Friday, May 31, 2013

Aqua Net

I think I have loved hearts since I can remember.  They were one of the first things I ever drew as a kid.  When I saw this heart print dress I knew it had to be mine.  It was huge and looked awful on but after Cristi hemmed it short and took it in on the sides, I am oh so happy with my heart print dress.

 Cutest toggle buttons and big collar.
  I also love the cuffs.
 I tried making a skull out of my dead heads.
 Yes I play with dead things:)
 While a killer looks on
  Ash was in a rather photogenic mood.
 I took full advantage. 

 and then we have a gratuitous Peetee shot :)
and the gem of the entire post would be this shot of me and my step sister taken by my step Dad when I was all of 17.
Two words, AQUA NET!

Enjoy the weekend and maybe if we all pray for sun it will shine into every corner of the world!


Vix said...

Jaysus! After that last picture I'm truly lost for words, both your hair styles are so 80s it hurts!
Ash looks evil in that first shot, I bet she stuck that sticker on poor Peetee's back, devil cat that she is!
Love that adorable heart print mini dress and leggings combo and your dead flower art.
Speak in a bit (if we manage to get it right!)
Love you xxxxxxxx

freckleface said...

Hee hee! Wowzer! Great 80s shot! You were so darned fashionable! Respect!! ;)

Peeteeeeee! You have a sticker on your bum my little love! I tell you what, I would squeeze him if I got the chance.

Great heart frock, who doesn't love a heart? It's got to be the most positive symbol. Love, love, love!

I did a bit of deadheading this afternoon and thought of you. I love your dead flower skull almost as much as Ash does. Have a great weekend. xxxx

Lucys Lounge said...

wow krista . lovely picture of you and your sister. great hearty dress. a beautiful cat. lucyx

Jane George said...

lordy lord that hair in the last shot! i revisited my youth for a fleeting moment! And that dress, how i love those colours and with the glasses, i just smile every single time i land here xxxxxx

Miss Magpie said...

Oh god those are the hairstyles that haunt!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Gig hair!!!!! I still love it. That heart dress is so adorable :)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

WAAAAAHHH, your hair back then! Love how you have wholeheartedly embraced the decade!

Cute dress print, there is something about hearts, I agree. xx

Heather said...

Whoa you rocked the aqua net girl!! Love what you guys did with the heart dress. I really like the idea of repurposing thrifted finds I think you can end up with some really great pieces this way ~I hope the sun shines for you!!! have a great weekend Love Heather

thorne garnet said...

omg, 80's hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the dead flower art and Ash looks hateful in the first photo.

Helga! said...

HOLY SHIZZER!!! That last pic is GOLD! I used a hairspray called Silhouette, you can still get it. As a dedicated Goth, I used cans and cans of it, and I AM sorry, atmosphere, really I am!
Ha, that first pic of Ash is hilarious! That's a face that could sour milk!!! She's such a babe. My Peeps does what we call "poo face" when she is displeased.
Your new dress is trcik, love LOVE the print, and bless Cristi for making it wearable! That's where a few sewing skills really come in handy! I used to draw interlinked hearts when I was a kid.

CityScape Skybaby said...

The heart dress fits you like a dream now Krista and I always want those woolly leggings so badly when I see them. Ash is a beauty even if he is a killer and Peetee is super cute with that sticker on his bum! Your dead head skull is rather beautiful and I absolutely love seeing the seventeen year old Krista, ah I miss big 80's hair and bin lid earrings to go with it. xx

pastcaring said...

Oh I would have been so jealous of your hair back in the 80s, mine was never as big and curly as I wanted it to be, and I made my own personal hole in the ozone layer too (Insette hairspray, cheap, strong, smelled heinous...)
I love seeing cats doing their bitch face, they have it down pat, don't they? I agree with Vix, I bet she put that sticker on Peetee and then laughed at him all day, cats are like that.
Gorgeous heart frock, after Cristi's excellent surgery, you look gorgeous and happy and delicious! (Can Cristi do anything with the dress I sent you? Could she magically transform it into a skirt? Cos she can do good things with a sewing machine!)
Have a lovely weekend - sun's out here, hurray! xxxx

Debbie Baker Burns said...

Love that vintage dress! Great print. Debbie @

Tammy McGill said...

Haha that picture of you and all your hair is great! Ash is looking crazy as ever. Cute dress too:)

Nat said...

Love everything about this post... the cute heart print dress, your flower skull, Ash and Peetee... but especially the last pic! Lovin' the 80s look :-)

Anonymous said...

Love that first photo of the cat--mesmerizing eyes.

And, Aqua Net! My oldest daughter practically lacquered her bathroom in the stuff.

Jean at said...

OHMYGOD. Saving the best for last, are we?!! I was about to comment on the-most-beautiful-cat-in-the-world pictures, but then you totally made me forget what I was going to say.

Love the hearts and the dead head sculpture, too.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh wow I would have KILLED for your hair!!! Mine was so dead straight in the 80s, only a perm would give me the required volume and oh yes to Aqua Net!!!!!! What an amazing pic, I swear you've barely changed the face, still so stunning! The dress is utterly to die for with that AMAZING collar, buttons and cuffs - GAH!!!!!!! Gorgeous honey and oh yes to the skull, Ash looking saucy and our bootiful Peetee boy. xoxoxoxooxo

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

I wish that you are good at singing. Please say you're bacause it would go so well with your look.

two squirrels said...

Yay the heart dress is gorgeous on you!!!!! Oh I am so happy I sent you a heart now.....yay!!!!
Ash is so cute....I really do love him sweet.
Peetee too!!!!! Look at his wee tushy.....tee hee.
I hope you have a magical week filled with hearts.
Love V

Nerd Burger said...

I lOVE that old photo of you. You look soooooo rad! That hair.... so divine.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

wow! The hair! so big! but your face is exactly the same! you youthful minx you. Love the dress, you're so cute of course you drew hearts! I drew cats with thousands of legs. Handy having Cristi there to refashion your new clothes for you! I love Ash, she looks so annoyed and I always love a gratuitous Peetee shot! Was he unimpressed with the sticker, because they know when you're laughing at them. xxxxxxxxxx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

holy crap! LOVE the throwback pic!

Misfits Vintage said...

LOVE the gorgeous dress - especially with the fab tights (of COURSE). Ash totally looks a psychopath!!! The Peetee pic is fab and holy crap the 80s pic os AWESOME! (I had to google Aqua Net - and oh yes, I hear ya, sistah!)

Sarah xxx