Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pork scraps and a cat in a box

So after Cristi and I got a tour of that fabulous home in Portland we headed to where the food carts are but before we even made it there we had already found another place we both wanted to try, LARDO.  I have to say that I really enjoy random unplanned days.

 These were our dirty fries complete with pork scraps, marinated peppers, parmesan cheese sprinkled with rosemary and sage.  This was TASTY!
 Pig Out why yes we did!  The sandwich had grilled Mortadella and provolone marinated peppers and whole grain mustard!
All this called for BEER.
After we were feeling, fat, happy and a bit buzzed we wandered into Really Good Stuff.  They did not have really good stuff just really weird and totally overpriced stuff but it was fun having a wander around.
This is what I expect in a tweekers garage:)
  I almost got Chris this, NOT!

 There were some really odd prints for sale.
 and a whole series of girl and a rope?
 Remember Andy Gibb ladies?
 There are a lot of resident cats in stores here in Portland and I have to say I love it!

 Tamera these inappropriate naughty old cards made me think of you!
 They had these two old machines.
 True dat!
Cristi rocking a pair of her killer leggings!  You can find them here.
 It really was a fantastic day and I can't wait to see what kind of adventures we have this summer! I have met so many kindred spirits through my blog it really has changed my life!
 Here is a quick peek at what might be my favorite leggings yet, made by Cristi of course:)
I'll show you what I wore with them next!  How is everyone's week so far?


Vix said...

I hope the eating place had a better clientele than last weeks! Those chips look marvellous and the lager's making my mouth water!
I'm lusting after all Cristi's leggings and am in awe with the shops - cats, strangled ladies, vintage vinyl, looks like paradise! I want to come!
This week is mental, I can't believe it's only Tuesday and I haven't even answered your email yet, make it stop!
Love you! xxxxxxx

Heather said...

Wow your having way to much fun!! and Yummers look at all that food ;) I saw a recipe to make gluten free pancakes and the flour you use is you grind up those pork rind chips ahhhh PORK lol!! Great leggings and some great girls so glad you have made some wonderful friendships through blogging!! ~Oh and the cats I love seeing cats in businesses as well I think we should start a campaign for homeless and unwanted cats if every business could have one think of all the homes we would have for those Cats!! I think every business should have a few :) Keep having fun :) Love Heather

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the cards!! How cute!!
Your new leggings and Cristi's are the BOMB!!!
UM-pork. You know bacon is Meat-Candy!!
I am in LOVe with Store-Cat!!Love how he is ensconced in his read plastic bin!!

We have a local store with the coolest cat-Milo-everyone knows who he is!!

Helga! said...

KITTY IN A BOX!!! Squee!
Resident animals rock.
Now, that is the most scrumptious looking meal, G and I would be all over that! Wine for me, though!
Loads of interesting weirdness to look at. I could see hours wasted just marvelling that the strange things!
OMG, those leggins are incredible! I do believe you are the artiste's MUSE, darling!!!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Mmmmm yummy food and beer!!
And a shop filled with freak-tastic stuff!
So fun. What perfect stuff to do with a good friend.
becky :)

Lucys Lounge said...

wow I want to visit that shop. love lucyx

Frocktasia said...

Animal friendly establishments are the way forward in my opinion! Unfortunately resident cats are not so common around these parts nowadays,however there are two of them at the Boogaloo where I did my first ever market the other week, they are called Starsky and Hutch.
I believe that if a pub serves food then they are not allowed to keep in-house pets for health and safety reasons, poppycock if you ask me!
That shop does look a wee bit random not to mention chock-a-block, I bet the owner knows exactly where everything is though ;)
Your new leggings are mesmerizing and I love the ones that Cristi is wearing too, is she a budding 'Black Milk' success story in the making? I'll keep my fingers crossed, she certainly has a tremendous eye for picking fabulous fabrics for her wares.
Lot's of love,

Anonymous said...

Those chips looked delicious, mouth watering as I type. And wow! Cristis daisy print leggings are very lust worthy, not sure I could pull them off quite aswell.

That shop certainly looked like a treasure trove and fun was had by all, just awesome xx

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Krista!

How are you doing?
You are a lucky to have such a wonderful talented friend like her
Her leggings are so awesome!
Those fries look so delicious!

Ariane xxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Wow those leggings are amazing! Definitely a friend to hold on to ;-)
I really really love the fortune teller thing - reminds me of 'Big'. And a good heads up on cats' true natures!

Anonymous said...

I love your Portlandia adventure, I really need to watch the last series so I can think that you walked in those streets and dream to be there! This is another great restaurant, even if I don't eat meat, the recipes sound original and tasty!
That shop is awesome, I was wondering how much are those weird photos with the rope , I love everything especially the fortune teller machine!
The floral leggings are the best, can't wait to see a full outfit with them!
I love you more than Carrie Brownstein!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

That place is mental!! It even has Zoltan from Big! He always freaked me out. Thanks for making me feel hungry! LARDO is a hilarious name for a.pork themed restaurant!! Also love your leggings, Cristi is such a sweetie! Xxxx

pastcaring said...

God, I would so pig out at Lardo! All the vegetarians are probably feeling sick at the thought, but I am thoroughly carnivorous and the chips with extra pork look fabulous!
That shop looks insane, but if there is a cat in a box and some old vinyl (poor Andy Gibb, who would have thought he would be the first Brother Gibb to die?) and vintage cards and slightly pervy prints, it's alright with me!
You and Cristi are rocking the leggings - she finds the most fabulous fabrics. Floral and summery and colourful, how lovely!
I was in a grump but am forcing myself out of it. Don't need any more frown lines! Busy busy week but all good really. Xxxxx

two squirrels said...

Hello Beautiful pink lady, its so lovely to finally pop in to say hi, I have missed catching up on your fabulous world.
The legging are just amazing, you are the the best pink wearer ever!!!!!!
Kitty in the in-tray is just so cute and what a treasure trove of fabulousness that shop is.
sending a very over-due squirrel hug and church- mouse squeak, love V

Perdita said...

OOOh yum! (The fries, not the rather odd prints hehe).

lucy joy said...

Pork and beer - YES PLEASE!
I always drool over the food photos you share on here.
What on EARTH is going on in those paintings? Not sure I'm broadminded enough to comprehend the ideas behind them!
I'm so glad you have such a fun and creative friend to hang out with - her leggings are brilliant and you are the perfect model.

What have I been up to? Nothing exciting. Hope to blog about it soon - maybe tonight.

Love you loads!

Lucy x

Cristi said...

That sandwich is making me swoon with the memory of it's yumminess-droool! We really need to go back soon!!!:) ...and that store was certainly a trip!

Forest City Fashionista said...

That store looks like so much fun, if a little overwhelming...you've got to love a store that has a kitty in a crate on the counter. I had to wipe a bit of drool off my mouth from looking at the photo of your fries.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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