Friday, April 5, 2013

Flower power!

Friday once again you save my sanity by showing up just when I needed you most.  This weekend is pretty wide open aside from a friends Birthday celebration on Saturday night.  I plan on finishing up some crafty projects and cooking something new and hopefully delicious.

I had too many things I wanted to wear with my latest pair of Kiss Me Kitty leggings but this paisley frilly dress finally won out.    
 All day people kept squinting at me and 3 gals all under the age of 5 told me I had pretty hair.  How they noticed my hair with all this going on is anybody's guess.
  I love this outfit and it was more comfy that my pj's.
 Look at my frilly ass will ya:)
 Peetee getting fresh and yes I know its disgusting, and I can hear my Mom moaning as she sees this one, EWWWWWWW!!
   Bracelet bling and the crazy orange and blue beaded one is from Joni, who I miss.

 I made Vix a necklace just like this so we can have something the same.  Did you know she finally opened an online Vintage shop?  Check out all her stuff for sale here.  
Enjoy the weekend it'll be over before we know it!


Anonymous said...

You and Peetee make my day and my whole weekend!!! This floral outfit is marvellous and I adore the perfectly matching patterns, this is epic!!It's an awesome sight especially on a gray day like this!!
I love Vix's new shop, I think I'm going to order soon other dresses from her, I already told my boyfriend about it hoping for a present!
Have a wonderful weekend my darling
I love you more than sun rays!!!

Perdita said...

Darling leggings! And of course anyone would notice your lovely hair!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Love the leggings , your hair is amazing!!
Wasting on a delivery from darling Vix - so exaiting ....

Bella Q said...

I now imagine how you must warm up the streets of Portlania in those leggings. Light 'em up!

Peetee needs to stop getting fresh. I'm with your ma on this one.


Vix said...

What a gorgeous girl you are! The Kiss Me Kitty leggings, frilly paisley frock and pink boots enhance you and your beautiful hair and we all know that 5 year olds have the best taste!
I love that we've got matching necklaces - I should wear mine now - it always brings sunshine when I wear it.
I want to slap that frilly arse of yours in the flesh.
Peetee is such a bad doggy, snogging his mama like that!
Love you and NEED to chat! xxxxxxxxx

pastcaring said...

You'll have the entire range of Kiss Me Kitty leggings soon! They are so perfect for you - in fact the whole outfit is Essence of Krista, bright, colourful, happy and gorgeous! I AM looking at your frilly arse and it's very cheeky!
Never mind Kiss Me Kitty, it's Kiss Me Peetee at your house, look at him loving his mama!
Love your beaded cuff from Joni (I miss her too) and your matching Vix necklace is so beautiful - just like the two of you!
Have a great weekend, darling. xxxx

Helga! said...

I want to GRAB your frilly ass! Grrr, get on over here!
Seriously gorgeous, bright and pattern WILD!!!! So much lucious, vivid technicolour! I think you are blinding Spring!!!

Mary Lou said...

oh yeah you are so right nothing is than great than spend time with your bestie ;) oooh i can´t get enough of cute pictures of you and your lil sweetheart;) you melt my heart;) also those pink flower power leggins are fabulous!

Penny-Rose said...

I love this outfit and your hair looks amazing. Peetee is such a cutie. I bet all those people squinting at you were just too chicken to say how fabulous you look - yay for girls who are comfortable to be themselves. Hope you have a fabulous weekend, :-)

Ivy Black said...

Blimey girl, you are a riot of luscious colour and joy. You've set me right up for my weekend. Bloody loves yer frilly arse.
Have a terrific weekend.

Jean at said...

Whoever thinks Portland is gray just hasn't run into you. You light up the whole city :-)!!! Thanks for stopping by my much-less-colorful blog. The next time I come to Portland, we have to meet (along with Joni and hopefully Bella up in Seattle...and maybe even a few Vancouverites?!!) Oh, and Gracey!! Isn't she in Portland too?

Have a splendid weekend!!!!!

thorne garnet said...

Yeah, for a weekend! Love that ruffle butt dress. Peetee is so cute

Miss Simmonds Says said...

More amazing leggings, you're such a lucky lady! eewwwww Peetee, I do love him though, give him a squeeze from me. He's such a sweetie! Your hair is pretty! I always love it. And I LURVE your Ruffle Butt! Hope you're having a good weekend so far! xxxxxxxxxxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I love a frilly ass!! My daughter would freak over your hair. She's had pink tips and pink highlights and has begged forever for the whole head pink... Not happening. Yet. My little one is desperately trying to grow her hair. Why? She wants it to be pink, too.
That dog kiss does look kind of ewww! lolzzzz
Becky :)

Trees said...

You're so pretty in pink! Those leggings are great on you and don't you love dressed up outfits that are just super comfy? :) Have a great weekend!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh the Kiss Me Kitty leggings are so delicious and I love them with the frilly skirted dress! Yes, I'm surprised the wee lassies noticed your hair, but kids are never scared to stare so they would have drank in every detail of your gloriousness from top-to-toe in the blink of an eye! I miss Joni too, I noticed her blog was deleted ... now I'm worried!!!!!! xoxo

Melanie said...

You are a floral paisley love bomb. Yup. And I love the shades of your nails. Subtle, smashing.

Style Sud-Est said...

Love love the leggings and with the dress it's perfect! It's you!
Peetee is just so adorable, loves his mama Krista!
I miss Joni too where is she?

Have a good weekend

Ariane xxx

Nerd Burger said...

I am loving all these tights you've been wearing. Even brighter then ever. :)

Camelia Crinoline said...

Those floral leggings are perfection. I love them with the paisley dress. Ha, I love your face in the photo of the dog licking you.

two squirrels said...

Tee hee, puppy kisses!!!!! So so so cute...............
Love the dress its just so so pretty, you look lovely in it.
Happy happy weekend sweet!!!!!
love V

freckleface said...

Gals under 5 have the best taste. I bet they looked up at you with huge eyes just drinking in all your colour. You would brighten up anybody's day! xxxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

You look so pretty and chilled out in this outfit Krista, of course Peetee wants to lick you to bits! What can you do with doggies, they're just so loving you've got to let them have their way. Hope you had a great weekend, I'm sure you did! I'm way behind in my blog reading so I'll maybe find out what you got up to further on. xx

Cristi said...

Those tow prints together are amazing and I love how they kinda blend because of the color being kinda of the same. And that's got frilly back, love it!:)

Isn't it funny how little girls just love women like yourself! Like G said you look like someone out of one of their TV shows come alive. Especially since they don't get to see so much color and fun in most of the adults around them, your are blowing their little minds!;)

Love that beaded bracelet from Joni, didn't she make it!! Hope she's OK, and will be back soon!!

And, kisses from Peetee are the best-He love's his Mommy!!!!:)

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...


Misfits Vintage said...

OMG I love these colours so much! The leggings are SPECTACULAR! And I love the fab bangles and bracelets. I miss Joni too - where is she???

Sarah xxx

Jane George said...

love everything about this...every single thing! x