Thursday, March 21, 2013

Last night girls RULED!!!!

I can't tell you how much I value girl time.  Don't get me wrong I adore my sweet Chris and my animals are my babies but hanging out with girl friends, nothing compares!  Last night I headed over to Cristi's from Kiss Me Kitty to meet her BFF of almost 20 years Teresa.  We had a friggin blast and I really couldn't tell you where the night went.  We talked for hours and ate and drank margaritas through it all, stopped for a bit to have a good drool over all the new fabrics Cristi just got for her next batch of leggings.  I thought I died and was in nylon heaven!
 These beauties make my heart skip beats!!!!!

 She also shared great news with us last night. She will have a booth this year at Crafty Wonderland Sat. May 11th.  Look out Portland you are about to fall in love with these leggings and her.
Now back to our wonderful night.  Here is Cristi and Teresa.  Teresa is also an entrepreneur and makes her own sweetener that is sugar and gluten free she sells it at Farmers Markets and New Seasons.  These women inspire me!

and Cristi's kitties make me smile, she has 5 of them.
Cristi made killer margaritas with fresh squeezed oranges and limes and Teresa made some yummy guacamole.  
  We ordered pizza from Lonesome Late Night Pizza.  You must have a look at their menu.
 One of the pizza's we ordered was called Evel Knievel vs. Your slutty little 
They even decorate the boxes.

 It was tasty!
For dessert Cristi made us chocolate lava cakes, they were orgasmic!
Here is just a tiny teaser of two fabrics she has.

She had at least 15 new fabrics that are all incredible, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the beauty!  She is really going to make Portland shine and then conquer the world!
We already have another play date on the calendar too, we are going to my favorite dance party!
 I can't wait to get all sweaty and dance the night away!


Lucy Nation said...

This all looks so much fun. Time with true girlfriends is priceless. I am loving the novelty pizza company and the margaritas sound delicious! Yay for girl time! Xxx

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time y'all had!! The pizza looks yummy and i love the box!!
OMG the new leggings are FABULOUS!!! You look amazing in thhat top with them!!
I must say Cristi's new legging fabrics must;ve been brought with YOU in mind because they scream KRISTA!!!

Helga! said...

I'm not sure what to pant over first!
The leggings! The food! The margaritas! The dance party poster!!! I SO wanna go to that dance party with you and Vix and groove my arse off!
WowZA the fabrics are amazing! Go Cristi, GO! Your killer bod looks amazing in them!I want to touch your BUM, ever so inappropriately! GRR!
Frigging YAY for a great girls night! Dammit, I need one o those!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Those leggings are cool! The margaritas and guac and pizza look so freakin' yummy-- and the cake YUMMY! Girl time is so amazing. I love the X-man loads, but you are right, there is nothing that can compare to girl time.
Becky :)
Oh, and the dance party looks killer!

Penny-Rose said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. The chocolate lava cakes made me drool and guacomole. The fabrics are awesome - the leggings you are wearing today are just amazing.

Jet Kuhn said...

Your girls night looked absolutely superb! I'm in desperate need of one, and hopefully will fulfill the need next week with my oldest friends-- wish me luck, weather permitting (wheres spring? We're getting more snow tonight in NY!) Whoa on those leggings, you pull them off with verve! Everything looks so yummy, and I sounds like you had as Bill and Ted would say a "most excellent adventure!" XXX PS my hair keeps getting pinker... doesn't help that my oldest friends are the owners of Manic Panic, I blame them for enabling me!

Frocktasia said...

Looks and sounds like you girls had a fab evening. I am decidedly drooling over those new leggings of yours as for Cristi's new load of fabrics, WOW times a million plus one :)
I'm sure the Crafty Wonderland crowd will fight over her leggings, they are brilliant!
You all look gorgeous and I'm glad you had a wicked time...xXx

thorne garnet said...

Geez pete! Those are some bright legs ya got there lady. I'm not ever hungry and I want that food. Good friends + good food = the best times

Trees said...

Those tights you are wearing are fabulous and perfect for you!! I love them :D Girls nights out are the best. I love that pizza box:D

CityScape Skybaby said...

That looks like a great night Krista, and all those fabrics are gorgeous. All the food and drinks look so good too, especially those chocolate lava cakes. I'm laughing at that pic of the graffiti-ed car on one of the pizza boxes, where it says WANKER etc. I always say I would never behave like that, I'd walk away with my dignity intact and so on, but whoever did that must have a giggle to herself whenever she thinks about it. xx

Melanie said...

The pizza company looks like such fun! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

Great girls night out!!!I enjoyed the company and the fabulous colors of the food and fabrics!Those creative pizzas are awesome, I love the story that every box tells, what a great idea!You look amazing in Cristi's new leggings, those colours are perfect to make everyday shine!
I wish you a wonderful weekend!
I love you more than dancing!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

argghhhhh, I'm so jealous of everything! The pizza co is just amazing, I'd be over in a flash just to try them out if I could, all the food looked amazing and the margaritas too. Your leggings are just amazing, you're so lucky to have met Cristi, not just because of her leggings but because she's so lovely too! xxxx

Vix said...

I want to go dancing with you and Helga! That poster is enough to make me squeal with joy but you've also included cats, the best leggings I've ever seen, you, pizza and the lovely Crista! it's certainly making up for waking up to 4inches of snow and sub-zero temperatures!
You look gorgeous and I can't wait to talk for real!
Love you! xxxxxxxx

Perdita said...

Those leggings! AMAZE!

Nerd Burger said...

That pizza place looks crazy. I love the boxes... so weird.
Those tights are so crazy bright, I want a pair. They look so rad paired with your sneakers.
Looks like you ladies had a great night.

Cristi said...

UUuuhh, Bartender! We'll have another round!!!:)

So much fun, Girly Nights are Good Medicine!!!

Wish we could invite all the Blogging Goddess to join us dancing! Can you imagine the scene-whoooo that would be epic Dude!!!:)

I forgot to tell you a funny... Teresa was going on about how nice it was to meet you and how much she liked you and your style, adding..."and, it was so nice of her to get dressed up just to come party with us!" I told her, like many of the other stylish gals here, that is her NORM-don't ya just love it!! ...and, like so many others, of course she does! Your rainbow brightness brings joy to the world-Sweetie!!!
Knew you'd get a smile from that one.;)

Anonymous said...

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