Thursday, June 6, 2013

I've always admitted that I'm ruled by my passions!

Said Elizabeth Taylor.  I am in the middle of a book I think you gals would love but I bet a lot of you have read it already, It's All About the Dress by Vicky Tiel.  She and her pal Mia are the girls responsible for inventing the mini skirt!!!! She worked closely with Elizabeth Taylor for years and this book has a lot of wonderful stories about her.  Also included are people like Marlon Brando, Miles Davis, Paul Newman, Woody Allen, Dali and Elvis.  I am slurping through these pages like I've never had a drink in my life.

This morning when I got dressed I still had Elizabeth on my mind and this is what I reached for.
 Every woman should rock a white dress!  I only own 2 and they both have stuff on them.  I picked this one up last year while we were in Scotland and this is it's first outing!  It was all of $8. I also put on the only diamond necklace I own, I'm not really into diamonds but boy was Liz.
She was stunning glammed up
 or even like this, but her real beauty shone from within.
  The sun is scorching hot today, finally!
 and I haven't worn my Nike gladiators since last summer, I love these shoes!
 Painted my toes finally!
I also picked up a copy of GLAMOUR magazine because PINK was on the cover and I love her!
 This magazine made me chuckle several times out loud.  First when I saw this ad.  Glamour has partnered with some sunglass company to make a new retro pair and they are only $95.  My advice is to buy the real stuff for a whole lot less.
This cracked me up too!  Looks like Desire at Sassy Vamps was ahead of her time in making floral crowns and inspiring us all to do the same.
  This one I made for all of $3.
I also was relieved, NOT, to find out that it is ok for me to wear sneakers with my dresses.  This was keeping me up at night:)
I know some girls look to magazines for inspiration and there is nothing wrong with that.  To those girls I say this, be inspired but don't be lured into buying crap you can't afford and stuff that doesn't suit you just because it's on trend.  At 42 I am finally dressing for me and it is so liberating!  Who do you dress for?

Women in the blogging world and real life inspire me on a daily basis.  Take my sweet neighbor who just turned 70 and totally reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor.  She's a real beauty inside and out and still loves dressing up!
For her birthday her daughter had her house flocked, that's our house in the background with the blue door.
Can you imagine waking up to this on your front yard?
 I can and I'd love it and so did she.

Chris and I are off to Seattle this weekend to visit his terminally ill Aunt.  She has lung cancer that has spread to her brain.  I'm a little scared to see her this sick but it's not about how I feel, it's about her. The trip will be bitter sweet.  See you guys after a while and enjoy the weekend!


Melanie said...

I love your dress Krista, it's so crisp and just right for these wonderful summer days. It's a beautiful day over here too.
I have always liked those flamingos, a friend of Andy's brings one back from the US every time he visits and they look fabulous in his garden.

Mariela said...

That dress is great! I don't really care for white clothing because I'm a spaz and drop everything on my chest or my cleavage. Yeah it's been like that since high school.

Wow! You neighbor does not look 70. Amazing. We have the flamingo flock thing out here in Northern Nevada. It's pretty funny.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Of Course one can wear sneakers to a dress! Sneakers can be worn to Everything...
Love this post!

Anonymous said...

I love the dress, those peacock feathers add an even more glamorous touch in a totally Liz style, probabily your gladiator sandals with such a beautiful dress reminded me of a modern pink version of her in Cleopatra!! I love fashion but I don't buy magazines any more, Vogue Italia sometimes because the photos are breathtaking, but to have a look at this copy of Glamour makes me think about how much is easy to copy these looks with few money and a little bit of creativity!!
I'm sorry to hear about Chris aunt, a big hug for you both!!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh my word, your neighbour does look like Elizabeth Taylor and I love her flamingos. Mine (I've only got two) have lost their legs but they're still lying around our garden (somewhere). I love your white frock, it's gorgeous. xx

Miss Magpie said...

Whilst you look absolutely stunning in yours I have to disagree and say not every woman can rock a white dress. Those of us with pale anglo-saxon colouring do not look good in all!

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hi Krista,

wanting to tell you i can't check your blog via the comment you leave me- Maybe you didn't include me in your circle in google+ or something -
Love that white dress, stunning!
Elizabeth is one of my fav actress, saw a lot of her movies
Your neighbor is 70? wow she looks good!



Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about chris's aunt--will be sending up some prayers!! Have a safe trip!!

OMG that dres is freaking AMAZING!!! i love everything from youo crown of floweres to your purple sandals!!

You neighbor looks so cool--i'd love to be flocked (I love flamingos)

I'm going to check that book out--sounds great. i've always adored Liz Taylor--amazing actress and stunning to boot!

Helga! said...

I adore flamingoes, and would LOVE a pile of them in my yard!!! How gloriARSE to be flocked like that! She's a BABE, by the way!
O, that is just dreadful about Chris' aunt. I do hope she's no longer in pain, poor love.It's good you're going together.
I have not read that book, but I am going to hunt it out! Liz was one of my Mama's favourite film stars (along with Sophia Loren), and I've always loved her too.
I agree about having a white frock! I have just one, but I love white, and wouldn't mind another one or two...with "stuff" like peacock feathers on would be splendid!
Have a safe drive up to Seattle, gorgeous! Love to Chris.
O, I dress for ME ME ME!!!!!

Jane George said...

love the flamingoes and your dress...can't stand fashion mags! so sorry to hear about your aunt xxxxx

pastcaring said...

Love that dress with the peacock print, you look amazing.
I don't read any fashion magazines, but doubtless if I did, I would be laughing too. The thought of anyone dictating to others what they can and can't wear, what's in or out, is so daft, you can only laugh, right? Much better to go your own way and suit yourself.
Your neighbour look incredible, she does have a look of Liz Taylor about her. Now SHE was a stunner, wasn't she?
Hope the trip to see Chris' aunt goes OK, I'm sorry to hear she is so ill. See you when you get back, darling. xxxx

Anonymous said...

No way you're 42, seriously? I would not have picked that being your age. You're rocking 42 and that dress lovely. I hate how trends are dictated and fashion gets flip over and reinvented and trend followers think they invented the wheel, when it was already invented by those who through the fashion inhibitions to the side. I had to laugh at the sunglasses ad, that company approached me ages ago about featuring them on my log with a giveaway. But even if I had they don't ship to Australia, which so not cool or helpful to promote then tell all my fellow Aussies nah, nah, nah not worth you getting all excited. Agreed hunt for the real deal and be patient.

All the best with your travels to is Chris' aunt. X

two squirrels said...

The dress is so amazing on you sweet and the peacock feather design wonderful. Miss Liz was such a true beauty.......
You neighbor looks like such a stylish and lovely it.
Sweet all the best for the is so hard to see the people we love ill.......Hugs to you and Chris.
love V
Oh Oh the dress I sent looks too cute on you....Yay.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I've never heard of being "Flocked" before. I highly doubt the service is available where I live but with pink flamingos at a like $2 I think I'm going to do that to my yard just for fun!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dress and perfectly paired with the gladiators! Here's a bit of strength for the weekend ahead of you.

wholesale oil painting said...

You are such a big fan of P!nk!!! And ME TOO!!! Just Give Me A Reason!!!

Vix said...

I love you in that angelic dress and I adore those sandals, you wore them on the first post of yours I ever commented on so they're special.
Those magazines make me laugh, they are so out of date! I'm hardly cutting edge fashion-wise but I've been wearing massive white 1960s sunnies and flower garlands in my hair for at least 5 years and who's to say what we can wear with our maxi dresses? It's not like anyone can see our feet!
Your neighbour is a stunner, I love her and I'd die for a flock of flamingos like that!
Have a fantastic trip!
Love you! xxxxxxx

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

You look great in your dress, with or without sneakers. I have not read the book and I will check out if it's translated to swedish (or shall I practise my english ... hmm). I believe that you build a strange to go your own way if life is not too easy when you grow up. Me, for an example ... I was the tallest in my school and I really wanted to have som hormons to stop growing, but my mum says no.When you get reminded of your complex every day, it may be a way to learn to recieve comments so when yoou became an adult - you no longer care.

Tammy McGill said...

You know, I have known about "flocking" for like 2 or 3 years now and I have always thought that I should have that done to your house someday. I love how they put hats and decoration on them, so cute.

Sorry to hear about Chris' aunt :( I know its not a fun trip but I hope you enjoy some time there. See ya next week

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You look great in the dress and I love those insane Nikes!!! I have a hard time with white because it's not very flattering with my skin tone and I'm super messy!
Becky :)

freckleface said...

I love you in your white peacock maxi dress basking in the sun. You could be Liz as Cleopatra!

She was a beauty, I love to see the photos of her au naturel and that's when you know she was special. That book sounds amazing.

Your neighbour sound wonderful - I presume that's her daughter and granddaughter? I've been lusting over some Don Featherstone flamingos for ages, but we can't get them here.

Sorry to hear about your poorly relative. You are doing the right thing in going to see her. xxxxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

I'm sorry to hear about Chris's aunt, I hope she's comfortable and I'm sure your visit will mean a lot to her. This is a gorgeous post Krista, great minds must think alike because I finally painted my toenails and was wearing the only two white, well more ivory really, dresses I own last week, my wedding dress and my wedding party dress. Yours is gorgeous, I really love the peacock feathers on it and your gladiator sandals. I'd never heard of flocking before but what a nice idea, I would love to have one plastic flamingo for our garden so a flock would make me very happy! And Liz Taylor was such a stunner but also sounds like a great warm hearted person from what I've read. I very rarely read magazines now, who needs magazines when I have you lot. When I do look at magazines I swear they're ripping off half the bloggers' ideas anyway! xx

BellaBean Vintage said...

Sorry to hear about Chris' aunt, so lovely that you're both going to visit, it will be a comfort to her to have family around...

You are fully rocking that white dress - I love peacock feathers. I must admit I'll look at and read anything about clothes and fabrics but don't pay any attention to trends in terms of what I wear.

I love the flamingos - When I read it I thought the house had been flocked as in covered in flocked wallpaper! - what do I know! Your neighbour is gorgeous!
Take care xx

Nerd Burger said...

Flocked..... so great. I wish they had a thing like that here in Australia.
I am sorry to hear about Chris's aunt.

Heather said...

That dress is gorgeous and looks great on you and oh I remember as a teenager I used to be so serious about magazines but yet so frustrated that I never looked like the girls in there!! Um those flower headbands look very familiar but then we all know Desire is a trend setter!! Ha the Flocked is to funny and I love Elizabeth Taylor she really was a beauty inside and out. and so very sorry to hear about Chris's Aunt. Love Heather

Cristi said...

Oh, you look so LIZ in that dress-LOVE IT!! That book was so inspiring-time to make the minis!!;)

Yep, always been ruled by my passions you know, should have gone to law school and worked in a law office, like my Mom wanted. But, chose Art school and the record store instead. Funny I remember her getting mad when I told her my decision and said I didn't think the world needed another lawyer and chose the path of what I loved instead...;)

I love that many of the other amazing gals here have followed their passions/loves too!! Like your cute neighbor...pretty darn stylish for PDX, almost Beaverton-bet she turns heads at the grocery!;) I can only hope to look half as good at her age-wow!

AND-not going to renew my fashion mag subscriptions-so over them...prefer your style and the many other Blogging Goddesses here any day!!!:)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I want my garden flocked!! You look stunning in white, I love the floaty peacock feathers. And those gladiators are amazing! Obviously Glamour is waaay behind us bloggers and in particular you, you've been rocking dresses and trainers for years! I love these hazy summer shots. I hope your weekend was ok, not too upsetting. Big love xxxx

liz said...

Gotta love Liz, she was a true Broad in every sense. "Furious Love" is a fantastic book about her and Richard. She always inspires me to don a caftan/headdress! And whatever Pink is wearing on that cover, I love it.

Misfits Vintage said...

I do love Elizabeth too - she was beautiful and smart and had way more chutzpah and humour than she was credited for!

You are crazy gorgeous in the beautiful sunshine. Your neighbour is AMAZING! We have those flamingoes here too - I love when I spy them on someone's front lawn!

Sarah xxx