Friday, March 22, 2013

Pop goes the weasel

Happy Friday everyone!  Even though it's freezing outside my insides are warm at the idea of having a few days to myself.  I get a wonderful massage at noon and tomorrow night Chris and I take his folks out for a yummy dinner.  I also had my cherry popped this morning!  WTF you ask?  Someone finally left me a mean comment, anonymous of course!  I had to share it with you!

"Are you actually serious?!? I came across this blog somehow and I thought it was a joke. I'm sorry buy that is way to busy... You should tone it down with some naturals, becuase it looks like you're trying to dress like a fiv year sorry but it's true I'm 15 and would be embarrassed if I saw someone I know wear that."

They totally get my style because I will never ever dress my age!  Thanks for noticing!  Just for you is my best 5 year old self!
  I'm missing all my UK girls pretty bad right about now, but I'll have you know I'm saving up for another trip!
 I wish I could bring Peetee with me:) and in no particular order some random shots to make you smile!
 Thanks Vix I have found a trusty denim vest and it is a Godsend!
Rainbow socks for $6 at Sock it to me!
 I made this for Cristi!
 Pinball machines at Bar of the Gods.
 Ash being cuter than usual.
 My favorite coffee shop Albina Press.
 Another coffee shop I like by my house called Insomnia.
I know not everyone gets my style or even likes how I dress but I do and that is all that matters!  Love yourself first and I promise it will be hard for others not too.   I thought it an appropriate time to share a text I sent my 13 year old niece who is having problems with girls at school.  Of course she posted it on Facebook!

Thanks for giving me a safe place to play, I love all you gals, I really do!


Melanie said...

You bring colour, light, positive energy, and love wherever you go. If that's not beautiful, what is? Plus you are gorgeous. So you got it - all that matters are the best things that make us warm. Great to wake up to you today! Now, where's my coffee... Have a great weekend!

Jet Kuhn said...

Oh lucky you, negative comments are nice (<~~insert sarcasm disclaimer) I've gotten ones saying "You are old." Really? I've never hidden my age, I'm 53 and very proud to be healthy and able to do things people decades younger can't. Besides if you're lucky, you'll be as happy in your skin as I am when you're my age. Little weasels of course always post anonymously. Speak up, whaddya afraid? Should be, cuz I ain't changing for the likes of you! I love your style, you are one of a kind and not afraid to show it. I also am in love with all this pics! Oh I feel for your niece (wise advice & what I tell my daughter), my daughter is the same age and has gone through some hideous bullying since she was in 5th grade. In 6th grade it turned into sexual harassment when four boys surrounded her in the hallway at school and called her filthy names. All because she's different. Imagine the horror of having to explain what those words meant to a 10 year old. I felt like I stole her innocence. At 13 it still happens, but she's strong and refuses to give up her personal style, green hair and all. I'm proud of her (pus she's learning to play a mean bass and takes her anger out on practicing!) I guess not much has changed since the late 70s when I got bottles and rocks thrown at me because I had coloured hair. Ugh sometimes the unwashed masses disgust me. Thankfully I have your positive blog to make me happy with superb colorfulness! XXX PS oh yes, my hair is much pinker after last night! heehee I won't ever grow up either!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You be you. People can be mean little jerks. Finding great girlfriends is the thing. Thank goodness you are there to talk to your niece. I have been saying this forever, but it fucking sucks to be judged based on how you look.
I LOVE that denim vest!
Becky :)

Vix said...

I know that if I'd seen myself at 15 I'd have been horrified, I was under the impression that anyone over 30 was almost dead and should be locked away and left to rot! The fact that child felt compelled to leave you a comment meant your fabulousness provoked a reaction means what we already know, you're art, baby!
We adore your style but I know you wouldn't change a thing even if we didn't, you are true to yourself and don't give a toss about what others think and that's why I love you!
Oh please come back to the UK, I'm sitting in a swimsuit watching the snow, we could have a half naked snowball fight before hitting the pub!
That coffee shop is fabulous, so are you and your neice has inherited your kick ass attitude, be very proud!
Love you & speak sooon! xxxxxxxxx

Mariela said...

You'll have to excuse my language but some girls/women are snarky little bitches. They feel they have a right to tell you what you should wear. My sister does this to my mom and I have given her a tongue lashing or two. No one has a right to tell you what you should wear. I hate shows like "What not to wear". They are such asses. Ugh.

Anyways, I'm glad you aren't' letting people get you down. I like that you love bright clothes and have such a brilliant personality.

thorne garnet said...

Oh, no! Dissed by a 15-year old. I'm sure you won't lose any sleep over it.

In the famous quote from Diana Vreeland:Pink is the navy blue of India.

Rock on!

Ivy Black said...

Fifteen year olds, eh? They know fecking everything about it all don't they? You'd have been my idol when I was 15 mind you and I do know a heap of teenage girls who'd lurve you like we do.
I love your five year old self. Mine would be in a frock and wellies...I'll wear them for you when you come back to Blighty.
Have a terrific weekend.

Nerd Burger said...

What kind of knob jocky leaves a comment like that with no way to contact them? They are jelly that they are probably old and dress with 3/4 crop shorts and little pastel shirts they got from an old lady store. Just because they have given up on life doesn't mean we have to. Grrrr
I know I say this a lot, but I hope I stay as rad as you. You Krista are an inspiration to me. I tell everyone about you. Even at work, they all know about how much I look up to you and think of you.
I am sorry you got one bad comment, but look as how many great ones you have :)
Love you.

Style Sud-Est said...

Be you and it doesn't matter what people think, really who cares right?
Not everybody like my style as well, i never dress my age and it's not tomorrow that i will start either!
The important is what you are inside, a good, caring person this what you are

Ariane xxxx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I know it's just a matter of time when I get my first ugly comment. Bless her silly little heart. Speaking of dressing like a five year old, I totally found a photo of you as a little girl on Pinterest. Well, not really but it could be!

Trees said...

Oh well - I'm sure plenty of folks don't like the way I dress, but its their problem not mine:P My attitude is do whatever makes you happy. Also have you SEEN some of the cool kiddies stuff out there? I wish I COULD dress like a 5 year old. Also as we all know, teenagers are always in such a hurry to be what there perspective of "grown up" is - once this person gets to be grown up, they will understand why its more fun dressing like a five year old. ROCK ON PRETTY LADYxoxox

CityScape Skybaby said...

I dread the day I get my first nasty comment Krista, I hope I can laugh it off like you and not let it get to me. As everyone else has said, we all think we know it all when we're that age, takes a long time to realise we're never going to know it all! This reminds me of that Bob Dylan line, "I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now", that's something your young reader still has to learn, but she'll get there I'm sure.
I'm sorry to hear about your niece being bullied, at least she has a great aunt like you in her corner. It's not only girls who can be mean. My son had a terrible time at school, people can just be mean, even teachers have shocked me at times, I think it's changed days from when I was at school.
And before I go I have to say I love that picture of your local bar, it just looks such a classic American bar, I'd love to go to one one day and see if it's really like I imagine.
Keep being you Krista! xx

Anonymous said...

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Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

A great, wonderful joke! And your headpiece ... I just love it!

Melanie said...

Pffft, to that comment is all I can say! Of course these things are generally anonymous. Pay no heed :)
I absolutely love your shawl! You just don't see those very often over here xxx

Lucys Lounge said...

i find it sad that a 15 year old could have a closed mind like that. but then again they are rebelling against everything maybe in a while she'll cringe at her comment.
as for me i love your style. it is a breath of fresh air in a very beige world. i particularly love your outfit today . i love pink. pink rules. as brendan behan says
fuck the begrudgers .

Frocktasia said...

I totally agree with Lucy, it is truly sad that a 15 year old could have such a closed mind. Im mi opinion a young person should be full of piss and vinegar not sign up for a yearly membership of the greige club but that's just me. I suppose it takes all sorts to make the world, the neutral patches gives the rest of us a perfect backdrop to stand out from and what that commenter fails to fathom is that we relish sticking out like a sore ol' thumb in a sea of blandness and we don't give two flying fucks about what people think. "Tone it down" n'ah 'Turn it up' I said to you in a previous comment, you wouldn't be able to look greige even if you tried to, you have a rainbow soul that shines through and I expect the kid probably envies the light and love you radiate thus feeling the need to rain on your parade...fuck em!
You are FABULOUS, end of...xXx

Anonymous said...

Well, probabily some narrow minded girls think that looking like 30 years old women is the secret of style, as you know I live in a small town in Italy and when I take a stroll I'm embarassed thinking that I'll probabily look like an old witch wearing what the teenagers here wear: tailored coats with little handbags or high heeled/ stilettoes boots and awful miniskirts! I think even now individual style is not so easy to be find, the media probabily brainwashed the young ones!
Your style is always refreshing and I love creativity and individuality! The pink hat you are wearing is my favourite and the shawl and the leggings are beautiful too!
Portland looks like a great place, I hope to come to visit it one day!
I'm so glad to have found you!
I love more than the Sun!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

WAY TO BUSY MAN!! That's what Mike said when he saw that little cock up. Hey I would've killed to know a lady as fucking cool as you when I was 15. How sad that she thinks like a middle aged woman with a sheltered life, I agree with Lucy's comment, she should be rebelling. Actually a lot of teenagers are so convinced they have to conform that self expression scares them.
Fuck it, you look amazing, you always do. Love the waistcoat and the hat and the shawl, it's all amazing. That sign made me laugh - hurrah - cheap smokes and cold beer. You always go to the coolest looking places. And I love your artwork for Cristi - AND I love Peetee!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

ps: get saving and come back soon! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

two squirrels said...

Hmmmm silly little cow, she can take her opinion and shove it in her wardrobe that is probably filled with boring dull clothes that look like all her friends!!!!! But that's ok she is so deluded she is telling everyone that her taste is "So Different" and "Fashion forward".
Me I would think I was the luckiest girl in the world to play with beautiful rainbow like you.
Happy weekend lovely lady.
love V

Anonymous said...

Awww bless - 15 is tough - I think even more so now because childhood seems to be a million percent more sexualized/air brushed and Photoshopped. You obviously blew someone's tiny mind by being unconventional lol :)

Anonymous comments are the pits and bad manners and churlishness hardly make for grown-up sophistication.

And if that person comes back looking for validation via their little outburst - then I say mwah sweetie ... it all gets better with age.

Carry on darling girl ...

Annie said...

Well, I'm with Vix and tralala. 15 is tough, and it's hard to believe anyone over 30 is still alive. She'll learn. (Hopefully!)

If you come back to the UK, I am definitely going to be there. And you brought the sun with you last time, so get over here PDQ!!! xxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

All these teenagers think they are so cool, and rebellious and special, and then faced with someone like you who is really being her own fabulous self, they don't know what to say except something mean. I remember getting my first, and only (fortunately) rude post, by a 13 year old, on a very early post on my blog - it wasn't a photo of me, but of a pair of shoes I thought were the cat's meow and the comment was that they were "Ugli and I was stupid for liking them"

I couldn't pull off the outfits you wear, but I love seeing what you put together, and they always make me smile! Great text you sent to your niece - soooo true.

Anonymous said...

Never EVER change your sweet happy self!! I love your style!! you look fabulous and Peetee is looking fine in his scarf!!

Ah--teenagers. They certainly think they know it all!!! LOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

Love your blog coz its so colourful

Helga! said...

Hahahaha, that's actually an amazing back handed compliment!!! 15! Poor kid, she's living in a sea of mall rat clone bitches, I expect!! YAY for not dressing your age!!! You are a sight for sore eyes, and most 15 year olds probably wish they had the guts to be themselves like you are!
You are truly DIVOON!

Cristi said...

Well, that comment just shows how brave you and all the Blogging Goddesses truly are. It's negative comments and those evil trolls that have made me afraid to join the club. But, then I think how cool everyone is and find their fearlessness very the so perfectly named blog Past's a good place to be and so much more fun!;)
It's also kinda cute to think she is actually trying to "help" you with her suggestions.

OK-it's time to drop those fashion magazines and back away from the mall. And, so sorry, I will probably not notice you while out-it's just all those neutrals, your blending in, Dear. hehehe;)