Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm down with the clown

I love dressing up and having dinner at a friends.  There is nothing quite as nice as someone else doing the cooking.  This weekend Chris and I had dinner with Cristi and her hubby.  They made us some killer salmon, wild rice and I brought a yummy salad.
This dress and sweet pink basket purse were just begging to go to a BBQ and they were also completely Helga inspired~ who was here almost a year ago.  Has it already been a year?
Aren't we being all cute and fussy?
  Cristi's very own KMK blue fish scale leggings.
 and her pretty blue eyes.
The boys chillin and sheet.
The Salmon was so dam good.
and I actually found olives I like, FINALLY!  The Italian beer was light and refreshing and made us think of our friends over there.
I borrowed these glasses from Cristi for the pictures because I dig them but after seeing them on me in these pictures they really do nothing for me.  
I like that about pictures, for the most part they don't lie.
I even found time to finish up this shelf that I bought for a buck.  It was baby blue
and now 
 it's awesome and holds some of my tasty neck candy.
I cracked up at all the clown comments yesterday, you guys hate them!  I might have to run them over in my car now, I hope your happy! :)

One of my favorite places to grab a bite when it's not raining is The Waffle Window.  I love waffles.  I mean I seriously LOVE waffles!!! I was happy to share this place with Cristi as I have so many other friends.
Assortment of Hood strawberries, rhubarb compote, rose cream, whipped cream on the sweet ones and the savory is a perfect pairing of black forest ham and gruyere cheese with maple syrup.  To think we almost only ordered two.

Life is short eat your waffles with whipped cream!


Carina Rosenholm said...

I love your dress ! Want it...
You got a lot of yummie arm and necklace candy !
I probably would had ordered two waffels..May not finished them of though..

Mariela said...

You look great! Love the dress and wow your bathroom/dressing area is wonderfully colorful. Those scale leggings would probably as close as I would be to becoming a mermaid.

I love homemade waffles too. I've been wanting to buy a Belgian waffle maker but they are expensive. Maybe during Black Friday sales.

freckleface said...

Ooh you've got a beautiful red and white gingham dress too! Don't you look wonderful in it. All cute and colourful. Your friend looks like a mermaid in her leggings. I love BBQs, well, eating outside is fabulous whatever the grub on offer. I love your palace of pinkness and your new craft triumph! xxxx

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That dress just screams PINIC!!! i love it!!
Cristi's fishscale leggings are da bomb!!

Oh my==seeing all of your jewelry in it's rainbow glory is awesome! So much eye-candy!!love the shelf redo~~


We used to live near this place called Weenie World--all kinds of hotdogs and toppings!!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Holy waffles!!! Those look yum! You and Christi are so cute and I'm crazy for your pink shelf and jewellery assortment. Girl London would STEAL the whole lot of it if she could lolzzz

Ivy Black said...

Love that frock on you. Love it! Love it! Fishscale leggings? Oh god yes! Fab.

The Vintage Knitter said...

I love all of your jewellery..its gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous what fun and yumminess is this post. Your dress is just adorable and would happily wear it. It reminds somewhat of a yellow and 1950's dress I have. Cristi's leggings a sheer awesomeness and madness and I would love them too. The food looks scrumptious and dessert drool worthy. Oh what fun you had and with you gorgeous smile. X

pastcaring said...

Ahh, what a gorgeous gingham dress, you look so pretty with your basket, kinda like a tattooed Fairytale heroine!
Cristi's mermaid leggings are amazing, I think they might be my favourites.
A BBQ with good friends is always a wonderful thing, especially when accompanied by a few Peroni... That salmon looks delicious!
Love your little shelf, look at all your beautiful jewellery! It's making my mouth water almost as much as those waffles!
PS. Charlie the Killer is the black'n'white cat bottom right in the photo collage of the cats - and he's caught another squirrel today, he's such a bad boy! xxxxx

Jane George said...

gotta love that dress and hello that stash of jewellery, oh wowsers! xxxxx

Vix said...

That dress is so gorgeous on you and I'm digging Cristi's fish scale leggings! I'm loving watching you guys having fun together even if I am insanely jealous and want to be there with you.
Your jewellery corner is awesome, I could play dress up for hours.
Yay to finally liking olives, it comes to us all. It must be an over 40 thing 'cos Jon hated them for years.
I'm afraid the clowns and the waffles get a thumbs down from me :-(!!!
Speak soon (I hope) Love ya! xxxxx

Helga! said...

That divoon frock makes me pee myself with envy! And you KNOW I adore that handbag! Yep, it most cerainyl is almost a whole year since I was able to touch your sexacious bod for reals! Feck it was a GREAT time, we loved you guys so much!
Cristi's scale leggings are KILLER!
I love salmon, that whole meal rocks for me....but I don't think I've ever had waffles?! I'm not much of a sweet tooth, but they do look good!
I know, the anti clown thing is pretty common! Blame Poltergeist!!! Most people I know are scared of them, or just don't like them!
The new neck candy shelf is AWESOME!!!!

Mama Picture This said...

You are making me want to upcycle some stuff and EAT! Thanks for a fun post...

Lucys Lounge said...

krista. i love your bag. i've never seen one in pink before. those fish scale leggings are so great. enjoy your weekend lucyx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous post! The pictures are lovely and I just adore your dress! I love your collection of 'neck candy' too:)

Anonymous said...

My reaction to your first photo was 'I want all Krista's wearing!!' what a cool dress and the pink basket is lovely, I'm really trying to find a similar one for ages!! Then the post fill me with joy, Cristi is stunning too and her outfit make her look like a mermaid!! Peroni is the best Italian beer, I hope that summer will arrive soon to drink it with my friends on a sunny afternoon!The shelf is perfect and I adore all your necklaces and accessories, your house is a perfect wonderland!!

CityScape Skybaby said...

I think I've gone blind from so much gorgeousness Krista! You looking adorable in that cute dress and bag, delicious food then more delicious food, a friend who looks like a beautiful mermaid, your bright colourful jewellery corner, I love it all! xx

Anonymous said...

Whoa, those are some serious waffles!

I love the huge gingham check in your dress.

thorne garnet said...

Tag you're it! I picked you for a Liebeter Award. The questions are on my june 2dn post. Answer the questions, post the badge, pick 5 or more blogs with under 300 followers, ask them 11 question. Or not!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Again with the food torture!! All those waffles and the delicious olives and salmon. It's too much. Cristi's fishscale leggings are just fantastic! My favourite so far! The gingham dress is just gorgeous, I love it on you.... and the little basket/wicker bag is too cute. You are definitely too cute and fussy the pair of you! It's ages since you saw Helga so soon it'll be ages since you came to England too! Sob Sob!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx LOVE!

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooooh this might be my all time favouritest dress ever in the history of the universe!!!!!! I LOOOVE it and you look gorgeous, as always!

Sarah xxx

Oh no... clowns... I'm nervous to go to the next post... I hate them too...