Monday, April 29, 2013

Frilly frocks and sunshine. Did I mention sunshine?

Warm brownies topped with peanut butter ice cream, vintage frocks for under $20, long walks in the sunshine and a pom pom project, these are all things that made my weekend stellar!  I started things off right by having lunch with Cristi and doing a bit of thrifting.  I scored BIG TIME!  The first placed we stopped into was called Timeless Vintage.  I had a chance to wear a new dress that is a bit different for me and I really loved how it looked with my moccasins!
Now into the shop. I loved the embroidery on this and look at the label!
 Her store was pink and filled with treasure!
 I did find a pretty frock and a jacket here.
 This romper was gorgeous but at $56 a bit out of my price range.
 I wonder who would love these?  Sadly they were not for sale:(
 Plenty of bell buttoms!
 Men sure love their flannel in Oregon!
 After we headed to Eugenio's for a meatball sandwich and beers.  Doesn't Cristi look sweet!
 Another killer pair of her KMK leggings.  I think I need a pair of these in my life.
 It was the warmest day this year
so we had beers
 and a yummy meatball sandwich.

 The rest of the weekend was spent with Peetee and his girlfriend.
Yes that's right, my dog has sleep overs!  Can't wait to see what you guys did!!!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sun kissed

Am I the only one who finds myself singing at the sight of all this sunshine?  I am so happyeeeeeee and the weather has everything to do with it!  Today is promising almost 80 degrees!  I'll work a half day and then head on over to Cristi's for lunch and maybe a lil shopping.  No real plans for the weekend but it will be spent outside!

I did a bit of thrifting one day this week and I have a new dress to show you.  It's so cozy on and I dig this shade of green, cost me $5.
I found this necklace on ebay last year for $10 and I love it, maybe because it reminds me of our sweet Vix!
Peetee has spent his entire week here watching the squirrels in our backyard.  
Our squirrels are about Peetee size.  I often wonder what he would do if he actually caught one.  

 After making a few minor repairs to this bag I thought it looked perfect with my dress.
I also fell in love with this bangle that says Arm Candy.  

 All my critters are sun worshippers!
and this one is cray cray!  Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Goodbye Sweetheart

Most of these pictures are from last weekend when the sun still struggled to get out.  Today is gorgeous, so gorgeous that it makes me want to call in sick and play outside all day long!  Sometimes working from home is just too tempting.  This week will mark the last week I have my assistant for the rest of the year as she goes on maternity leave.  She is my right hand and I will miss her dearly!
I would not be as successful as I am without her.  Mary Ann I'm going to miss you something awful, now go on and have that baby boy!
I have no idea what is going on here. I'm sporting a new pair of KMK leggings, these are covered in dragons!
 We took my Dad out for a Birthday brunch at the Crescent Cafe.
 My Dad lives about an hour from us out in the sticks.
 My sweet blue ride and Chris :)
 My Dad said that as he gets older he cares less about himself and I can see it in his appearance:(
Just because we grow old doesn't mean we have to stop growing or caring.  Sometimes I think he is everything I don't ever want to be.

Monday, April 22, 2013

I love therefore I am

I'll never forget that love makes life worth living and the first person you should love is yourself.
If you don't love yourself first how can you expect anyone else too?
I started my weekend out right with coffee and Cristi!
 Cristi all smiles :)
 and her  KMK robots are cool.
 I decided on hearts from head to toe.
 I had some feathers put in my hair, but I already took them out.  I didn't like how they felt and they were difficult to see.
 I guess I didn't love them.

The sky is bright summer blue today and I have a strong desire to see these legs dangling over a pier!  It's going to be a long week.

Friday, April 19, 2013


At 42 I still love having "firsts".  Last night I was lucky enough to have my first go at Korean food and I have to say I dug it.  I really try and keep and open mind and mouth when it comes to food.  I can't stand picky eaters.  Life's too short shut up and try it!  I also wanted to share a few things with you that have me smiling! I picked these up at the Gem Faire last weekend, a buck a strand!
Some of what we ate last night.
 This seafood pancake was tasty!
 Seafood soup.
 Our wonderfully sweet friends who treated Chris and I to this feast!
Now how about a lil make-up. My friend Cristi spoiled me with this really cool case of eye shadows.
 I never wear colored eye shadow but I am going to give it a go.
I mean I should be wearing colored eye shadow!
 I finally found a 1960's Goldette Squash Blossom necklace that I could afford, $20!  I know deal of the year right there.
 I tried farm fresh eggs for the first time, they were rich and super yellow.

Peetee and Ash do you think you could do a little yard work!
I almost died when my new Mark Ryden books arrived yesterday.
 I will never tire of his art or his view of the world.
I hope everyone enjoys the weekend!  Outside is wet dark and rainy and I could care less because its FRIDAY!