Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I live my daydreams in color

With the longer days springtime brings I wonder about the things I'll fill them with.  I know I should be working yet I find myself day dreaming.....of places like Norway
riding a bike in a bamboo forest
a romantic dinner on the beach with Chris
the Northern Lights
bridges to new adventures
antique violins at flea markets in Paris
exotic adorable creatures
X's 2

coloring all day long
from the comfort of a tree house
sipping something like this
or this
but not this
going for a dip here
or there
but ending up here, somehow I always end up here:)
Where do your day dreams take you?


Mariela said...

These are all great pics. One day, I hope to travel to Japan and Europe. Maybe even Hawaii. I miss the beach. The sunsets were always gorgeous.

Bohemian vanity said...

Holy moly such wonderful pics, those beach images let me start dreaming too! Wish i could be there right now.
The hamster one is too cute!!!
Have a fab spring day and keep daydreaming :) XX

Lucy Nation said...

What a great collection of pics. The treehouse appeals to me the most. Must be due to a childhood spent wishing I was in the Famous Five! xxx

Anonymous said...

You have a great talent with colours not only for clothes but even for photos, these are amazing!!
I'm really dreaming about all these places especially all the beaches and for this reason I'd love to travel more during winter, I miss the sea and the sun!
I'm constantly thinking about all my friends around the world too, I'd love to visit everybody and if I could make my dreams come true, Portland would definitely be my first stop!
I love you more than colouring all day long!

Lucys Lounge said...

krista what a lovely selection of photos . today the sun finally shone and it was warm. love lucyx

Nerd Burger said...

What a beautiful post to see first thing in the morning before an 11 hr shift at work. I love that last pink sky. I'll be dreaming of it later today.

two squirrels said...

Oh day dreaming is a happy place filled with such beauty.
Krista thank you for such a wonderful journey through your perfect places, such harmony and peace.
Love V

Darfish said...

Love this! Happy pictures and daydreams....I too should be working, ;), but here I am daydreaming too!

Vix said...

You've got such a fantastic eye! I love these! I'm missing the beach desperately today, we've been in Goa in April for the last 6 years and trust me to stay at home during the worst cold snap since 1962!!!
It's beach life all the way with maybe a cuddle from that fox!
Love you! xxxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I was just stressin' so hard... This helped.
Every single picture looks serene and beautiful.
Becky :)

thorne garnet said...

awe, geez, now I want to go on vacation.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

All of this looks so beautiful! The bamboo forest is just wonderful. I dream of Japan in cherry blossom season. I dream also of popping over and hanging out with you... and eating some of that gorgeous food and generally being creative. That pool looks beautiful... swimming in clear warm water is a day dream too xxxxxxxxxxx

pastcaring said...

What an amazing selection of images, Krista, all so beautiful. That photo of Norway doesn't look like it can be real, and the bamboo forest is utterly beautiful. There is so much colour and style in all the pics you have chosen, they really reflect you and your personality. Gorgeous! xxxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

Such beautiful pictures Krista, I never imagined a bamboo forest would be so beautiful and I am determined to get to Scandinavia at some point. Loved the little pool and that amazing tree house too, must show that to Riley because I know he'll love it too. Thank you for brightening my morning with your beautiful daydreams. xx

Sara said...

That tree house is AWESOME! I love little tiny houses..particularly in trees. lol I think it all goes back to my Swiss Family Robinson obsession as a kid. I'm big into sweet Sleeping Beauty-esque forests, and gorgeous beaches..

Love these photos! XO

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous pictures!! cheered me up on ANOTHER crappy weather day!!

Hmm--I dream of walking the moors of SCotland. I'm not a beach person at all.

MrBill says to tell Peetee that the the sun makes the cat turds even tastier. Kind of like sun-dried tomatoes for dogs!

Bella Q said...

To a coffee shop, and then a thrift shop close to your house. You of course have the day off, we have a couple of hundred dollars in our pockets, and the sun is shining....

Cristi said...

Well, you got this ol'Cali gal dreaming!
Makes me want to sing like when we were kids:
"California here I come! Right back where I started from! Where bowers of flowers bloom in the sun, each morning at dawn birdies are singing and everything is sun kissed Miss and don't be late! That's why I can hardy wait! So open up that Golden Gate-California here I come"
Especially on a dreary rainy day like today! I'd also be happy to keep heading West and say Aloha to my other most favorite state!!!:)

Thanks for that little mini fantasy vacation, think we all could use one!:)

Misfits Vintage said...

Oooh the colours are so perfect... the treehouse is the place for me please!

Sarah xxx