Friday, March 15, 2013

Walking the dog

This week has beat me up and tossed me about.  I felt the love of my neices tug at me as I put a plan into motion to have one of them visit.  It's difficult being fair all the time and sometimes you just have to go with your gut. I can't wait to spoil her this summer and spend some real quality time together.

I also had my world turned upside down by being betrayed by someone very close to me.  Time heals all wounds but this one cut deep and close to my heart.  You think you know someone and then you find out you never really did.
I'm ready to complain about other things like the heat of summer and staying up too late during the week. I think Ash is too, why just look at how annoyed she is.  Most of the time this is one pissed off little cat.  Vix and Curtise you can fight over her!
  This sweater has kept me warm this winter and so has this hat made by Cristi at Kiss Me Kitty!
 Hats and leggings are the only good thing about winter.
 I love the feeling I get when I wear things from people who love me.  The pink horn was a gift from Vix, it was her Mum's.  I love it!
  I call this my walking the dog outfit :)
 Peetee is unimpressed.
Have a wonderful weekend my dears I promise to not sound like such a downer next week.


Ivy Black said...

Wonderful as ever, lovely! I'm knocked bandy bay that fantastic sweater, not to mention the expression on your kitty's face!
That's so true about never can tell but there are enough fine people in the world to make up for the losers. Feck 'em!
Have a terrific weekend.
Lots of love,

pastcaring said...

Oh Krista, I hate to think of you being hurt and let down by someone you care about, that's really shitty. But if it reveals that person's true colours, then you have to think you are better off without them, I guess, as difficult and as sad as that is.

Pissed off kitty Ash is welcome to come and stay with Aunty Curtise and the gang! My cats are cross-patches too, I like that arsiness and "fuck you" attitude!
You look as cosy and as colourful and as beautiful as can be, and I agree that wearing gifts from good friends feels really special. Look at Peetee's little face - you simple CAN'T feel down when you look at him!
Cuddle Peetee, cuddle Chris, have lots of fabulous food and drink this weekend, and think about all the people who really love and appreciate you, Krista - there are LOTS of us! xxxxxxx

Melanie said...

I'm so sorry you've been hurt by someone you trusted Krista. I know from experience that people aren't always how they seem to be on the surface, you simply find out once your guard is down *hugs*
In brighter news, I adore Ash's face, that is one vexed kitty!

Cristi said...

So sorry to hear about your week. Having issues like that can bring you down and I don't want any dark clouds trying to cover up my ray of sunshine!!!

And, I have to differ, I think Peetee is quite impressed, or at least he can fake it, as he's looks like he saying "right on Sista" in the pic in your arms.:) ...such a cute little face!
Ash on the other hand is very clearly not impressed...he'd rather be hunting demons.;) Funny, his personality is a lot like Bing, my littlest tabby kitty you like.

You are one little hot Dawgwalker!! I'm so happy your wearing all that love to remind you that we are all here for you and as Miss Ivy says feck the rest(signing the big L finger now)!;) You need to pop by for some tea and sympathy, Sweetie.

Vix said...

I'm so angry that anyone would dare piss you off. I know that you, like me, always see the best in people and it's vile when someone betrays our trust.
Despite Ash being a little beast cats always know when their owners need some TLC!
You are one of the few people on the planet who manage to look beautiful, bright and colourful despite the shitty weather. It would be nice to complain about being too hot but there's always Kiss Me Kitty leggings, fabulous hats and feckin' fabulous fake furs in the meantime.
Big hugs and kisses to you, Peetee, Ash & Zoe and speak really soon!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I want to come to Oregon and beat up the person that betrayed you!! where's my possee of ninja-bloggers?? WE got a beatdown to do!!

First--love the outfit--the sweater is kick-ass cool!!!

I'd take some heat right now. 40 degrees and rain just sucks on all levels.
I just love the last picture of Peetee!!1 He looks like he is laughing!!!

{{{{{{hugs and love}}}}}

Ash looks like she spies a nice fat squirrel and is vaporizing it with her demon-gaze!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry a friend has hurt you! :( i love the pink horn! Great dog walking outfit :)

Victoria said...

What, you're not getting that super warm weather we are having down here? Southern Oregon. You look fab as always, which makes it hard to believe you ever get down (except for what you shared, that would get anyone down) and you are human, just a reminder in case you forgot ;), damn those feelers' anyway, so in time in time in time...

Penny-Rose said...

Oh Krista I am sorry that someone close to you has hurt you. Take heart and comfort in all the support and love from your blogging buddies in the comments above. I love the expression on your cat's face - what I call a "not amused" look! Those leggings are awesome and I wish people in my town were are bright and cheery as you when they walked their dog, it would make me smile. Peetee is just the cutest in that photo. By the way I was also looking at basketball wedges in the shoe store yesterday, pink ones, and I thought of you!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sad for what happened to you, but I know that this things often happen, I wish you can solve your problems, anyway it's better to Find out the real nature of that person before it's too late. I know the feeling because I've been hurted and fooled many times, I tend to trust people too much and they mistake my kindness for weakness...It still happens to me to have nightmares about these persons as they still haunted my dreams, I do not believe in this kind of things but it's like their negative energy hasn't left me yet, so be careful!
Well sorry for the long advice, I'm really happy to see you at the start of my friday night and I think you look beautiful in that stunning sweater and wonderful hat!
Have you seen our soft porn Photo In Sarah's blog, it makes me laugh so hard!
Have a great weekend my darling!
I love you more than Blythe dolls riding unicorns!

Anonymous said...

It's poo to hear that you have been betrayed. I hope a happier, brighter week is ahead of you next week.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Being betrayed by someone close is just awful :(
Love the pink horn from Vix-- so cool.
Try to enjoy the weekend even though you feel a bit down. (At least you look cute!)
Becky <3

Lucys Lounge said...

i send you best wishes to get over your pain, life has bad things but good is always around the corner.
you look very well ,dog walking. love lucyx

My name is Peggy Sue said...

Lovely dear!!, your hat is amazing! Have a nice weedkend! Kissssss

thorne garnet said...

Fuck 'em and be happy they're out of your life. The skully sweater is amazing. Have a well deserved awesome weekend.


OP SHOP MAMA said...

Good on you for still dressing nice when you feel like shit..
Hate that 2-faced thing.. hope you're doing OK now. Time is sometimes a good thing..

Love that cosy hat - makes me look forward to cooler weather!

Trees said...

Cutest dog walking outfit - EVER!! I love your sweater too, hurrah for skulls:) I love Ash - I'm not really a cat person, but whenever I see a p*ssed off looking cat my heart kind of melts....

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

It sounds like you're in shock dear Krista. And events like this really cut deep - it's like a grieving process when you feel your world has been turned upsidedown by someone who has fucked you over. Big warm, sunny hugs to you love and you could do with a couple of jolly good arse-squeezes too. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Domenic said...

suave xx Domenic

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

sorry to hear you got hurt baby cakes. Virtual huggles!

Nerd Burger said...

LOVE that walking the dog outfit, that puffy jacket is awesome.

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

My neighbours does'nt look like that when they walk their dogs ... Sorry to hear that someone hurt you. How nice that you have your family (including the animals).

Melanie said...

The best dog-walking outfit ever! I've had the friend thing happen too many times. Now that you have cut away the negativity, as the pain fades you will be able to fly even higher. The invisible weight is gone. I'm sorry this happened to you.

delia hornbook said...

Im really sorry to hear that you have been upset by someone. Your such a beautiful person and im a firm believer that things happen for a reason and for our better good. Keep smiling that beautiful smile. dee xx

xStroutx said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a rough week. Its awful when someone close to you lets you down. You look gorgeous as always and I hope that the upcoming week is much much better for you! xxx

Sara said...

Sorry to hear that you're hurt; people can really suck sometimes. I hope you get to feeling better, and that everything turns out ok. :) On the plus side, you look positively fabulous! I adore those leggings, and that sweater is SO cool. I LOVE it! The pink horn is awesome, too.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

RIGHT - finally. I saw this post very soon after you put it up and I worried about you and had to tell Vix, I was ill at the same time so didn't get round to commenting, then thought I had done, then just tried to comment on my phone, which wiped everything. Anyway, I hope you're ok and that Peetee and Chris provided cuddles, though I wouldn't rely on Ash for any sympathy! That yawning photo of Peetee is one of my favourite ever, his eyes look like they're going to pop. You look gorgeous, your dog walking outfit certainly beats mine in the glamour stakes! Your hat is fantastic, it really suits you. Also love the turquoise with the pink. Lots of love gorgeous lady! xxxxx

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet its because you are such a wonderful and special person that it is hurting like hell. I look at these situation now as another way to make me stronger, let the person go from your life, they will look back and regret not having you in it anymore.
I am sending you lots of colored rainbows of love.
love V
PS I would have Ash in a heartbeat, but I think he loves his owner to much already.

Nat said...

So sorry to learn about your friend's betrayal! It cuts like a knife when someone lets you down like that... someone you have trusted, invested your love in and hoped for the same in return.
You sound like such a genuine, good person to me - anyone would be so lucky to have a friend like you. A shame this person did not appreciate you!
Big hug x