Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mid week mischief

The rain was coming down in sheets yesterday and our animals were going a bit stir crazy.  Thank God my cats can amuse themselves for an hour with a q-tip, we should be so lucky.  Tonight I head over to Cristi's from Kiss Me Kitty for some much needed girl hang out time and a chance to meet one of her best friends.  She also got some new yummy fabric for her next batch of leggings and I can't wait to see that!  Now behold the only beige outfit I own.
I couldn't resist the print on this dress and for a five spot, can you blame me?
I planned on dyeing this sweater when I bought it but it has grown on me.
Kinda like Ash :)
 My hat was also made by Cristi and the pendant below is from Jasmin Beckett-Griffith, I'm a huge fan of her work.
and the sun just popped out hot diggity dam!!!

Now I have a serious blog related question.  What is the best way to find blogs that might be of interest to you?  Aside from clicking on other peoples comments and finding them that way is there a way to really narrow down your search for other bloggers either in your area or by type of blog content?  

Thanks ladies!  Enjoy the rest of the week no matter the weather!


Miss Simmonds Says said...

Do you know what lovely? I don't know! I'm lucky I found my vintage bitches. I this is about as beige as you get! Which is not really beige at all... I love that tree and leopard print, it's really fantastic, the greyish cardigan looks great because you're not teaming it with anything more - not that you own anything boring. Have a wonderful time tonight! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi my darling!! I adore that print and your lovely sweater, every time I buy something to customized I became so attacched to it that I keep it as it is!
A good way to Find interesting blogs are reading your friends or similar bloggers blog lists and try there, it works!
Another trick is to go to your profile and click on your interests, you'll Find people Who like the same things, but this doesn't always work!
I love the necklace I hope to buy soon a Jasmine's creation, I love her etsy shop!!
I love you more than buying the whole world on etsy!!

thorne garnet said...

That sweater has enough detail to make it interesting, even though it is beige.

As to your question: I check the My Blog List on blogs I already like. That's how I found your blog. And if you click on the "next blog" at the top of the page, you sometimes go to an interesting site.

Melanie said...

I had to laugh at your q-tip comment! An emery board used to keep my cat Jessica fascinated for an age!
I believe if you go to your profile, you can click on your interests and it brings up a list of people who like those same things, or it used too, it's worth a go anyway.
I dodn't think beige matters as long as it's teamed with a pop of colour.

Helga! said...

O, that print is DIVOON! It's only a beige base, really. You've rocked up every inch of colour you can get out of it, and it rocks!
Ash's face is cracking me up. That is one hell of a "WTF you looking at biatch" expression of ever I saw one!
LOVE your pendant, it's gorgeous! You have some amazingly talented friends, darling!
I've found all my lovlies via comments, I think. If someone sounds interesting, I go and have anosey. I can't really think of any other way...O, yes, Melanie is right, you can do that, but I haven't found anyone awesome that way, oddly! My favourite people aren't necessarily the ones I have the most interests in common with!

Vix said...

That dress is gorgeous and so are you! I've finally got my voice back, how you fixed for a date tomorrow?
I love that pendant and the peek of hot pink legs and of course, the cute hat.
I want some sunshine, it's soooo cold here!
Edie's said it for me, click on your interests and you should find some like-minded lovelies!
Love you (and Ash!)

Ivy Black said...

Oooh sweetie that is a fabulous print, doesn't matter that it's beige! Adore the pendant too, I just love her work.
I often find new people after they leave comments on someone else's post. I click and then follow it through 'cos 9 times out of 10, I'll like them!
Lotsa love,

Frocktasia said...

There are a lot of "beige people" on this planet but you are not one of them. I don't think you could possible manage to look beige even if you were swathed in that colour alone, your personality is way to colourful for any amount of beige cloth to cloak it.
Thank you so much for your lovely & thoughtful comment on my post today. I think there's a hoarding gene in our family cause when my granddad passed on, they had to get a children's slide to clear our years of newspapers & magazines that he had collected. I remember visiting their house a couple of times as a youngster and there was STUFF everywhere, a bit like my own gaff, although it's not quite as bad as it has been.
Have a lovely time at Cristi's and give Ash a we snuggle from me will you :)

Anonymous said...

OOO-what an awesome dress!! Leopard!!! So cool with all the pink!!
Love Ash's expression "Stupid Human-can't you see I am trying to nap?"
I found blogs through comments and other's blog-lists!!
Have fun tonite!!!

Lucys Lounge said...

i am new to the blogging world . as i just restarted this year, i do click on people comments or on who people i like follow. thats how i found you. i love all the people i found this year. i don't know any way else. sorry. i love your dress. have a lovely night out. xx lucyx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I have just looked at the blog list of the bloggers I like to find more blogs I like...
Love the leopard--I have a soft spot for wild animals on prints.
Your hair looks extra pretty pink today!!
Becky :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely dress Hun, I like the print and it does have that flash of pink at the bottom. I like the idea of the caridie dyed grey, it looks do comfortable and cuddly.

You can do a google search or blogs, up the top there are all over options further ion from image searches etc in a drop down. You can click on that and in the search field you can add your search words. I'm sure there is a way of advancing and refining the search. But with all be said I have found most blogs through others comments, blog rolls and also through being a part of different blogging groups here in Australia.

pastcaring said...

You could never be beige, darling! The leopard print, pink and studs mean the dress isn't in the least bit neutral, it's cute! The hat from Cristi is always fabulous, it suits you so well.
Ahh, how can you not love Ash? Look at her beautiful arsey face!
Have fun tonight. As for finding new blogs, I do it through comments and friends' blog rolls. I rather like the organic nature of bloggers gradually stumbling across one another, it seems right to let it happen naturally. We all found each other, didn't we?! It was meant to be! xxxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

You mustn't dye Ash, she's gorgeous as she is! ;-)

I haven't fully utilised Bloglovin but there's a section on there that has 'blogs similar to yours', might be worth a look. Otherwise I just find people via sidebars and comments.

La Dama Malvada said...

I have missed your pink biatch self!
You look ravishing as always.
You beige? Nahh, your kidding right?
adorar the leopard print. I think there is a search for blogs of your interest ob blogger.


Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I've been blog hunting lately too. I'm glad you asked because I've been wondering that myself. When you subscribe to someone on Bloglovin there's a button that takes you to similar blogs. Hope that helps.

Sara said...

I am obsessed with that print! Don't you just love finding pieces like that? Those one of a kind lovelies. :D The sweater is fab, too. And I really, really dig that pendant. Hope you have a great evening; can't wait to see her new batch of fabrics! :D

CityScape Skybaby said...

I'm way behind Krista so I need to have a session reading all your blogs and catching up on everything I've missed in your life lately. I love the print on that dress, it's unusual and eye catching, like you, and it's always good to ring the changes now and again. When people see you in a bit of beige it probably makes them sit up and take notice, because it's different from your normal style, and there's still some pink and bright colours in there to keep it Krista. Ash is a gorgeous boy isn't he, I love smokey grey cats. And I'm actually scared to find any more good bloggers! There's so many fascinating people out there I can't keep up! But I just find people the same way as you, through their comments on blogs I like, or if they have a blog name that catches my eye in someone's blog list. Have a great night, i'm off to catch up with your older blogs now. Oops, nearly forgot to say, thank you for your lovely encouraging comment about my drawings and paintings, all you ladies here have realy spurred me on to keep going, and it does feel really great to create something, I'm always buzzing after art group and ideas for pictures are starting to pile up in my brain now, which was my problem before, I just felt uninspired. Phew, better shut up now! xx

Anonymous said...

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Cristi said...

Well, I think a quote from Harry Potter says it all..."Mischief Managed!"LOL!;)

Anonymous said...

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