Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Breakfast of Champions!

Last weekend Chris finally had the chance to meet Cristi of KMK and her sweet man Gene.  We met at their place walked part way to Genies for some brunch. The wait was an hour but we stood outside chatting it up, people watching and well just hanging out.  Everyone got along really well which was AWESOME!
Behold the bacon infused vodka Blood Mary.  It was my first time ever having a Blood Mary and although it was a bit tough first thing in the morning, I did like it:)  What is your most memorable beverage?
Another first was me eating a Monte Cristo which was basically a ham and cheese sandwich in between two pieces of french toast.  It was so tasty!
Then of course we made the boys take pictures of us. 

 then I took this shot after yelling something obnoxious to get the guys to turn around.
 Cristi wearing a really killer pair of her KMK leggings.
 She has these in blue&green and pink&gold too.
Here I am sporting my latest pair.  The print is mad on these! I also call this my Hello Kitty with a black eye sweater:)
Love that sugar skull girl on my knee most of all!
I also wanted to share this with you.  Portland still has a bunch of old horse rings in the sidewalks from back in day when people would tie their horses to them, well check this out....


Vix said...

It's not just 'cos I'm a veggie, Jon's just shouted "Tell her that's so wrong" at the screen looking at that Bloody Mary! ...and you know how much he likes bacon.
I love that shot of you and Cristi looking cheeky and the boys nonchalantly walking down the street. Love your leggings and want to steal Cristi's! So glad you all got on so well - it's impossible not to, though!
Those tethered toy animals are hilarious! Fab to chat last you long time!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mariela said...

Oh that Bloody Mary looks delish. I love bacon but don't know how I feel about bacon infused spirits. The earliest I've ever drank was a mimosa at 10 am but hey it was Vegas and you can never drink early enough in Vegas.

Those tights are so amazing! Love the designs and colors. The horse ties are really cool. I'm surprised people haven't stole them yet.

Bella Q said...

I do love a good bloody mary. However Mimosa's are my morning weakness. And hard cider. Anytime of day.

Love your leggings- just got a pair from Romwe and they remind me of you.

Love the ponies. Keep PDX weird, peeps!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

That Bloody Mary looks so yummy!!! So does your sandwich-- breakfast of champions!!
Fun pics of you two, as always!
The horses hahaha I <3 it
Becky :)

Anonymous said...

I'm on Vix's side, but even if I don't eat meat I apprecciate fabulous looking food and drinks, it's almost dinner time here and they make me so hungry!! You and Cristi look great, her leggings are stunning I want to order the same kind you are wearing here, they are mind blowing and perfect with everything Hello Kitty's!!! I just wish to invent teleportation so I can visit Portland!!!
I love you more than weird things!!!

pastcaring said...

I do love a Bloody Mary, but I have never seen one with so much stuff in it before, and certainly not with bacon! But hey, I'd give it a go, why not?
It's great to know that you all got along well together, it's lovely when the boys play too!
Cristi's KMK leggings just get better and better, she finds the BEST fabric. The print on hers reminds me of peacock feathers, what gorgeous colours.
Toy horses and a cow tethered to a ring in the street? Sure! Like bacon in a Bloody Mary - why not?! xxxxx

lucy joy said...

I have the stomach of a shark, so I'd demolish a couple of those bloody Marys and the sandwich before you'd even finished sitting down. Yum!
The leggings keep getting better, you're both the perfect models for them too, you look awesome together - hooray for all of you getting friendly, I love that!

My strangest drink was a huge glug of lemon washing up liquid, some idiot was storing it in a pop bottle at work - yuk!

How stupid yet funny do those horse tether things look? Weird makes everything more interesting, doesn't it?

Keep rockin' those fantastic leggings!

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

I am dying at the horse ring!!! LOLOLOL

How cute did you and Cristi look-and LOOL at the guys.

I see nothing wrong with that bloody Mary (altho I'd do the virgin Mary) Bacon enhances EVERYTHING!!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Totally in love with your tights and boots! Bloody Marys are great but never tried one with bacon!
But everthing should get one try!

Helga! said...

I love a Bloody Mary, especially when I'm hung over. That is THE most insane one I've ever seen, and I'm all OVER it! I'll get G to make me one on the weekend!
Hello Kitty with Black Eye!! That's such a cool sweater!!! You girls both look good enough to eat, so much colour and pattern. YAY for a grand time and getting on famously!
The little horses! SO sweet! Portland frigging rocks.I miss it.G and I were just talking last week about coming back......

Louise McDonagh said...

I like bloody Mary, but I've never seen one quite as bustling with veg as yours, lol. Looks like a fabulous day out, those wee horses are so sweet, and yes, slightly bizarre. Xx

thorne garnet said...

can't stand tomato juice so my drink of choice would be Mimosa. Yum. I want one right now!
Love the cow and horses wired to the ring, they ain't going nowhere.

Reva Ford said...

EEk1 I finally found your blog- It isn't listed on Google. YaY! Now I can admire you and all of your faboo tights - by the wya, whee did u get these? super! off to put you on my blog list asap!

Sara said...

There is so much legging goodness in this post I can barely stand it! lol :D They are so fantastic! Golly! They are so beautiful, and you look just lovely. Love the sweater, too! Perfect ensemble. :D You make me so happy!

Aren't Monte Cristos so delicious?! And that Bloody Mary looks diviiiiiine. One of my most memorable beverages was a giant Bloody Mary that I made at a Bloody Mary Bar at a restaurant in NC. Make-your-own cocktails are always pretty great. lol Also, there's this bar/club my friends and I frequent in my neck of the woods, and they serve $3 dollar Long Island Iced Teas out of gynormous mason jars. And they're top quality cocktails! I'll remember my first one forever..even though I shouldn't remember much of anything after XOXO

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I don't know where to start! Your gastronomic delights are just torture. Every time you post food pics it looks beyond delicious. I had a cocktail called a Pornstar Martini recently, it cost me £13 and I could've made a much cheaper version, which I have christened a Readers Wives Martini. Both you and Cristi look gorgeous. And again, beautiful leggings. What did you shout at the boys? They look really insulted. Love these off guard photos of you. Come back to the UK soon! Love the mini horses, cute and mad.

Darfish said...

Eeeee!!! I LOVE the leggings!!! NEED!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

thank God I'm eating right now or I would have taken a bite out of my laptop screen trying to get to that brunchy monte cristo

liz said...

OMG Monte Cristo sandwiches are the BEST! I haven't had one in ages. After Burning Man 2003 it was the first hot meal I requested!

The Canon Girl said...

Epic leggings, EPIC LEGGINGS EVERYWHERE! Your posts always get me hungry too. :-D

Camelia Crinoline said...

Ha, I love the toy horses and cow tied to the horse rings. I have bright pink docs too. They are the best. Both of you have fabulous leggings.

two squirrels said...

I have been giggling here about the wee animals all tied up.........thats fabulous.
You have the most fabulous tights eyed kitty is so cute.
Oh my tummy is all growling with that scrumptious food.
i hope you have a truly wonderful weekend filled with love and happiness.
love V

Nerd Burger said...

That food looks amazing!!! Was that Bacon in the drink?
I love that you both wear crazy leggings as well. So cute.

CityScape Skybaby said...

Yay, a Kurt Vonnegut title! I'm so so far behind in my comments Krista, just read your Janis Joplin post and you looked so pretty. Bacon in a bloody Mary? I would try it but I'm not saying I'd like it! It could be good though, with the saltiness I guess. And I love love love those leggings on you. It's great how your and Cristi's friendship is developing, I always think that is such a tricky stage when partners meet because there's no guarantees at all that they'll get on. It looks like it's all working out well for you four! xx

Cristi said...

That was too much fun!!
I'll look forward to it again, but maybe a different bloody mary next time.;) Seeing that Monte Cristo again is making me hungry, that was so tasty!

And, I am so pissed that I don't have my ring in front of my house anymore. When the city redid my street and curb, they removed it and didn't replace it!! I was soooo mad and seeing those cute lil horsies makes me mad again that I don't have mine. They also took my sidewalk stamp that said 1918. They are supposed to leave that shit alone or put it back!!! Give me mine back-grrrrrr!!!!;(