Monday, April 8, 2013

Count your blessings

Monday is here and I'll admit I wanna kick it to the curb.  I don't feel like working today I don't know what I feel like doing.  I started and finished a book this weekend, The Sociopath Next Door, what a quick easy disturbing read.
Can imagine never feeling a connection to another human being or animal your entire life?
 Ok enough about sociopaths, check out my curls:)
 and one of my favorite pair of Kiss Me Kitty leggings!
I started off my weekend by having tacos with Cristi.  I am so happy we have become friends I really do enjoy her company.
 The next day Chris and I went to a BBQ Birthday in the rain.  There is Howard the b-day boy next to Chris under an umbrella.

 We found out the most amazing news, Howard and Jenni and pregnant!
 His last name is Gerber so this was extra cute.  Out of all the couples I have met in my entire life, these two are so deserving of this gift.  I mentioned cooking something new and I did manage to make some yummy stuffed shells.
 I used cottage cheese instead of ricotta, yum yum!
 I also was spoiled beyond belief by a package from Cazz at Nerd Burger.  Check out all of these goodies, her sweet note made my day.

I like to think of myself as a 40+ version of this free spirit!  She's adorable huh!

 I am going to have these made in prescription glasses they are glamorous!!!!!
 Some origami.
 This cute t-shirt!
 These three comic books, I already read and really enjoyed the first two and plan on digging into the Scott Pilgrim one this week.
 Some of her killer handmade Nerd Burger jewelry!
 Loved her packaging too!
 I really adore my two new necklaces and all my other goodies.  Thanks Cazz you are a sweet baby doll!
I hate to end things on a sad note but I wanted to throw some love out to Tamera and her doggie the Diva from Menopausel Supermodel.  The Diva is very very sick and I know Tamera loves her as much as I love my Peetee and well my heart is breaking for her right now.  Peetee and I are sending you all the strength we can muster up because we can only imagine how difficult this is for you.  
Have a good week everyone and say a little prayer for the Diva will ya.  


Vix said...

Big love to Tamera and the Diva, I was so sad to read the post yesterday night and I've thought of little else since.
Congratulations to Howard and Jenni and kudos to him for wearing a Hawaiian shirt in all that dismal rain, bless him! I'm glad the BBQ went ahead.
You look gorgeous, love the Kiss Me Kitty leggings and your luscious curls! Cristi is a total babe too, that cape and hat combo rocks.
Cazz is adorable and I loved her parcel of joy when you showed me on Saturday, great taste, pretty chick!
Finally, can I have that yummy dish for tea when I visit?
Love you! xxxxxxx

My name is Peggy Sue said...

Dear the post is amazing! but tour little dog is uhmmmmm a sweet dream! kisssssssssss

Mariela said...

Those leggings are A-MAZING! I love the colors and collage of everything. Oh you and nerd burger are truly inspirational.

Congrats to the new parents. I find myself wondering if I'm ready for a baby. I know my in-laws are dieing for us to have a baby. I'm enjoying pre-parenthood way too much right now.

I'll be sure to send some good vibes to The Diva and her momma.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Love all your leggings , the curls are also great!
Tears Will apear in my eyes even thinking of losing my dog so i hope it works out for your friend .

Annie said...

Sorry to hear about the Diva, it's agonising when a pet is ill. Best wishes to Tamera.

Your curls look gorgeous, and I love the leggings.

Great news about your friends. What an exciting time for them. I'm delighted to see you guys still went ahead with the barbie in spite of the rain - true British spirit there!

Cazz is an absolute cutie, and what a generous-hearted friend.

Have a great week!

Annie xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'm so sad for Tamera and KaeKae! I hope Tamera is holding up well because I'm sure that Diva will be nonchalant. I'm also really sad that I can't go out for dinner and hang out with you! Your curls look especially gorgeous today. I'm finding the weeks are dragging with lack of exciting employment and you really really cheer me up. We should do Skype time! Anyway... more gorgeous leggings. And now I'm stalking - sorry following Nerd Burger now, she looks like my kind of girl. Hope your week gets better XXXXXX

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to read about Tamera's Diva, I send her a huge hug !! Luckily there are some good news too, congratulations to your friends for their baby! It sounds like you had a great time and I understand that you are not feeling like working on Monday, it's always the same for me!
Your locks are fabulous, I'd love to try now that I'm growing my bangs and I really like your hat and leggings, Cristi looks great too with hers! Cazz was super sweet in sending all those beautiful presents, I like her style a lot and she's a very talented jewelery maker!
Have a wonderful week!!
I love you more than kawaii!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Mondays are pretty horrid around here, too. All the Nerd Burger stuff is so cute! Your curls are the cutest thing ever. I love curls. I try to curl my daughter's hair and she just wets it instantly to ruin it.
Becky :)

pastcaring said...

What a great bunch of gifts from Cazz, perfect for you - she could be your little sis!
Love seeing you in your tropical Kiss Me Kitty leggings and gorgeous bouncy curls. Ahh, congrats to your friends, how exciting -and I am glad to see it isn't only the crazy Brits who plough on regardless with barbeques in the rain!
Tamera's post was so sad, poor Miss Kaekae. Tamera will do her absolute best to make her as comfortable as possible, she is a much loved little dog. Seeing Peetee's adorable face only makes the thought of losing a beloved pet even harder to bear, but it's what all pet owners face at some stage.
Hope your week goes well, it's always better once Monday is out of the way! xxxx

Louise Mc said...

Oh no, I do hate to hear of poorly hounds, it's heartbreaking. Poor Tamera. It definitely looks like Cazz is a kindred spirit, 2 perfectly pink and funky ladies. Please give Peetee a little kiss for me because he is so cute. Xx

Louise Mc said...

Oh no, I do hate to hear of poorly hounds, it's heartbreaking. Poor Tamera. It definitely looks like Cazz is a kindred spirit, 2 perfectly pink and funky ladies. Please give Peetee a little kiss for me because he is so cute. Xx

thorne garnet said...

that is quite possibly the cuties photo of Peetee ever. I was also sadden to hear about the Diva.

Those legging are very pretty

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

if I could, I would come to where you are... and STEAL YOUR LEGGINGS! ALL OF THEM! And then go home and cry because I did such a terrible thing and cry more because it wasn't even worth it because the leggings are too small because I probably weigh 100 lbs more than you. HAHAHAHA

Bohemian vanity said...

Your curls are wonderful and i love your Kiss Me Kitty leggings- they're crazy amazing! Also all your presents are so cute!
All the best for Diva hope she will recover, it would break my heart hearing my baby is ill, so better not to think about that and wishing for a healthy life. We've lost two dogs because of illness and i know the pain :(
Oh and of course congrats to your friends, guess they're the happiest guys!

Trees said...

You always have the happiest posts Krista! I love the new leggings and I'm so glad you have such a good friend in Cristi. Also what an AWESOME package you got from your friend - I'm pretty much jealous of EVERYTHING!

Frocktasia said...

What really scare the pants off me is that so many of our elected (and otherwise) world leaders display sociopathic tendencies. They are seemingly only automatons in the economic machine and don't care much about people, animals, nature as long as the artificial construct that they (and we are forced to) dwell within is upheld. I sometimes think that I may have an overactive "empathy gland" that makes it very hard to cope with just looking at the world around me. All the killing for profit that goes on in the world (rhino horn and shark finning), strip mining, the forcing of indigenous populations off their land so that rich people can go big game hunting & then we have countries like Sweden preaching peace yet still exporting arms to all over the planet. These are uncomfortable truths, stuff that most of us much rather airbrush out of our reality but unless we are completely blinkered or sociopaths ourselves it is very hard to ignore and to not feel utterly affected.
On a different note...I am checking out your curls and leggings and they are looking mighty fine gal!
I love your cute and colourful parcel from Nerd Burger.
My heart goes out to Tamera and Diva, light and love being sent their way...xXx

Bella Q said...

Happy Monday, Krista! Congrats to your Gerber buddies! Love the pink haired girlie, and I love your new vintage glasses. You are going to rock them!

Nerd Burger said...

YAY! I'm so glad you liked it all. Love you so much big sis hehehe

Ira Kharchenko said...

Amazing pics! So funny:)

Heather said...

Look at you and your wonderful curls!! Boy are you spoiled look at all those fabulous goodies!! I am not surprised your friend is adorable. I am so not ready for 40 :O ...well I have one more year I am going to stretch it hehehe...If you come for a visit we have to go thrift shopping I so want to change up my wardrobe I could really use some help I have zero inspiration lol!! You always look great!! Oh so sad to hear about your friends dog :( I am sure for those that don't have animals or that connection may not understand but our animal friends have a special connection joined right to our heart!! We hope Diva is ok ~Love Heather

two squirrels said...

Oh poor wee puppy, its heartbreaking when our fur babies get sick......I hope he is ok. sending love....
Loving that polka dot dress sweet, so cute on you and so loving the curl.
Sending love V

Cristi said...

Big Sigh-this post has the best and worst things in it!

The BEST is that cute little Cazz, she's like the sweetest little sister a gal could ask for...or a super nice friend!!!:) I knew I loved her and seeing all those fun pressies I know why! Scott Pilgram, love the movie! That shirt, have one similar, it looks like the same artist-so fun! That jewelry-wow, love it! She's beautiful and talented!:)

And, those glasses are to awesome and perfect for you! Can't wait to see them fixed up! You two are such a cute and colorful pair, she's got a main line right into your brain!!!:)

Now, for the so sad it made me tear up-had to walk away and take a moment. There is nothing worst then having someone you love ill! I hope the best for the little Diva. We animal lovers know that they are like our children. I REALLY hope she recovers and is up and being a total Diva again soon!!!:)

And, back to the better things in life...your curls-WOW, so perfect you look like a hair ad.;)

Helga! said...

O, I am tearing up every time I think of The Diva. I so adore my babies, I'm still not over loosing my Boris. It's just too awful.
You are SUNSHINE for this gloomy worry, with your glorious curls! Cristi keeps going from strength to strength with her amazing leggings!!!
You are the perfect muse for her, and the perfect model!
Love the look of those stuffed pasta shells...I'm fancying pasta this week, because it's cold. Might have to steal that idea...
YAY for a Parcel of Joy from Cazz full of funnage! She's one funky lass!And clever!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Those eyes! I would do everything they asked me to! I like your new curls. in fact I would like to examine your hair because it seems exciting :-). And the glasses. I wish to look good in that 50's shape but I'm not. Beautiful!

Mary Lou said...

oooh so much fabulousness in one post! first i looooove your pink curls, you should do it more often you look extra gorgeous with those curls! and wow what a great parcel of joy you get! so many amazing gifts! i love especially the cat eye glasses and your necklaces!

Mtl Street said...

Hi Krista!

Awwww your posts are so enjoyable! they are pure sunshine!
Love the leggings they are so cute, every time i see you the leggings are prettier and prettier!

I'm gone check nerd burger she's adorable

Take care my lovely

Ariane xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy guacamole, it's so weird to me that you and Cazz are friends! Annabel and I used to go see her at the markets when she still lived in Canberra and Annabel was a teeny toddler!

Your curls are gorgeous, FABULOUS, Krista - I love the polka dots - and I am also sending all my love to Tamera and the Diva.

Sarah xxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Cazz definitely looks like a younger version of you,and she has wonderful taste in gifts. So cool that you are an inspiration to her - we all need a mentor!

So sad to hear about another blogger's sick pup - it's agony when one of our four-legged friends are suffering.

Your curls are sassy and sproingy!

CityScape Skybaby said...

Sad to hear about the Diva, I hope she is doing okay. Our Sasha is getting on and it scares me that I feel her getting more frail, I love the pics of your friend's beautiful cat and kittens, I would be very tempted to take one too.
That is great news for your friends, congratulations to them both, I love the cute card and the barbecue looked great fun.
That book sounds interesting too, I find things like that really fascinating but chilling at the same time. xx

Jane George said...

gosh firstly you look gorgeous! wasn't it so sad about the diva, I have Maisy and she is 9 now and i know how my heart would break...x