Monday, April 29, 2013

Frilly frocks and sunshine. Did I mention sunshine?

Warm brownies topped with peanut butter ice cream, vintage frocks for under $20, long walks in the sunshine and a pom pom project, these are all things that made my weekend stellar!  I started things off right by having lunch with Cristi and doing a bit of thrifting.  I scored BIG TIME!  The first placed we stopped into was called Timeless Vintage.  I had a chance to wear a new dress that is a bit different for me and I really loved how it looked with my moccasins!
Now into the shop. I loved the embroidery on this and look at the label!
 Her store was pink and filled with treasure!
 I did find a pretty frock and a jacket here.
 This romper was gorgeous but at $56 a bit out of my price range.
 I wonder who would love these?  Sadly they were not for sale:(
 Plenty of bell buttoms!
 Men sure love their flannel in Oregon!
 After we headed to Eugenio's for a meatball sandwich and beers.  Doesn't Cristi look sweet!
 Another killer pair of her KMK leggings.  I think I need a pair of these in my life.
 It was the warmest day this year
so we had beers
 and a yummy meatball sandwich.

 The rest of the weekend was spent with Peetee and his girlfriend.
Yes that's right, my dog has sleep overs!  Can't wait to see what you guys did!!!!!


Vix said...

You know how much I love that dress on you and those amazing leggings of Cristi's and I've ooh-ed and ahhh-ed over Peetee's little girlfriend, too!
Timeless Vintage is amazing, that jumpsuit is gorgeous, as is the freaky girl art, the bells and the waistcoat. God help me if I ever get to shop in there, I'd be bankrupt!
I want beer and pizza right now - but it wouldn't taste as good without your company!
Love you!

Lanternarius said...

you look gorgeous in this beautiful dress!

Anonymous said...

Yes--you NEED leggings like that!!! Gorgeous!!
Love the "prairie" style dress with the moccasins!! so cute!!
How I wish we had an awesome store like that here!! Shame that romper was so expensive because the colors screamed KRISTA!!

AAAWWW Peetee and his woman!! MrBill will be having a "sleepover" Mother's Day weekend when our daughter comes up with our grand-dog Noelle. He LOVES Noelle!!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Great dress and i love the combo with the fringe boots!
Love the green tights ..
Ohh pizza cravings!

Bella Q said...

First off, those peacock leggings amaze! As does you in that gunne sax style dress- how you make it look hip and edgy is beyond me but you do! And little Peetee is getting some-som? What a stud!

Anonymous said...

This outfit brings the sunshine here! This is my favourite outfit (even if I always love everything you wear!) great dress and the fabulous kmk shorts are the same that Cristi sent me, Soon I'll post some photos! The boots are awesome too! The shop is my kind of place I love hunting for treasure and my wish is to go there with you sooner or later! Kiss to the beautiful Cristi and Peetee&girlfriend!

Anonymous said...
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Louise McDonagh said...

My dogs have sleepovers too, sometimes cousin Bailey comes to stay.

I adore your dress, but my eye keeps wandering onto that handbag. Beautiful. The leather waistcoat is bloody gorgeous. It looks like a totally fabulous weekend.


pastcaring said...

You and Cristi must turn some heads when you are out and about, so colourful and so gorgeous! What a sweet dress, you look lovely, and Cristi's leggings are amazing.
Yes please, pizza and beer and vintage shopping with you girls would be right up my street! That shop looks wonderful, wouldn't the waistcoat and bell bottoms look awesome together?
Ahh, Peetee has sleepovers? That is sooo cute! And his girlfriend is a stunner! xxxx

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Wasn't the sun glorious?! And I think it's supposed to be even warmer at the end of this week! So excited!!

Miss Magpie said...

You can keep the brownies but yum to peanut butter ice cream! Looks like you had the best kind of day out.

Trees said...

I love that dress on you, its super sweet! Looks like lovely weather. Yah for fun weekend time with friends:)

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Looks like you had a great day! Please send over some of your sunshine, and peanut butter ice cream, thanks! ;)

Nerd Burger said...

Your vintage stores look amazing. Are they overpriced like they are here in Australia?
Those peacock leggings blew my mind.

Frocktasia said...

What a fab weekend! Thrifting with a friend, sunshine and beer, can't think of a better combination :)
Cristi's leggings are amazing and you both look radiantly happy and gorgeous...xXx

Ivy Black said...

You are sunshine yourself! You look fab in that dress and Cristi's leggings are to die for. What a stunning design. I wouldn't say no to a beer and pizza with you two.
I'd like a rummage in Timeless Vinatge too....there's at least six frocks on that rail I fancy.
Have a lovely week.

Nat said...

Looks like the perfect day out for two gorgeous ladies :-)
Peetee and his girlfriend are too cute!

Lucy Nation said...

This looks like the most perfect shopping experience ever! I adore that pretty frilly dress on you. It's a change from your usual neon style but it totally works. The pink shop looks amazing; I almost feel a compulsion to paint my house this colour now, nd the food, oh my, the food! Love that last picture of you in that pretty frock and that gorgeous floral bag xxx

thorne garnet said...

Peacock leggings? Must have been a weekend trend, I was wearing a peacock dress. Wow, you're not wearing a pink dress, you still look rocking in blue

Helga! said...

I totally NEED a closeup of that AMAZING handbag you're carrying!!!!
You look so adorable, kind of naughty Little House on the Prairie in this frock! It's different for you, and it works! FUNKTACIOUS!
Timeless Vintage looks like loads of fun, but whats with the not for sale?! Cheeky buggers. Makes me cross when something fabularse isn't for sale!
It's coming up to lunch, and I am now starving after seeing the delciousness you ate! GRR!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I love that dress on you!! So great with the moccasins and that purse!! The bell bottoms are awesome and I lobe the two pics of the girls. Meatball sandwiches and beer and every little place you go looks so cool.
I want to do everything you two do,
Becky :)

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I NEED those pretty girl paintings!! You look adorable in your little hippie dress!!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

You look really good in braids (also!). The layers on your legs with leggings, boots etc is a great idea/combo. You seem to be full of ideas!

Jane George said...

your weekend looks so fabulous! you look ...well i have no words...super awesome comes close but not quite! stopped by today to lift my spirits, your palace always so beautiful xxx

Heather said...

Haha Peetee looks so cute!! I have similar boots I never wear them I really should bust them out. The dress looks super cute very gunne sax!! Looks like a great weekend Love Heather

Lucys Lounge said...

your new dress is lovely. i love that shop.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love your dress, on you it doesn't look cutesy and frou frou, it looks cute but edgy. Because you're so cheeky. More amazing leggings and Portland is my new food Mecca. That romper would've looked amaz on you, so shame about the price. I love Peetee and his girlfriend! So adorable xxxxx

Melanie said...

Brownies with peanut butter ice cream? You evil temptress! Then pizza, meatball sandwiches...
Yes, this dress does seem a bit different for you but I sure do like it! Like Clare said, you wear lace with an edge all your own. You and Cristi must turn heads wherever you go. Gorgeous. Love those tights too.

Forest City Fashionista said...

That dress is a departure from your regular style, but it looks great on you, especially with the braids and mocassins. Eugenios looks like such a cool place to hang out, and I would love to browse through the vintage store. Petee's girlfriend is adorable - I think it's so cute that he has sleepovers.

Lynn Dylan said...

Krista, I love these pictures!! That dress looks great. The food looks great. And that shop is killer!! I would love to be there in person! And I hope Petee behaved...? :)


Anonymous said...

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