Monday, July 8, 2013

Birthday fun in the sun!

Weekends should always come with two extra days, can we vote on it?  Mine was filled with plenty of sunshine, crafty projects, gardening and the best part was celebrating Cristi's Birthday.  Her longtime friend and fellow free spirit Teresa was there too!
Happy Happy Birthday!
Of course I made us sparkly pom pom tiaras!
We looked hot, I mean it was hot:)

 We walked to a restaurant by Cristi's house called Nuestra Cocina.
 Had some drinkies:)
 We shared plates and plates of tasty Mexican food.

 The birthday girl herself looking gorgeous!
 After dinner we walked back to her place for some real Birthday cake.  Make a wish honey.
After she opened her pressies we played dress up.  Check out the amazing galaxy catsuit Cristi made!
 She also had a go at a making a sweet little skater dress. It is so soft and the fit I thought was pretty flattering.
I had shorts on underneath but I'd love to wear it with my leggings!  It was a really fun night and I'm so glad we are friends!

I also got crafty this weekend and made 5 necklaces.  Here is one.
I put my two favorite guys in it so they can be close to my heart.

 I also finally mounted a Junko Mizuno postcard I've had for ages.
Painted this pretty star box.
and made a strawberry crumble
Summertime..... and I do feel like the living is easy.  I know that was a lot of pictures but hey do you really come her for the dialog:)  I hope you all enjoyed some sunshine this weekend, it looks like it's finally heating up in the UK!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!! The picture of you three in your pom-pom tiara's is goreous.
The food looked YUMMO!!

The galaxy catsuit Cristi made would look AMAZING on Vix wouldn't it??
I love the skater dress. you NEED one in the galaxy print!!
Your new necklace is adorable!! and all kinds of awesome art got created--a wonderful weekend for sure!!

MrBill and the hottest bitch in town Gracie send their love!

Helga! said...

I am fecking DAZZLED by so much gorgeousness I can hardly think straight!!! Maybe all you lucious babaes are makking me a bit bent....ROWR!
YAY for a great birthday for Cristi! The food! The POM POM TIARAS!!!! The catsuit! Fark ME! And then you go and slam dunk me with some crafty brillance! OMG!
I just need to find a reason to piss off home from work so I can do something spectacular; you've got me all inspired!
Love YOU!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Wow what fab girls! And the food pics made me your craft Works .
Sunshine in Sweden!

Nerd Burger said...

Happy birthday Christi!!! You guys looked amazing. I love your pom pom headbands you made. So cute!!!
It is so freezing here in Melbourne Australia, I wish it was nice and warm like where you are. :(

two squirrels said...

Yay happy happy birthday to such a pretty look like you have had the most wonderful time together....happiness is a weekend of true friendship.
Pom-Pom head bands....eeekkk so so cute.
Love you have your sweethearts in a wee locket of love.
Love V

BellaBean Vintage said...

Fabulous birthday party, that food looked amazing and I love love the tiaras and the necklace you made. You look happy and gorgeous :) xx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I wish I was there for all the fun and food! I'd love to have a pom pom tiara! And I looove the locket. SO sweet!

Vix said...

Awwww, I wish I'd been there (but I might have ripped Cristi's catsuit off her back in envy)!
What a dream you three look in your cute headbands having fun in the sun. I adore your necklace and have me craving Mexican food - which is pretty much non-existent here.
Your creations are fantastic, especially the men of your life in that locket and you look beautiful!
Yep, talk very soon - I'm waiting!
Love you! xxxxxx

Trees said...

Looks like a perfect weekend - friends, food & crafts! I think the skater dress looks pretty amazing and the space jumpsuit is awesome:)

Mary Lou said...

oh that seems the perfect weekend! what a cute skater dress, and gosh i adore that jumpsuit of the beautiful birthday girl! and also those tiaras you made are fabulous, 3 pretty ladies;)
love and kiss,mary

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Cristi!!You all look amazing in the fabulous pom pom tiaras! I'd love to have a night out with you, such a great evening!! The catsuit and the dress are awesome too, I love how Cristi is experimenting with her creativity and all her clothes are beautiful and flattering! The necklace you made is wonderful and also the crumble seems delicious!! Have a wonderful summer day!!
Love you xxxxxxxxx

thorne garnet said...

sparkle pompom tiaras: check

awesome food: check

Awesomer birthday cake: check

crafts galore: check

more fun than you can shake a stick at: double check!!!!!!!!!

pastcaring said...

Happy Birthday Cristi! It looks like you had a great time. Good friends, amazing food, awesome cake, pom pom tiaras - what more could a gal need?!
Cristi's catsuit looks incredible, and her little dress is so pretty on you, Krista.
Love your beautiful jewellery, and mmmm, strawberry crumble, delicious!
Yep, it's HOT here in the UK, I'm sweating in all my cracks (picked up that cute expression from you, love!) xxxxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

The tiaras are so pretty!! I love the galaxy catsuit! All the food and cake look so yummy-- it looks like the perfect summer fun!!!!

freckleface said...

My word you have been busy! Totally agree on the birthday thing, although I think a week would be about right :) You three look so lovely together, even in the photos you emanate fun.

That food looks out of this world, don't know how any of you had room for cake.

Your crafty projects are always really inspiring, I need to get off my butt and stop being so lazy! Hope you are enjoying the week as much as the weekend. xxxxx

Cristi said...

OMG-What a wonderful day! Truly the best gift ever is spending time with such great friends, nothing can compare!!!:)
We all looked party perfect thanks to you, the pompom tiaras were the icing on our fashion cake-too cute, loved them so much!!

Geeze, you are so productive, I'm always amazed by how much you get done in a weekend, you crafting wizard you! The star box is super cute and would be perfect in your bathroom, and I love how you added the little Krista touches to the card-you made it even more perfect!:) Oh, and I can go on and on about your amazing necklaces...but that one is the best, since it holds the perisheses!:)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

you're a non stop creative minx! I love the pompom tiaras, you picked the perfect colours for everyone. I LOVE Criti's galaxy catsuit, it's amazing! The skater dress is really cute, I bet we'll see loads more of it. The locket is just wonderful! Always nice to have a Peetee photo!! xxxxxxxxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Damn Krista, you are a DIY genius -pompom hairbands, jewellery, dessert, pretty boxes, cards - I'm lucky to be able to make my own breakfast ;)