Friday, April 12, 2013

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time

I haven't spent too much time online after work this week and need to see what I've missed.  It feels like a lot!  Chris and I went and saw the new Evil Dead movie and it was disgustingly good.  I also had a nice dinner out with my friend Kristi and after we played in my closet and I gave her 6 dresses.  Sometimes I feel weird having so many clothes when I know some of my friends have very little so it felt really good to share.  I know all of you ladies can relate to that one :)
This week was difficult to take any photos but I did manage a few when the sun poked out and poke out it did!
 I love red and turquoise together and these leggings by Kiss Me Kitty have both!
 I scored this large tooled leather handbag on ebay this week.  I have wanted one ever since I saw Vix's owl bag.  I just had to find the right one and this one is covered in mushrooms and a deer.  LOVE!
 The name on the inside is Cory but it looks like Gory which I find rather amusing!
New to me as well are these gray moccasins, I have lusted after these for about a year now and they just went on sale and I had to have em'

  I just touched up my roots too.  People always ask me how often I brighten my hair.  I re-do the roots at about 6-8 weeks and rarely add more pink to the rest.  My hair really holds onto this color and believe it or not but I consider this hair pretty low maintenance.
I had fun putting this outfit together.  Crazy floral prints and texture with my sweater.  I felt cute!
Another thing I did this week was see baby kitties.  My friend Tammy's cat had 4 babies check them out!
 They are only a few hours old here.  I want one but Chris keeps telling me no:(  He says I forget how crazy kittens are.  I know I remember but I still want one.
 Peetee on the other hand, not so much:)
 Have a kick ass weekend my pretties!  I have a Tea Party to go tomorrow and a lovely brunch on Sunday.  See ya on the flip side!


Vix said...

Whare've ya been? I've missed your posts this week!
Both those outfits look brilliant, you already know how much I love those boots (I have a pair of sandals that are almost identical you've just reminded me of!), the Kiss Me Kitty leggings rock my world and your hair is always absolutely stupendously gorgeous!
Jon's very sceptical about remaking The Evil Dead, maybe he'll reconsider now he knows you liked it.
What a big heart you have for gifting Kristi those frocks, but I know that already!
I think that bag's even better than my owl - love the fastener!
Have a fantastic weekend and speak real soon!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

thorne garnet said...

2 thumbs up on that bag. It must have belonged to some hippie back in the day! Is that a real tooth?

Mariela said...

Aww I miss having kittens around. Back home we had a cat that gave birth once a year. She was a barncat for the most part so we always found home for her babies. I miss the sweet mewing and super soft kitten fur.

The bag is pretty cool. I've wanted one with deers on it but they are super expensive on Ebay and Etsy. I have found a few in thrift stores and garage sales so maybe I'll just get lucky.

Ivy Black said...

Hello lovely! Those legs and those leggings rock and I'd forgotten how fab moccasin boots are.
Ohhh kittens..I know where yer coming from. I'm not a cat person although my life is pretty much dominated by my cat! I'd love a kitten. She wouldn't!
Have a fab weekend.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Wow, your hair does hold that color well! What do you use? I give away massive amounts of clothes to my friends. I have a few who hardly have much and it's like every time I see them they are in something I gave them... It makes me want to give more! 'Clothes karma' is what I call it!
I am in search of the perfect tooled leather purse and LOST a bidding war for one on Ebay this week. I seriously hate Ebay! UGH! Yours is great. Hopefully mine will come...
Becky :)

OP SHOP MAMA said...

That tooled bag is awesome!!! It was a bit of a rage in the 70s but harder to find them now. Tooled belts, wallets and bags used to be everywhere in the op shops 20 years ago..
You look very cool and eclectic! That sweater must be like a rug to wear - cosy! Have a lovely weekend. x

Anonymous said...

I love this sunny photos, the weather seems to be the same here (and I must admit that I'm pleased because I feel closer) I was planning my post but today was dark and gray!
The red and turquoise match is stunning and you can imagine how much I love the bag with the deer and the mushrooms!! Great boots too, I have a pair of minnetonkas that I adore they need some fresh air now, it's a long time that I Didn't wear them! I wanted to write to ask you about the roots, I barely notice them, your hair is always perfect and I thought it needed more maintenance work, Now that I need to dye mine again I'd love to watch a tutorial, I'm very worried!
Have a wonderful weekend!!
I love you more than mad hatter tea parties!

pastcaring said...

KITTENS! Teeny tiny little kittens, soooooo cute!
Right, that's got that out of my system - on to you, darling!
Love the red and turquoise together, the KMK leggings are fabulous. And good grief, that bag is a beauty! What a find - such a wonderful design, and I adore the little (bone?) fastening.
You look so snuggly in the purple sweater with the fringey boots. Hope you have a delicious weekend, gorgeous! xxxxx

pastcaring said...

Bugger - forgot to say, how lovely to be able to help out a friend and pass on some dresses. I always like to help clothes find their rightful owners - if they aren't meant to be with me, I am happy to move them to where they should be! xxxxx

Louise Mc said...

Omg how cute is that bag? I love it. It's great to share some of your goodies sometimes isn't it? I am not the same dress size as any friends, but I do share out accessories and stuff. Have a great weekend xx

Lucys Lounge said...

hi krista, you've being busy this week. those little kittys are lovely. icould never have a cat , my dogs wouldn't allow it. i love the leggings you wear. it's a good idea to pass on your clothes., best to make room for more. ! love lucyx

Trees said...

A tea party? That does sound fun :D I love your leggings and I wish I could have a kitten!

Camelia Crinoline said...

Even though I'm not a cat person, those kittens are adorable. Those leggings are awesome. I love red and turquoise together too.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Nice of you to help your friend!
Love the bag and the boots!

Cristi said...

Kristi is one lucky gal to get anything from such a stylish closet!! And, she is double lucky for having such a wonderful friend like you!! But I know, she knows that already!!:)

You look great in the parrots, of course! And, I also love the floral leggings with that amazing purple sweater, and paired with those super cool boots-reminds me a bit of 80's avant garde high fashion!! LOVE IT!:)

That purse was meant for you!! I love it so much, it really is perfect example of that craft movement, and she did such a great job! I love how the original girl loved it so much, she put her name on it. And, now years later you carry it with the same love. It's kinda cool how an object can connect us through time!;)

AND...KITTENS!!! WANT, sitting next to G and showing him the pics...hey, look black kittens!!! Our girls need some friends!;)

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I am totally lusting after that tooled leather bag. The details are great!

CityScape Skybaby said...

That bag is absolutely beautiful Krista, a real work of art, and I love those boots too, I have a thing for boots and bags. It's so nice you pass clothes on, it keeps things fresh too I think, stops you getting too bogged down. There seems to be a binbag culture here, where there's a constant cycle of us all passing binbags of clothes around to each other, usually children's clothes, but adult's clothes too, and I always feel excited when a binbag full of stuff lands here. It means I try on things I wouldn't normally try on too. Hope you're having a great weekend. xx

lucy joy said...

My FAVOURITE outfit ever from you! I just love the mix of texture, colour, detail. I would rip that sweater off your back and claim it as mine (much as I love you)

I've miised you, and the blog world so much, I must be more orgamnised and stay in touch with you all - it makes me feel so good.

Enjoy your day, see you soon

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

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Mary Lou said...

oh yes time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted;) i love that!!! you had sunshine too, wiii ;) and how great looks that red jacket against your hair! you look amazing darling!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED TOOLED BAGS! this one is well unique :) score! :) XOXO

Helga! said...

O, fark, that's a KILLER tooled leather bag!I love the bone(?) fastening, that's a different and awesome touch! Ooo, I do love me some tooled leather!
So, you liked the new Evil Dead film, then?! Hmmm, I was a bit annoyed at them toying with perfection, but maybe I shouldn't be so rigid?!
Kitties are adorable, but yes, terribly insane!!! Peetee might like a little snack, though!
MMMMM, you are so bright and delicious, I think I'd like to snack on YOU!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

finally here!! I hope you're ok. You look stunning.... awww at the kittens, but wouldn't Peetee and Ash be jealous?! The parrot leggings are amazing!! xxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

ps: the bag is amazing!!