Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Give me quality over quantity

I had eyed this dress for almost a year before I broke down and bought it.  Even on sale it was more than I usually pay for a dress at about $35 but I fell for the print.
Can you blame me really? The fit is pretty good and it has pockets but I don't love it.  It is poorly made and the material itself is a stiff cotton.  I bet it will look like crap after one wash.
I'm so over cheap throw away fashion.  I wish the media would let the entire world know what clothing manufacturers were making clothes in that factory in Bangladesh, that way we could all make a choice about who we give our money too.   Some shots of the critters this weekend:)
I keep finding more reasons to buy vintage frocks over new ones.  The one I'm wearing below with my KMK leggings cost only $5 and I like it even more.
I can only hope I hold up as well as this dress, but I want to stick with my current owner forever!

Lilacs from my father-in laws garden, this is a favorite springtime smell.  Above is my natural hair color.
 I'm having some work done in the yard again.
 The weeds were taller than Peetee.
I also wanted to let any of you locals know that I will be working at Crafty Wonderland this year with Cristi selling her fabulous Kiss Me Kitty leggings.
And after talking with Vix about how killer her online store Kinky Melons looks I asked Cristi if I could try and build her a new website, she said sure!

Check it out here.  Tell me what you guys think I wanna know.  The photos will all be re-done in the catalog but for now I have to say I'm pretty happy with how it looks and Cristi is over the moon :)


Vix said...

That dress is incredible! It's a perfect fit on your hot bod and so you! You look gorgeous! The hibiscus leggings, the pink frock, Peetee, his ladyfriend and the blooms are pretty wonderful, too.
Cristi's website is fantastic, you should both be inundated at Crafty Wonderland.
Primark & Bon Marche were the two companies who used the Bangladeshi factory to manufacture their tat. They should hang their heads in shame.
I'm in the garden today, it's not exactly hot but the sun's out!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lynn Dylan said...

Hi Krista! I love your new dress. The print is fabulous! And I think the website looks great! Those leggings are amazing!!!


Anonymous said...

The print on the dress is fabulous and so you!! and it fits like a dream!1 I hope it will hold up as well as the adorable vintage one did!!

I looked over two Eshakti dresses at the Goodwill this weekend. (both were too big) They were custom-made and the styles were adorable. BUT-the workmanship was horrifically shoddy. The fabric was rather cheap, too. They were probably close to $100 new.

AAAWWW so much Peetee cuteness!! He does love having his picture taken the little ham!!
I love what you're doing to KMK's site!!!

Anonymous said...
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Miss Simmonds Says said...

P P P POW!! You're tank girl after all, so you need a comic strip dress. I really love it, I bet you're pleased you finally got it too. Peetee and Girlfriend are so adorable! I want to give them a squeeze... and you too. Good luck to Cristi at the fair! And I bet the website you make will be fantastic too! xxxx

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Cheap throw away-fashion is not just unethic, but also boring. Your dress is Everything but boring though.

Anonymous said...

You are my super heroin and this dress is fantastic! I wish it won't look like crap after you washed, those colours are so bright and awesome!I adore Cristi's new website, you did a wonderful work and I have a great time looking at all the fabulous new leggings she made, she really deserves all the best! The ones you are wearing here are the same she sent me and I'm going to do a post with them soon, I worn them a lot but I could't take good photos because of the rain, I'm surprised by how many different colours you can wear with them and you give me always inspiration with your creativity. I really like the floral dresses with the floral leggings! A big hug to you and the adorable Peetee you are my Batman & Robin!
I love you more than punching Joker in the face!xxxxxxxx

Lucys Lounge said...

hi krista . this is a great post full of my favourite tings. your dress is great if you wash it you can starch it it will feel new again., maybe .
lilac is my most lovely flower i love the smell.
you are a wizard at the website. its great and so easy to see everything. lucyx

Dolly Cool Clare said...

That is one of my all time favourite fabrics! I use it for my hairties :)
Its a shame the dress is badly made, as its good quality Alexander Henry fabric...hopefully it may soften a little when you wash it. Suits you so well :) x

Ivy Black said...

No I don't blame you, that's such a fab frock and I love that fabric.
Cristi's website is wonderful...look at all those lovely leggings!
Have fun at the fair.

Louise McDonagh said...

What a shame that you don't love that frock. It looks so beautiful and so you, but it's a real bummer when the quality doesn't hold up. Peetee is so cute, I just want to cuddle him. Xx

freckleface said...

You look great in both of your dresses. You're right that first one is a great fit and print.

Those lilacs look beautiful, isn't it wonderful to finally be able to go out in the garden? Your pink hair is gorgeous, but I really love your natural colour too, it's got hints of red in it and is lovely and shiny. xxx

pastcaring said...

That first dress is a brilliant fit and a great print, but what a pity the construction lets it down... I'm with you, I can't bear all that mass produced crap, so samey, so shoddy, so unethical. Vintage frocks all the way, baby! Especially if they look as spectacular as yours, made even cuter and more colourful by Cristi's leggings!
Peetee and his girlfriend look adorable, the lilac is heavenly, and you have done such a great job on Cristi's website. Best of luck for Crafty Wonderland - you two could team up, Cristi's leggings and your jewellery, a killer combo! xxxx

thorne garnet said...

what a horror for those poor workers, it's the Triangle Shirt Factory fire all over again. Some of the clothes made in those factories cost big bucks in fancy stores, not all of it is sold at cheap places.

On a happy note, Krista, you are a little ray of sunshine!

liz said...

Is that dress from Modcloth? I drool over their dresses, but they are definitely overpriced for the quality. I just paid over 70 bucks for a SUNDRESS with batik ice cream cones on it, for cry-yi. I know better!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Even though you say it's cheap, the dress looks so cool and totally great on you. Pockets!! I love a dress with pockets!
That website is ahhhhh-mazing! I love it! You are great at web design. Is that what you do?
Becky :)

Helga! said...

The website is awesome, I loev your new header, I adore lilacs and critters that get lost in the weeds! Your frocks are BOTH divoon and that collapsed factory is just appalling.....wake up world!!!!

Anonymous said...

The print is pretty cool and I don't know of anyone who could carry it off aswell as you, you foxy lady.

And the website looks fabulous, if only I had the legs for leggings xxx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Good purchase. I'm not mad atcha for buying it!

Ariane Lasalle said...

HI Krista!

How are you doing!
Summer arrived in Montreal finally
I check everyone of your eye candy post, bit of catching up to do
Love went your braid your hair, so cute, love the kiss me kitty web site and all the fabulous leggings
Love that sweet hippie boho blue dress you had on an other post
Have a great weekend

Love and hugs


Nerd Burger said...

That is the best dress I have ever seen. Pretty sure I need to get one and wear it in a Nerd Burger post. Hehehe

two squirrels said...

Oh summer means Lilac.....I love it too. The smell is heavenly.
The dress is brilliant sweet and It suits you so much.....pockets!!!!!! Why do they have to be so badly made, grrr it is just about yucky money. That's the biggest problem with the world.
Yes yes it's about getting fabulous quality and wonderful history.....Vintage always!!!!!
Look at your gorgeous wee puppies. Ahhh so cute.
Have a super duper weekend sweet.
Love V

Heather said...

Wow Krista the website looks awesome I think I recognize some of those legs :) wash that dress inside out in cold water and throw in a little salt with a very mild detergent. I know exactly what you mean the clothing they sell now a days is really just crap. I need to find a new thrift store the one in town is ridiculous now they have the worst prices it is goodwill but now they have boutique prices for namebrand items which means stuff can be 30 to 50$ which is just a crime!! Have fun at the craft sale!! Love Heather

Mary Lou said...

oh yes i can totally understand you with what you said about quality and cheap fashion, well the print of the dress of course is absolutely gorgeous, it also happened to me that i bought stuff only because i fell for the print but the quality was so poor that after a few wash it looked really ugly :( so since a time i decided to boycott chains who let produce their stuff somewhere in asia and making my own stuff or buying vintage like you!

Penny-Rose said...

I hear what you are saying about the way some clothes are made - its a pity the dress is not what you hoped for, but it still looks great on you and the print is fantastic. I love the photos of your garden and the critters and the lovely lilac. Hope the craft fair goes well and I had a quick look at the leggings website and it looks great. Well done!!

Bella Q said...

When I get a sec, I'm going to go over and check out the site you made- way to go. At the moment I shouldn't even be here, reading- but I am mesmerized by you and your bright frocks and blazing point regarding cheap clothes, throw away fashion and life taking factories. Wake up call indeed, and you are such a great role model to follow- shop secondhand first!

Sacramento Amate said...

Wonderful print and frresh lilacs, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
You got me.