Friday, May 31, 2013

Aqua Net

I think I have loved hearts since I can remember.  They were one of the first things I ever drew as a kid.  When I saw this heart print dress I knew it had to be mine.  It was huge and looked awful on but after Cristi hemmed it short and took it in on the sides, I am oh so happy with my heart print dress.

 Cutest toggle buttons and big collar.
  I also love the cuffs.
 I tried making a skull out of my dead heads.
 Yes I play with dead things:)
 While a killer looks on
  Ash was in a rather photogenic mood.
 I took full advantage. 

 and then we have a gratuitous Peetee shot :)
and the gem of the entire post would be this shot of me and my step sister taken by my step Dad when I was all of 17.
Two words, AQUA NET!

Enjoy the weekend and maybe if we all pray for sun it will shine into every corner of the world!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm down with the clown

I love dressing up and having dinner at a friends.  There is nothing quite as nice as someone else doing the cooking.  This weekend Chris and I had dinner with Cristi and her hubby.  They made us some killer salmon, wild rice and I brought a yummy salad.
This dress and sweet pink basket purse were just begging to go to a BBQ and they were also completely Helga inspired~ who was here almost a year ago.  Has it already been a year?
Aren't we being all cute and fussy?
  Cristi's very own KMK blue fish scale leggings.
 and her pretty blue eyes.
The boys chillin and sheet.
The Salmon was so dam good.
and I actually found olives I like, FINALLY!  The Italian beer was light and refreshing and made us think of our friends over there.
I borrowed these glasses from Cristi for the pictures because I dig them but after seeing them on me in these pictures they really do nothing for me.  
I like that about pictures, for the most part they don't lie.
I even found time to finish up this shelf that I bought for a buck.  It was baby blue
and now 
 it's awesome and holds some of my tasty neck candy.
I cracked up at all the clown comments yesterday, you guys hate them!  I might have to run them over in my car now, I hope your happy! :)

One of my favorite places to grab a bite when it's not raining is The Waffle Window.  I love waffles.  I mean I seriously LOVE waffles!!! I was happy to share this place with Cristi as I have so many other friends.
Assortment of Hood strawberries, rhubarb compote, rose cream, whipped cream on the sweet ones and the savory is a perfect pairing of black forest ham and gruyere cheese with maple syrup.  To think we almost only ordered two.

Life is short eat your waffles with whipped cream!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I live in Sparkletown

I love it when a holiday weekend sneaks up on me and I get an extra day to do what I want!  I hope those in the states enjoyed the time off.  The weather was crap except for Saturday which was beautifully sunny.  Here are some highlights from my world.
 I made this case over the weekend and I love it loads more that my first try.
 I made some jewelry presents this weekend too.
I hung out with Cristi and we did some thrift shopping.  I rescued these clowns that looked like they were in a fire.  I have plans for these little creeps!
 I wish this pink dresser could have come home with me but at the risk of Chris moving out, not worth it.
 Cristi scored a designer top and beads for under $10.  I had to snap a photo of these twins, they were so sweet and adorable and friendly!

My bag of clowns and this!
 Lamp from Costa Rica, clown sitting guard.
Cristi gave me this cute wallet obviously Peetee inspired!
All this shopping sure made us hungry, so french pastries were in order.  I'll save the rest for later as I see 8 am fast approaching.  What have I missed in our blogging world?  Dare I say my computer hasn't been on all weekend? Nope not at all and boy did I need that break!  Can't wait to see what I've missed.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Try and see the beautiful

Life seems to be full of wonderfulness at the moment, I almost don't care that the high yesterday was 50.  I lie, I care but there is nothing I can do to change the weather so instead, as I have said before, I am my own sunshine.  See it really is about how you see things.
Part of keeping your flowers blooming is to dead head them often.  Here is a collection from my yard, even decomposition can be beautiful.

I have been wanting to wear this vintage find for a while, Cristi really took care of me and hemmed 4 vintage dresses and I can't wait to share them all with you.  This is one of my favorite!

 Do you guys like it better with the belt?
 Of course I'm rocking it with my newest pair of KMK leggings.  Don't these remind you of Lisa Frank!
 OMG these rule!
 Here is my kitty ice cream necklace from My Locketship.   I know it's crazy good isn't it! You should check out her shop all you cat ladies!!!!
My boobs look huge huh, it's funny but they remind me of my Grandma's.  OMG that's not funny at all!!!!!:)

I was so happy yesterday to receive a parcel from Curtise.  She posted a tea towel from 1970 the year I was born and asked if anyone wanted it, I was the lucky 1970 girl.
 This pretty glass ring.
 These insane feather ear rings, I will so rock these!
 and a gorgeous dress that my boobs just can't squeeze into, DAM, love the print Curtise!!!  Thank you!
I'm ditching work early for an afternoon of thrifting with Cristi.  Tomorrow we are having dinner at her place and I am so looking forward to that.  Best thing about blogging are the real friendships I've developed here.  I talk to some of you more than my own family, that says a lot.

"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart." ~ Kahlil Gibran

I think you are all mighty BEAUTIFUL!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Find me in paint and patterns

I've had such a nice weekend with the perfect mix of socializing and solitude.  I spent a good long time out in the garden, feeding my flowers, pruning and a pulling.  Being out in the dirt and sunshine makes me feel alive and pretty sore the next day:)  I also did a bit of thrifting and found some things to re fashion.  Heck I got my craft on big time.  I found this mirror for $3 and painted it and then tried to make it look a bit worn.  I'm quite pleased with the results and it brightens up our entryway.
I also made my very first Kawaii phone case.  Not bad for a first try but I plan on making one or two more. When my father in law saw this he said, "Where are the skulls?"  Don't you love it when people get you :)
 I never look at framed art when thirfting but when I did I found this fantastic fabric art collage. The back of it says it was done by Joan Dawson of Maldon Essex.  I painted the frame purple.  Thanks Joan, I love it!  Everything about it reminds me of you Clare.
I also found my very first granny square blanket for $3.
I hung out with my sweet friend Cristi of Kiss Me Kitty and 2 of her 5 cats.
 Her black cats are so mellow.
I wore my favorite pair of KMK leggings.
 I think you need a closer look.
This sugar skull girl is my favorite.


 This dog reminds me of several I know.
 My latest pair of Chucks found at Ross for $19.
 I heart hearts.
Have you noticed I never apologize when my posts are photo heavy?  I guess I'm just a visual person plus I'm a ginger and I have no soul.
 I made this ring and a few others from fabric covered buttons.  See, I was a busy crafting bee and I feel so much happier for it!

What do you do to find a bit of peace?