Friday, May 24, 2013

Try and see the beautiful

Life seems to be full of wonderfulness at the moment, I almost don't care that the high yesterday was 50.  I lie, I care but there is nothing I can do to change the weather so instead, as I have said before, I am my own sunshine.  See it really is about how you see things.
Part of keeping your flowers blooming is to dead head them often.  Here is a collection from my yard, even decomposition can be beautiful.

I have been wanting to wear this vintage find for a while, Cristi really took care of me and hemmed 4 vintage dresses and I can't wait to share them all with you.  This is one of my favorite!

 Do you guys like it better with the belt?
 Of course I'm rocking it with my newest pair of KMK leggings.  Don't these remind you of Lisa Frank!
 OMG these rule!
 Here is my kitty ice cream necklace from My Locketship.   I know it's crazy good isn't it! You should check out her shop all you cat ladies!!!!
My boobs look huge huh, it's funny but they remind me of my Grandma's.  OMG that's not funny at all!!!!!:)

I was so happy yesterday to receive a parcel from Curtise.  She posted a tea towel from 1970 the year I was born and asked if anyone wanted it, I was the lucky 1970 girl.
 This pretty glass ring.
 These insane feather ear rings, I will so rock these!
 and a gorgeous dress that my boobs just can't squeeze into, DAM, love the print Curtise!!!  Thank you!
I'm ditching work early for an afternoon of thrifting with Cristi.  Tomorrow we are having dinner at her place and I am so looking forward to that.  Best thing about blogging are the real friendships I've developed here.  I talk to some of you more than my own family, that says a lot.

"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart." ~ Kahlil Gibran

I think you are all mighty BEAUTIFUL!


liz said...

Definitely Lisa Frank leggings! Now you just need a Trapper Keeper to match. :) I prefer the dress with belt--it just looks like the kind of dress that should be belted. A pink belt would be cute!

Vix said...

I LOVE that dress and your boobs look mighty fine in it! You are my sunshine, too! The weather's terrible here.
How insanely fabulous are the new KMK leggings? They are so Kristalicious it's untrue!
Curtise's parcel is awesome. What a shame about the dress! The feathers, ring and tee towel more than make up for the disappointment though.
Have a fantastic weekend and give Cristi a big hug from me.
Hope we catch up next week, been too long, baby!
Love ya! xxxxxxx

pastcaring said...

Such a cute little dress with or without the belt! It looks fabulous with your new leggings. I'm disappointed the dress I sent doesn't accommodate the boobage, that's a shame, but I'm glad you like the rest!
Hope you had a successful thrifting trip with Crist,i and enjoy your dinner. Have a great weekend, darling! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you Krista for making my weekend always full of positive vibes! Your leggings are super cool, I adore Lisa Frank and they look exactly as her beautiful designs, the necklace is insane too, thank you for linking the shop because I loved everything and they inspired me a lot, I want to DIY soon a pair of floral cat ears! The dress is amazing too, have a great weekend darling, you are mighty beautiful too!
I love you more than cat ice cream cones!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

I like the dress with the belt, and I have a butterfly belt just like that, only mine is black. The leggings are such a fun print -I looked at Cristi's website and she doesn't state anywhere that I could find what the fabric composition of the leggings are - could you email me to let me know?

Carina Rosenholm said...

Such a great dress and the tights are amazing! The boobs and the necklace are mighty fine to ... ;)

Jane George said...

you sure are darn boobilicious ! that dress is gorgeous with or without the belt! I thought of you today as i turned some of my hair pink again! as always you are rockin my world with your awesomeness xxxx

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Hello there Pippi Longstocking!

Rose&Bird said...

Fab leggings and the dress is really sweet, I think I prefer it with the belt, but that's just me! Shame Curtise's dress didn't fit, maybe you can alter it? Love the jewellery too x

Louise McDonagh said...

I love your quotes, they are enlightening.

The dress is too cute, but I much prefer it without the belt. Such lovely gifts from Curtise,

It sounds like you have a fabulous weekend planned, enjoy it. Xx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I think the dress looks good with or w/o the belt. Such a pretty color and I love your braids. That necklace is out of control amazing. Your so lucky that Christi can hem your dresses for you.
Cool tea towel. I just got a flag from the year I was born and I'm stoked!
Becky :)

Heather said...

That dress is adorable fits you like a dream love how you shortened it up!! and the tights are super cute the bright colors look great on you :) Enjoy your long weekend Love Heather

Anonymous said...

What a bright post, very lovely... I love that you said 'I am my own Sunshine' -attitude is everything! You rock :)

xStroutx said...

I love this dress on you! Everything you wear is so bright and happy, you must just cause smiles and joy wherever you go...

thorne garnet said...

With the belt.

The dead headed flower are beautiful.

Frocktasia said...

You truly are sunshine Krista :) Yup, the weather/temperature leaves a lot to be desired here too but it can't rain forever. Soon we'll be packing a basket full of goodies, grab a couple of guitars and head to the park...I can feel it in me waters, next week will be glorious (I hope) ;) KMK leggings rule! Sending you

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I think you're beautiful! I love your spotty dress especially with those crazy tights, those are huge knockers but they are not matronly at all. Anyway, the necklace is insane, we're all jealous. Sending you love from my caravan! Xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah--Lisa Frank!!
The spotty dress is FANTASTIC--and the butterfly belt just is icing on it!!! It is definitely Racktastic!!

You are a wonderful ray of sunshine!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah--Lisa Frank!!
The spotty dress is FANTASTIC--and the butterfly belt just is icing on it!!! It is definitely Racktastic!!

You are a wonderful ray of sunshine!!

Lucys Lounge said...

krista . i don't know what has happened but i missed so many of your posts!! i was just thinking the other day you must be on holidays. can i say i love everything. i love your dress the pendant the leggings. your friend cristi is lucky to have a friend like you who models and promotes her legging so well. i love that fabric picture in the last post . i collect those and i have a bout 20 . i 've never seen one so colour ful. you have being very busy . the mirror is beautiful and is well situated at an entrance. i am going to keep a good eye out for your post now. i've missed a lot. love lucyx

Lucys Lounge said...

Welcome To Lucy's Lounge!'Beauty is not in the face.Beauty is in the light of the heart.' this is from my 'about ' part on my facebook page. great minds and all that .

freckleface said...

What a fabulous attitude Krista! You are like a ray of sunshine!

The deadheaded flowers are such beautiful colours. I'm a bit naughty and keeping up with it, then I have a splurge.

I love you in your vintage polka dots, such a gorgeous colour and shape. Didn't you do well with that tea towel from Curtise, Miss 1970! xxxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love that dress with the leggings Krista, and that cool necklace, I need to have a nosy at that site. I have to say your grandma must have had great boobs! I loved your comment on Curtise's post about how mean girls can be, it was very true about how many of us get hung up on stupid stuff as we get older and I admired your honesty. Love your quote about beauty being in the light of the heart, after some very unflattering beach pictures of me yesterday, I sure hope it's in the light of my heart! Hope you're having a great weekend! xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

The blue spotty frock is the PERFECT length and I love it with or without the belt coz it was MADE for you!!!!! I'm off to have a browse at Locketship ... hellz that necklace is perfect! Curtise is such a darling for sending you a lovely parcel :). Thank you so much for your very, very kind comment on my latest post ... yes, there has been much sadness here after extremely exciting plans involving my new passport have gone, gone, gone forever. I blame myself and I think I have lost the trust of an internet friend I was so looking forward to meeting. But yes, there is even beauty in decay and decomposition ... perhaps it's time for me to plant a garden. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Kitty said...

I'm gonna say, go without the belt- but I haven't read everyone elses comments!

Nerd Burger said...

Ok.. those kmk leggings are not on the webstore. I need them... seriously. They look like Lisa Frank stickers... SOOO RAD!
I love the dead flowers you collected. Such rad colours.

Anne said...

I like it without the belt. That sounds dirty, but you know what I mean. :) Also, the dead head flower photo is gorgeous as are your grandma's boobs. xo

Helga! said...

I have a frock in the same fabric that Sarah gave me on our first Helgastock! You look totally HOT in it! And that necklace....OMG, fabulARSE!
Muchos love! XXXXXXXXXXX

Reva Ford said...

I love your boobies! Off to check out the kitty stuff asap ;)
super big hugs

Cristi said...

That dress is now the perfect length! Makes me want to lop off more dresses into minis.

I love the necklace, and thank you for the ring! It always makes me smile and that is why it's in my special sink area so I can look at it all the time! ...I need that!;)

Your legs look rocking-and ready for the 80's dance party! All that color almost comes close to matching the rainbow of brightness that is YOU!!!;)

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh yay - this is my favourite outfit!!!

So it was YOU who beat me to the 1970 tea towel!

You are gorgeous!!

Sarah xxx