Friday, March 1, 2013

Cookie monster pink

This week has flown by and I'm always thankful when the work week is over.  I did manage to get a bit creative and painted this for my friend Kristi's girls room. I call it dreaming of California stuck in good old Portland Oregon.  Since I'm no artist I decided silhouettes would be more forgiving.
How adorable are these three angels!!!!
 They all loved my painting!  So a trip to Build a Bear was in order :)  I love this store!!!!!
 Meet Lilly and Kitty!
 Shopping made us hungry.

 Why not finish the evening with a little drive.  OMG these two were so adorable in this car!
I am so behind in goodies to share, don't think I forgot that red cape but before that is this pink furry bolero that I found for a tenner. Handmade and looks like it was never wore.
 This is also one of my favorite dresses. It's just some cheap ole thing but I love the gathered bottom.

 I am also now a huge fan of these extra roomy knee highs.  At only $6 they add warmth and I think they look cool!
 Where does my hair stop and the coat begin!
Last night after taking the girls to the mall we came back and Kristi let me read the girls a night night story.  She tucked them in and we went downstairs to hang out.  The youngest started to cry and then she got louder  Kristi went up and checked on her but she was still balling.  She asked if I would go up stairs and try and calm her down.  Me?  Really?  Ok.  I went upstairs knowing this would not work, but after kissing and tucking all of her 20 million stuffed animals to bed I kissed her sweet head and she was quiet the rest of the night.  I got to tuck my first kid in ever, I know it sounds cheesy but it meant the world to me!  Who cares if I'll never be a Mom, I'm Auntie Krista and I have so many kids to love!!!!

Enjoy the weekend dolls!


Ivy Black said...

What a fabulous day out! I love Build a Bear...I'll never forget doing it when my sons were little. You are the best Auntie ever and saying goodnight to all the cuddly toys is a sure fire way to settle the nippers to bed.
Have a lovely weekend Gorgeous!

Vix said...

Just looking at you would make anyone happy and have sweet dreams!
Those little girls are so sweet, I bet they were thrilled with your fabulous artwork - way better than anything I could come up with!
I don't think I could be in that bear shop for long, that pink cat faced one scares me. I'd need a gallon of wine with the pizza to calm down!
I adore that pink bolero, it's the perfect match with your hair, which looks even brighter than ever today. The socks rock!
Have a brilliant weekend! Missed you this week, let's make a date for next week!
Love you! xxxxxx

Louise Mc said...

You say you can't paint, but that is far better than anything I could hope to do. Build a bear is so cool, and I love your fluffy bolero. Have a great weekend... come back to instagram lol. X

Penny-Rose said...

Oh that is just such a cute post! Like Vix I would be a bit traumatized by the build a bear but clearly these little girls had a great time with you - proof is that you needed to do the bed time tuck in! I think the painting is great - I love the tree and the way the skirt is blowing up. Have a great weekend.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Aw, you're a sweetheart Auntie Krista!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Love the artwork!! So good! I've never actually done the build a bear, but my daughter's Daisy troop is going soon to make 'Thin Mint" bears in uniforms with the money they earned from selling cookies. Can't wait! I LOVE your dress. Gather dresses are something I just adore and I have a cheap old one I'd gotten from Target and every time I wear it, EVERY time, some old lady tries to tug at my hem because she thinks my dress is caught up lolzzzz
Becky :)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I think that painting definitely qualifies you as an artist. Love the contrast between your hair and your hat in the last photo - gorgeous.
Have a great weekend x

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

The Stylist is having a bit of a seizure here coz you guys when to Build A Bear and it looks like you had an absolutely FANTASTIC day!!!!!!!! Oh that jacket, how glorious it is and those wee lassies must absolutely adore you - of course Miss Tiny needed Aunty Krista to put her to sleep ... what a wonderful moment it must have been to know that you have the MAGIC!!!!!! I love the painting you made, it's such a fantastic size too:). You ARE an artist!!!! I can't paint for shit!!! Loveyamorethanpinkbears xoxoxoxoxoxxo

pastcaring said...

Ahhh, Aunty Krista has the magic touch! You obviously had a wonderful day with Kristi and her girls, they are adorable.
You look amazing in that pink fluffy jacket and cute dress, and I love love love the hat with your hair. Did I mention I LOVE it?!
You say you are no artist but then look what you produced - art! I definitely couldn't do anything as lovely. You should do more painting, I think you have hidden talents there, darling!
Have a delicious weekend, whatever you are up to! xxxxx

Sacramento Amate said...

Wonderful dress, very Vivienne Westwood, and adorable with that pink top.
I love all you pink angels.

xStroutx said...

How adorable! Kids are the best huh. and of course as always you are just total visual joy. Beautiful

Anonymous said...

You look amazing in your wonderful pink fur and stunning in that lovely hat!!I remember those beautiful little girls and your friend, they make me think about my daughters!
I love that Build a bear shop,it would be like heaven for my children too!
Such a great day I enjoy every photo and amazing colour of this post!
Have a wonderful weekend!
I love you more than princess bears!!

lucy joy said...

You are definitely an artist.... creative, imaginative, skilful, steady handed.
Wish you were my boy's auntie, you sure have the required energy, and I think you're still a kid at heart.
Your hair gets pinker all the time, is it just growing pink now?!
We went to Build a Bear recently Sonny got sick and vomited over his camouflage bear - oops.

Hope you're having the fun weekend you deserve.

Loads of love Cariad,:-) :-)

Lucy x

Trees said...

Aww...You are the best Auntie! I love the painting you did and I really want to go to build a bear - it looks like so much fun!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love your gathered bottom too! How sweet, you're so good with children and they even picked Krista coloured and pattern toys too! I really love the pink bolero, it looks great on you. I love love those socks! only £6, that a bargain, they look sooooo warm. All your pink and blueness makes me happy. Glad you love the CD!! xxxx

Helga! said...

Aw, I feel a little teary, it's just so lovely! Just looking at your gorgeousness I KNOW kids swoon for you! You're the Rainbow Brite of their dreams!
What a wonderful time you've had! Kids can be exhausting to hang out with, but in a really great way! I love how the pizza slice is nearly as big as their heads!
I bet you all squealed like maniacs the whole time, too!
So divoon!

Cristi said...

Awwww, I'm dieing from the supreme cuteness of it all. Sigh, those little darlings are just soooo sweet! I'm glad you and Kristi had what looks like a totally awesome time, think those girls will remember that day for a long time! You are the coolest Auntie!!!
That pic of the princess cat looks so funny. Since it's hiding her face, it looks like she turned into it.;)
And, WOW, really love that jacket-it is too perfect for you...makes me want to pet you.:) That skirt style is also one of my favs. too. Those cute socks will be great for layering and pink and orange-made just for you.

Cristi said...

Oops, forgot to add...that painting is really great, love it!! I have to say that it is so perfect for the girls cuz that girl with the umbrella is YOU Hon-YOU are their Marry Poppins!!!! Your secret is out!;)

Anonymous said...

How ADORABLE are those little girls!! what an awesome time they had with AuntieKrista!!
That pink bolera is COOL!!! I love the whole outfit!! Youy are just so bright and cheery and colorful!

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy amazingness - that jacket is the best eveeer!

Sarah xxx