Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Age considers, youth ventures:)

Last weekend was my much anticipated visit from my niece in San Diego.  We had an absolute blast getting to know each other a bit more, she is a really cool kid and gives me hope about the younger generation.  First stop was Cristi's where she got to pick out two pair of KMK leggings.
 Cristi was so sweet to Kendra and I was happy they had a chance to meet.
 We had to get some waffles too.
 Because shopping requires energy:)
 We took her to some funky thrift shops.
 Where she happily tried on tons of clothes!
  She saw a bit of what I love about the Portland art scene.
 This gal's stuff was amazing and I picked up this Alice in Wonderland print.
Kendra even had a chance to meet Brianna, which was pretty cool.
 The girls tried on clothes while Kathi and I chillaxed.
 Uncle Chris joined us for dinner.
 and the next day his niece Haylen joined us for a crazy ass jet boat ride on the Willamette river.  The outfit I'm wearing was made by Cristi at KMK and was perfect for a little water fun.
 You won't see too many pictures of that since we knew we would get soaked all of our phones were in plastic baggies
 These are two pretty cool girls.

 Chris was caught smiling several times and that amused all of us girls.

 We clocked speeds of 50 mph and did 360 spin outs, we screamed, cursed and laughed our asses off.
 After we hit up the food carts, another quintessential part of the Portland experience.
  Hung out in trees.
We did some shopping at the mall.
 Typical white girl:) Apparently all the kids call a typical white girl anyone who shops, wears Uggs and drinks Starbuck.  Sounds about right:)
Probably one of the coolest parts of the visit was when Kendra suggested we try a wand on my hair.
 20 minutes later I had beautiful Mermaid hair!
 I love it when the young teach the old because we do not know everything.
 She is as beautiful outside as she is inside.

Being an Auntie rules and I hope she comes back again soon.
I'm looking forward to a real catch up on blogs later, it's kinda nice when you take a week off to come back and see what you've missed.  I hope everyone is doing well!


Tammy McGill said...

It looks like you girls had a blast. I wish I had a cool auntie like you when I was kid ;) I love the outfit Cristi made you.

Vix said...

What a little darling!
It looks like you had so much fun. Having a cool auntie like you must be every girl's dream.
Love your Kiss Me Kitty crazy ass frock and the pictures of you guys hanging in the thrift store. Your hair looks incredible, can she do mine next time?
Let's speak soon!
Love you! xxxxxx

Mariela said...

You certainly did make her trip fun! The Alice print you bought is awesome! If wearing Uggs, shopping, and drinking qualifies one as a typical white girl, I guess that's my sister (although we're Mexican). LOL. People are weird when it come to trying to lump others into categories.

Tamera the Menopausal Supermodel said...

The "bad"--no pix of Kendra with PEETEE!!! And no pix of the KMK leggings she chose!!

the GOOD!!!! Y'all looked like you had a BLAST!! Love the rainbow dress you're wearing when you went boating!!
Are those Kendra's glittery uggs?? cuz they are so YOU!!

Makes me wish I had a niece (nephews here!!)

love the mermaid hair--you should rock that more often!!

Kathi said...

Looks like everyone had a blast! Perhaps you've started a new yearly tradition?!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Such fun times you had! Love your hair that way!

Anonymous said...

There's so much to love about this post, I'm not surprised you bad a wonderful time and such fun together. Waffles and thrift shops, yay......that thrift looks huge. The Lice in Wonderland print is definitely cool.

Wht a special time you had all together here's hoping you see each other again real soon.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

eeee, you had so much fun! I hope I have an awesome niece (or nephew, possibly a gay one) to hang out with. I love what she did to your hair. The boat ride sounds mad, I would've loved a go. I really love the outfit Cristi made for you! a whole outfit! it's amazing!! Rainbowtastic! The Alice print is brilliant, so very Krista. ooh and all that lovely food and those huge thrift stores!! Brilliant! xxxxx

Nat said...

Your niece is gorgeous! She is one lucky young lady... she has the coolest aunt on the planet :-)
Such a precious weekend together...

thorne garnet said...

Love hanging with my favorite niece. When she was a child, I used to take her back to school shopping.Clothes shopping with a tom boy 10-year was a blast!

Louise McDonagh said...

Wow, what a fabulous time. I want to come and eat waffles and hang out in trees with you too. Are your thrift stores really that big? Omg! Heaven. Xx

Nerd Burger said...

OMG! Kendra is so adorable. Two pairs of KMK leggings? That's just fantastic! you guys look like you had the most amazing time. Art, waffles, thrift shopping. man what a lucky gal. PS@: Your rainbow boat outfit made my mind explode!!!

Helga! said...

You are THE most awesome Aunty in the UNIVERSE! I wish you were My Aunty...no, I wish you were my SISTER! NO!! I just wish you were HERE!!!
What a divoon time you've had. That Kendra is a cutie, and I bet she'll be beaming from ear to ear for MONTHS over this visit!
The mermaid hair is AWESOME. Love it!

lucy joy said...

You're pretty fly for a white gal, and both lucky to have each other to spend some serious girl time with.
Having 3 sons, I really crave days out like the ones you and Kendra had. The food you eat out in Portland always looks so appealing - the presentation is beautiful and I'm always left drooling.
Speaking of drooling - how glossy and professional is that hair? Please smuggle your neice to the UK so we can all have our faith in youth restored, our hair pimped and a taste of the great fun you had together. Gorgeous ladies fill the page!

Lucy x

freckleface said...

What a lovely post and how fantastic that you had the chance to have such a great time together. Your niece looks like such a lovely, happy girl. It must run in the family.

Those prints are amazing. I would have had the one of Alice and the Cheshire cat. The colours are just glorious and the artist looks pretty cool too.

That hair, oh my. I want mermaid hair!!! xxxxxxx

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet I have been thinking of you and your wonderful week of niece sitting....yay she is a wee darling.
You look like you have had the best time ever.......what fun.
The pic of chris in the hood with the wee smile is classic.
Jet boating.........great.
The print of Alice is amazing.
Happy next visit Aunty Krista.
Love V

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had an amazing time and your niece certainly is beautiful. but then you are both beautiful girlies :)

Wow! at that thrift store, jealous!!!! and that Alice in wonderland is fabulous too xx

Trees said...

Aww...I can't wait till my niece is older and we can have fabulous adventures like this! I'm sure your niece will want to come back and visit you in Portland soon - this looked like so much fun. Also I have sequined ugg boots too! Mine are black though:D

pastcaring said...

What a fabulous visit, you are a great Aunty, Krista! Kendra is gorgeous, I bet she had a brilliant time. AND KMK leggings - doesn't get any better than that!
Why does the food other people show on their blogs always look more interesting than you can get here? And your thrift shops are massive, you could spend a day in there!
Love what Kendra did with your hair, and those last pics on your steps are priceless.
Chris? Smiling? Of course he was, being surrounded by cool chicks would make anyone grin! xxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Kendra is such a sweetie! I wish I had a niece that I could be a cool aunt to. Looks like you showed her all the best of Portland and I'm sure she went home and told her friends what an awesome fun Aunt you are.

beckynot said...

She;s cute. I bet you're a good aunt. How is it you got made over instead of her?

Anonymous said...

please just stop. Just stop please.

Anonymous said...

Such a great time and what a beautiful and lovely girl! You makes me always so happy with your adventures! It's great to learn from each other, some young girls are exceptional persons and it's a pleasure to discover new things through their eyes!The hair are amazing too!
I love you more than mermaids!!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Oh it all looks like so much fun!! I wish you were my auntie!!!

Heather said...

The boat ride looks like a blast! Wow you guys did a ton of stuff looks like you made some great memories! Love Heather

Miss Magpie said...

you are right being an Aunt is the best thing ever. I am super excited for my niece to make her appearance in the world in October. I can't wait until she's old enough to have this kind of fun with.

Misfits Vintage said...

Yay for fun and adventures! I love LOVE being an aunty too - it's the best of both worlds.

Sarah xxx

Anne said...

So fun! You are a very cool auntie! I love the mermaid hair! What is this wand??? I need one.