Loooooooove the tights!

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Oh, those leggings. I LOVE them!!!

So glad you enjoyed our sunny weather. I'm afraid we won't be getting much of it this week. Although, at least it's not cold or raining, so maybe it'll just be overcast (fingers crossed).

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the paintings!!
What a cute dress--Helga "got" you!!!
And the awesomest leggings ever!!The new wedge sneakers are SO SO COOL!!!
Ash is a beauty (I have a fondness for smokey grey cats)
I'm glad it's "lighter" out whe I get home and I'm thankful for SPRAY GLUE!!!! Hehehehehehe

The pup's say Hey!! to the Peetster!!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I love wedge trainers - I live in mine. Comfy and tall - what's not to love, right? It's so fecking cold here, PLEASE can we have spring back?

Lucys Lounge said...

i love your shoes and those leggings divine. lucyx

Rose&Bird said...

Love the leggings and wedges - the shoes look quite practical but fun too. Are they easy to walk in? Glad to hear you had a good weekend and that your Mum is feeling better x

Anonymous said...

Its not small or a thing but im grateful for my mum especially this week as im moving from home for the first time! Love the dress and those wedge hightops are great!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Hallelujah!!! Christi's nailed it again and those tropical legs are the SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!! I love them with your awesome sneakers and the Helga frock - STRIPES!!!!! One can never have enough stripes and I certainly don't - must rectify. Grateful that the sun is finally shining here too, The Phoenix is detoxing and it's a 'mare but my man is returning to me. xoxooxoxo

Nerd Burger said...

RAD OUTFIT! Those tights are to die for. Where are they from? And those pink wedges... my god... NEED THEM NOW!
Glad you had a great weekend and great to hear your mum is being spoilt. :)

Trees said...

SO many pretty shades of pink!

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet what a great weekend to just create and paint. Looking so very lovely in the pink stripe dress and the boots are "Well amazing"!!!!!
I have missed that your mummy must be sick, so sorry, I hope she is better soon!!!!
Simple things are the things that replenish our hearts....
love V

Vix said...

I'm delighted you had a great weekend, home alone and that your Mum's being spoiled!
Those wedges are gorgeous! I had some similar in the 1990s which I wore to death but the ones I've seen these days are only ever in boring old black or white. Those a re rainbow coloured, perfect for our Rainbow Princess! Love Cristi's tropical leggings and Helga's perfect frock! You look like a ray of sunshine.
Ash is gorgeous, can I have her?
Love you! xxxxxxx

Melanie said...

Wedge runner...I've had my eye out for them lately too. But yours are a fave so far. Especially with the leggings your talented friend made. Your colour means everything. That's what I'm grateful for lately - colour in the rain.

pastcaring said...

How can you be annoyed by that beautiful cat? I'll fight Vix for her, she's a beauty! (Vix would win, btw!)
You look so perfectly Krista-fied in that striped dress and the amazing tropical leggings and your new shoes!
Yay for sunshine, for relaxing weekends, for being creative, for your mum's continued recovery, and for appreciating the small stuff!
The teacher whose class I help in at school called me "her Wednesday morning saviour" today - and I really appreciated that compliment! xxxx

Ivy Black said...

I love 'em...those wedges are fab and those leggings are making me wish for warmer, brighter weather even more.
I'm grateful for brighter evenings, a bit of sunshine when it comes.

Cristi said...

I am so happy to hear your Mom is getting spoiled-Moms deserve that, especially ones in recovery!

Looking forward to seeing your paintings-can't wait to see what you did!:) Glad you had a great time taking care of yourself.

The small things I'm grateful for...those little kitty faces giving me a happy distraction. Seeing you look so cute, and bringing to life and styling so well, something I created.;)

AND, of course-all the millions of cat videos on the web...;)

Misfits Vintage said...

I tried on some leopard print sequinned wedge sneakers last week and thought of you!!! You are gorgeous as always - and I'm so glad you had such a lovely weekend. Stripes + Florals = Fabulous!

Sarah xxx

Nat said...

How crazy are those sneaker wedges?! Love them... they are just what I would expect to see you in :-)
Ash is gorgeous and aptly named!

Nat said...

PS I am grateful these days for the good life I have - all the small things that add up to a huge wonderful :-) So many people I know having such tough times that I feel very lucky with all the good things I have ...

Bella Q said...

I'm grateful how well you rock pink stripes. And that the weather is getting better. And that I live a fortunate life. I crave your company- hope I can peek at your royal pinkness soon.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Yes! Sneaker Wedges were made with you in mind. They look great! I really love them. The stripey dress is perfect and those leggings are gorgeous! I hope you're having an amazing week. Your hair is bloody beautiful! So's Ash! Xxxx

Anonymous said...

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