Monday, April 15, 2013

Channeling Janis Joplin at a tea party

This weekend has been a wonderful mix of hanging out with friends and quiet time reading a new book called Winged Obsession.  It's a true story about the worlds most notorious butterfly smuggler.  A fascinating read that I highly recommend.  I also attended my friends annual Spring Tea and had a kick ass brunch on Sunday. Chris finally met Cristi and her hubby~ we had a blast and it involved bacon infused Bloody Mary's.    I'll save those for the next post.
 Feathers always make me think of Janis.
I would have partied hard with her if given the chance.
 I'm wearing a vintage dress I found a few weeks back for a 10 spot.  It's that stretchy poly that I love!
 I also scored these glasses and about 6 other pairs on ebay for $20.  They are all vintage and these are my favorite pair.   The sun felt amazing on my shoulders!
 I'll have you all know I was a half hour late because the invitation said Eleven Ante Meridian which I thought met 11:30~ yes I am a dingbat.
 The food was heavenly, the tea so delicious!
 Our hosts Christopher up top and Ron below.  I love these guys!

 All my UK girls would have cracked up.  We were all given these royal names and yes you had to say them with a British accent to get the full effect.
 Peetee always makes it on the guest list.
Best dressed was Teri who loves anything from the 1950's.  I thought she looked so cute!
It was a really nice day spent catching up and sharing stories.
 My heart goes out to Tamera's family who lost the Diva this weekend.  I find it hard to believe she's gone.  She had to love her enough to let her go.  That glitter girl will be missed :(


Vix said...

God, that dress looks fabulous on you, I knew it would. That peek of your fabulously toned shoulders is wonderful!
Your tea party sounds a blast, what a strange way to write the time, my Latin's a bit rusty after 30 years!
So glad you had a fun time with Mr and Mrs Kiss Me Kitty although I can't say I'm slobbering over the cocktails! Sounds like something Peetee would have lapped up!
Love you! You sexy, sun worshipper! xxxxxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

Love that dress on you -really nice . Tea party , Howard nice! I love pastrys and cookies .

Mariela said...

Very awesome weekend! I've always wanted to attend a tea party but hardly anyone I know truly likes tea.

You look great in the dress and love the feathers headdress. Feathers always add an element of fun.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You look beautiful in that dress and I'm crazy for those sunglasses. The tea party looks perfect. We have an annual mother's day tea party that our friend's host that is lots of fun, too.
Bacon Bloody Mary's... Sign me up!
My dad got to see Janis in concert and she handed down her bottle of Southern Comfort to him to take a swig from-- legendary.
Becky :)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

wow - looking bootilicious in that new green dress - gorgeous. Your hair looks beautiful! I would've loved that tea party - and to have heard you say all the names in a posh English accent! Aww Peettee, it's always great to see him. Bacon infused Bloody Marys?!! what are these new fangled American delights you tempt me with? Xxxx

Lucy Nation said...

Bacon infused bloody mary's, hmm. Not sure about that one! The tea party looks a blast. Love the look of those little cakes. Plus, your dress is fabulous and perfect with your hair. Yay for Janis, sadly an all too early member of the 27 club xx

Louise Mc said...

Wow, that afternoon tea looks right up my street, tea, cake, hats, Peetee... could it be any better? What's all this about bacon infused bloody mary's? Yowser. Xx

Jane George said...

oh my goodness i clicked on a blog and found a pink are so stunning and marvellous xxxx

Ivy Black said...

Blimey girl! Could you look any more stonking? You are smokin'.
What a fab tea party...look at those cakes. Can you imagine Janis at a tea party?!

pastcaring said...

Wow, what a fabulous frock, Krista, it shows off your amazing figure quite beautifully. and I LOVE that print. Nice sunnies too.
Doesn't the tea party look elegant? I hope you were very ladylike at all times, darling Countess!
Ahh, I'm thinking about Tamera and sweet Miss Kaekae too, so sad. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Countess Camellia, what a lovely name, I try to pronounce it with my best British lady accent! I don't have such cool friends that organize such perfect events, so I decide that I should give soon a tea party at home but I'd love to have all of you with me! The dress is beautiful and the feather hat is stunning! I can't wait to see the rest of your new sunglasses collection!
I love you more than Alice in Wonderland and Janis Joplin!

Helga! said...

How frigging GLORIARSE!
You looked like a wet dream, darl! Love the frock and the feathers and your sexacious BOD!
What a load of funnage!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Now I am inspired. My next party shall be a tea party!

Sara said...

That dress is all sorts of fantastical! :D Ahhh, you look beautiful! I love, LOVE the feathers; and I love Janis, too. :) That would've been the best party!

Going to definitely check out the well as head to ebay right now to see if I can't find some hot vintage sunglasses!!! :D Can't wait to hear about bacon infused Bloody Marys! YUM! My mouth is

Melanie said...

That dress was made for you. The green with the pink, especially with your fantastic hair!
I love Janis. I had a friend named Janice once and believe it or not she could sing exactly like her. The artist soul.

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Ouiiii! I love it all! Your hair, your dress (the tea-party) and most of all: Your "hair-thing"!

lucy joy said...

Cracking up that you thought ante meridian was half past - classic!

What a well organised party - such attention to detail. I love sandwhiches and cake for lunch, nothing like it. Hope Peetee enjoyed himself, he always looks a little worried (but I love that about his face).

The dress fits in ALL the right places, and I love to see your arms out of hiding. That fabric is definitely the best one for your hourglass figure.

Hoping to win the lottery so I can fly you over for a summer get together!

lots of love

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous Tea-party!! Looks like so much fun!! What was Peetee's British name?? Little Lord Peter Cutey-Patooty??

Love the dress--looks BANGIN' on you!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

You look so seriously curva-licious in that wonderful dress! I think the only way to party with Ms. Joplin would have been "hard".
The Tea party looks like a whole bunch of fun.

Joanna DeVoe said...

So much FUN! Love it :O)

Luna Tiger said...

What a beautiful blog you have here ! I love your look, and your pink hair is something I have... in my dreams !!!
Thanks for your lovely comment !
I only use Facebook to follow blogs, have you got a FB page ? You can follow mine here :

I hope we'll stay in touch !

Bohemian vanity said...

Looks like it was a fab party and your friend is dressed wonderful with that lovely hat and gloves! It's also a cute idea to give every guest royal names thats fun!
Your dress is so nice, i love green stuff but more i love sunglasses- please show the rest of your fab ebay sunnies you got!!!

liz said...

Love that floral dress! I'd do it. Re: partying with Janis, IN A HEARTBEAT.

Anonymous said...
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Cristi said...

Yowsa!! Just have to tell you that is one of your hottest looks yet-LOVE it! You would melt ice on the coldest day walking down the street in that!!;) Total perfection with the flowers in the hair and cool sunglasses! Loved Teri's 50's look, she's super cute with her gloves and hat!
The party looks like a fabulous time, and so nice, everyone gets their own tower of yummies!!

And, my heart goes out to Tamera and her family for losing a cherished member, so very sad. But, I am happy the little girl had such a great life with her family.