Monday, March 4, 2013

Kitchens and Horses

Hey everyone!  Who cares if it's already Monday I had a really fun weekend filled with good friends, tasty food and art~BLISS if you ask this gal.  I have a diverse group of friends so Saturday I hung out with Cathy and Irma who love the mall.  I find the mall to be a pretty soulless, overpriced and homogenized crappy place to shop and I just don't enjoy it anymore but it was more about the company than anything else. Do you really need pictures?  Didn't think so.  Sunday, however I went over to Cristi's from Kiss Me Kitty and we did an art walk in her neighborhood, way more my thing!  It was a total blast and she made me two new pair of leggings, stayed tuned for those they could be my favorite yet!  Here are some images from my adventures.
Only pic form the mall why can't they make kids shoes in my size?  Here is a Hello Kitty messenger bag I colored in for my friends daughter Fiona!
 I also painted this for her room.  I copied a lunch pail I have.
The first house we entered in the Art Walk was the only one we went to as we ended up spending like an hour there and then got hungry.  Check out this gal's kitchen!!!!!
 Me and Cristi!
 I knew you gals would love these cannisters!
 My outfit completely matched the kitchen!

 I want to move into this home!
 Everything was so cute!
  This was one of her counter tops!
  Kitsch for the counter!
 This gal was a quilter and this was her sewing room.
 She had ton's of vintage kimono silk, which was breathtaking!

 But the real reason Cristi wanted to go here was she heard this gal had an insane collection of Breyer horses.  I have never met anyone who collects these, they are not my thing but I love people who are passionate about what they love and these two were for sure!  She took us upstairs and holy horses!
 She has over 175 in her collection.  It was insane! 
 Grinning like a kid in a candy store!
 The house was a work of art all by itself.
 I have more photos to share but I think that is enough for one post, plus I have to get to work:) I think Cristi might participate next year and open her home up and sell some leggings!!! It is a fabulous way to support local artists and see some beautiful homes and meet some wonderfully creative folks! Next post will be where we pigged out and a weird ass vintage store.  Until then, follow your BLISS!


lucy joy said...

Intriguing post title!
Not sure if I'm in matchy- matchy OCD lining-up-horses-equidistant hell or in kitsch heaven.
The fabrics would pull me right in, what a collection.
The Mall wouldn't interest me either, but sometimes it makes a change. Never looks right seeing racks of identical items.
Love your colouring-in, it's so precise. I have never mastered the skill.
The Hello Kitty canvas is brilliant, you'd never be poor if you charged people for your services. You really have got enough love to go around all the kids in your life, incredible!

Lucy x

Cristi said...

OMG-What a super great day that was...can we rewind, need to do that again!;) It was fun to meet so many nice and creative people! Could have spent hours more hanging out in that house and amazing kitchen. I could totally see you there, with your cute cat apron on, baking some red velvet cupcakes! And, wow that studio, dream work space, lucky gal.

And, OOOMMMGGG-seeing all those horse pics are making drool all over again. Must bring my collection out from storage. I got caught checking them out on ebay this morning. Ahummm-WHAT are you looking at...BUT Honey, I really NEEEEEEEDDDDD this one! Just think of all the money you're saving, cheaper than buying me that REAL pony I always wanted!!!;)

Those Sketcher shoes are so fun! I really wanted those light up ones for kids a few years back. But, I think you could DIY a pair even better than those with your flair and gift for color!:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing that kitchen! :) loved your dress you are really colourful I love it!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GAWD!!! I am in LOVE with that kitchen--the colors, the retro-ness!!! SWOON!!!!
And the quilt room--I am JEALOUS!!
You looked adorable as always!! Love your Hello Kitty artwork!!
You could totally rock those sneakers if they came in your size!!

Trees said...

I want to live in this house! This is why I want to have a place of our own, to make it into a work of art xoxo

Helga! said...

Holy SHIZZER I love that kitchen! Yep, I'm swooning over the cannisters, for SURE! It's all too gorgeous! I want lots of turquoise in my new kitchen, when it happens.
Don't you look like something delicious on a stick that I would love to lick?! Candy cane dreamboat! Such a sweet frock.
Looking forward to seeing the next pair of Cristi's leggings!
Those horses look similar to ones I collected as a child. No diea what happened to them, but I only had about 10.175........well, that's a lot! The lady's sewing room is AMAZING! Fantastic storage. I'm envious!

Sacramento Amate said...

Pink alround, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh How fabulous.
It is funny you saying that about New York when I got there it was like I knew it,as you say it has to be from seeing it in the films. I also felt I could catch a bus and it would take me back home round the corner, wierd.

Anonymous said...

First of all you are beautiful in that pastel striped dress!!
Your talent in matching clothes and accessories is art!
Thank you for sharing these beautiful Photo, it sounds great to visit artists studios and houses,i'd love to join you in this inspiring adventure!
I like the pink kitchen, it's fabulous! And the horses collection is impressive, When I was a kid I used to collect horses, my little ponies and everything that could look like a horse, so I think I could get crazy there!
I love you more than Hello Kitty!

Louise Mc said...

Omg, I want that kitchen sooooo much. That looks great, you just get to go have a nosey around artists homes? Cool.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

cool kitchen for sure.. and amazing crafting space!

I'm not a horsey girl at all, but I DO love to see a good collection of any kind of thing! (except maybe dog poos or dead rats or something)

You are looking pinkalicious as usual.

Misfits Vintage said...

Wow - i LOVE that kitchen and the fab canisters! Cristi's daisy leggings are amazing! Sarah xxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You two are so cute together!! So much fun hangin' with friends. That kitchen was awesome!! The little girl trainers are all like that-- sparkly and decorated to the hilt! I can totally see you wearing them, too!
Great Hello Kitty stuff you painted!!
Becky :)

Perdita said...

I love that Kitty wall!! :)

I don't like indoor shopping centres because the air con makes me feel ick. Kind of half weird and sterile and skin-drying, half germ fest. I do love shopping but far prefer it along a street!

Vix said...

Good god, that kitchen should be yours, it's so Krista I reckon you should boot that lady out and move in yourself. You are a vision in aqua and pink after all! I love those cannisters and am dying over the rotary phone!
Those horses are very odd but I'm loving all that silk.
Love you! xxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Oh my! All that pink and aqua in the kitchen?! I want it too! Cristi is an absolute darling and really spoils you! Looking foward to leggings heaven! Woah, that's a lot of horses, I love insane collections and this one looks like some sort of Hirst installation! You look lovely as ever! Xxx