Friday, June 28, 2013

If you want perfect conditions you'll never get anything done!

This week has seriously been crazy!  After driving a stick shift most of my entire life I decided I wanted to get an automatic. Less than 24 hours later my car sold for full asking price.  I don't mess around when I set my mind to something. Woo Hoo!  Now I have no car:)  Chris and I will share his until I get my new one, you can imagine how happy that makes him. So what am I getting?  A MINI Cooper S!  I custom ordered it and aside from PINK not being a color option I think she will be a real beauty! Dream car on the way, 2 months and counting!
Today we are going to have the hottest day of the year, BRING IT ON!
I am wearing one of only 3 yellow dresses I own.  This is an Old Navy dress bought at the Goodwill for $3. I am also wearing a pair of crazy sneaker wedges!
 They are also extremely comfy.  The brand is Daddy's Money which in my opinion are super overpriced.  I was delighted to find a stash of these at Ross all under $20.  I also picked up a black sequin high top pair.
 The nice thing about not having a car is it forces me to slow down, something I have trouble doing.
I'm channeling Pippi Longstocking.
I'm hoping that a little bit of sun is shining on you right now!  Have a wonderful few days of freedom!


freckleface said...

Yellow and pink, what a fabulously happy combination. It suits you perfectly!

We are yo-yoing between getting burnt in the sun and getting drowned in the rain, but that's OK. Last year it was ALL rain, so this is an improvement.

Exciting news re the car. Shame there is no pink option...although there is always a re-spray!!! xxxx

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hi Krista!

How are you doing? sorry i did not commment lately
I looked at all your post, you are so refreshing i tell you
I have a pair of those sneakers, wedge you are wearing, i bought them in San Francisco, I'm afraid at full price -
I checked Sparkle Beast Design, i want to order the earrings, they are so awesome -

Take care



Jane George said...

i love yellow and pink and your flowers in your hair just make me wanna smile! But oh that necklace! I adore there a close up anywhere of it? xxxxxx

Lucy Nation said...

Seriously, the weather here has been incessant rain all day so it's nice to see some summer sun. You look gloriously happy and delightful in that frock. Pink and yellow, what a combination! Hope the sun continues to shine xxxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

Pippi it is! Great look , love the colours and your new shoes . What a great feeling to get a new car!

Tammy McGill said...

I would have never thought of pairing pink and yellow but I like it, it's cute. I'm thinking of stopping by goodwill today to see if I can find something cute to wear for my party tomorrow. See you then :)

Tammy McGill said...
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thorne garnet said...

I guess a brand named "Daddy's Money" says it all about the overpricing. They look cool. I'm not a fan of yellow, but you look like sunshine.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Oh, we have a lot of sun here lolzzzzz You look glorious Pippi!!! Can't wait to see the car-- way to make it happen!

Anonymous said...

You are stunning in your yellow and pink!! The dress is adorable!!
I love the sneakers and $20 is a steal for them!!!

MINI COOPER!!! OMG I want one as my next car!! I love them!!
Can't wait to see the new ride!!

Heather said...

wooo hoo!!! how exciting!! we see out in east county all the time a mini group that goes on rides out through the country on the weekend sometimes you see like 30 of them in a row :) you look fabulous!!! I have a question this may seem weird but with your red hair and your pretty skin I am assuming you use sun block. If you use a sunblock on your face what do you use. I have been looking for one and so far everyone breaks my skin out. would love some advice:) Love those sneakers I really like how they hide the wedge it makes your calves look really nice!! its crazy hot here cool my friend xoxo Heather

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

That hairpiece must be on the Worlds ten best hairpieces ever list (if that kind of list exists?)

pastcaring said...

You look beautiful in the lovely sunshine, Krista, all yellow and pink and Pippi and flowery! No sun here. Cool, rainy... Oh yes, another great British summer!
Hope you are having a great weekend. Slowing down is gooooood! xxxx

xStroutx said...

Oh you beautiful lady! I love love love this dress on you. Enjoy the new car, it sounds like it will suit you perfectly

beckynot said...

Is that a pink ribbon braided in your hair or is that your hair? It's pretty.

Nerd Burger said...

Love this colour combination. You look so bright and cheerful. That necklace is amazing.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

You are a sunny little angel! I love Minis! Buy me one too!

Helga! said...

You are such a splendid Sagi!!!
Going hard, all the way!!!
Very excited about your new car, although your old one was pretty awesome! Getting an automatic means I could maybe drive it a bit next time we're there!!! HA!
Jaysus, you look scrumptious in yellow!!! Love everything about this outfit, AND the hottest day of the year?! Bring it ON!!! At least we're getting some sunshine, that makes me pretty happy!

Trees said...

Yellow looks FABULOUS on you!! I love it and I can't wait to see your new car:)

Louise McDonagh said...

You look like the sunshine in yellow, and have definitely caught the sunshine too. I've driven automatic before, but I definitely prefer manual. You will love your mini though, it will be so cool. Big hugs xx

two squirrels said...

Oh the yellow dress is so pretty and sings sweet summer on you!!!!!!!
How exciting a new car.......yay I can't wait for you to show us.
love V

Anonymous said...

Yellow looks amazing on you and you are so tanned, perfect to rock those colors!! I hope your car will arrive soon, the mini cooper has always been my favourite car since my beautiful aunt used to have one in the 80's and she often picked me up from school! I always dream to have one sooner or later! The sun is here too, but I'm still waiting for the heat, it's more like spring time here!
Have a wonderful week!
Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I had beautiful sun when you wrote this but it seems to have buggered off again. I love those sneakers - Krista colours of course, looking forward to seeing the sequin ones. As you know, in the UK we mostly drive manuals, that's what I'm learning in, so perhaps you can sympathise with my clutch problems! I can't wait to see this custom mini! I bet it's going to be amazing! Love your hair and the hazy sunny shot too... ooh and I love yellow dresses so I adore yours xxxx