Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dahlias and craft beer

 I just want to reach out and give each and everyone of you a dahlia, my favorite flower.
Go on take it, you are lovely and you deserve it:)  Your comments about my special encounter with that adorable poppet (I love that term) were so sweet.  It's wonderful knowing that we can still show love to strangers (and this includes kids) in a world that sometimes makes us think otherwise.
 This week is going by fast and maybe its because Chris and I snuck out for beers with some friends.
Finally a taphouse opened up on our side of town (the boring burbs). Orenco Taphouse  has 20 rotating beers that they list on a big screen, pretty cool huh!
They don't serve food so it's bring your own, I brought chocolate covered salted carmel:) Can't wait to show up with tacos!

Now here is one of three yellow dresses I own.  This is by Jam's World and it's bright and comfy and was all of $5.  I still have yet to get that nice summer tan.
 but with everything else I have going on, do you think anyone notices how pale I am?
  My sneaks I've had for about 5 years now and they were $19 at Ross.
Farmers market is full of dahlias right now and I love that they have no smell so Chris isn't bothered by them.

 This necklace was made by my friend Cathy (Sunny's Mom) and looks so perfect with this dress.
 Peetee and I will go visit with Sunny this weekend, we are both looking forward to that.
Here he is soaking up all the vitamin D he can get because he knows this sunshine won't last forever.
 I feel the same
 but the Mermaid in me will love the rain when it comes back
 because that's just what you do when you live in Portland.


thorne garnet said...

Let me wipe to drool off my screen, I want the dark beer on the left! Beer porn!

Dahlias remind me of my uncle, who was quit the gardener. They don't do too good down here in Hell, aka Valdosta.

Tamera Wolfe said...

Love the dahlia!!-Every year i promise myself i'll find a spot to squeeze some in!!

As a pasaty gal --you look fabulous pale--pale is the new tan!!

The dress is GORGEOUS and so you!! i love the whole outfit!!
AH PEETEE!!! Gracie is built just like him with the same face/head!!
They even have the same expression!! She'd LOVE to go on a walk with him to find "treasures"!!

Vix said...

Sneaking out for beer? I wish we were joining you! You know what you're missing with that delicious ale, dontcha? Scratchings!!!
Your dress is gorgeous and you're so fabulously colourful nobody would notice your lack of a tan unless you mentioned it. I adore those sunnies and the pom pom sparkle headband, too!
You're doing an amazing job on maintaining those fabulous mermaid curls, I think we need a tute!!!
Speak soon?
Love ya! xxxxx

Ariane Lasalle said...

I like the idea of bringing your own food at a beer place usually it is the other way around bring your own boose, here anyway
Your mermaid hair is divine, so fecking gorgeous!

Ariane xxx

Sandra said...

flowers on a wednesday, and a sweet dhalia too, thank you - you are a gift that keeps giving - your dress is awesomely fab, beer heaven, yes please x

Carina Rosenholm said...

Love Dahlias! Had some in my garden last year but they didnt survive the winter storage .
Love your yellow dress and mermaid hair. And Peete is such a darling! Maybe there is a puppy on the way in to my life ...

Miss Magpie said...

Gosh your dress is so pretty.

Little ones can really lift your day, I had the most wonderful conversation with a wee lad, about mayonnaise of all things, whilst we were waiting to cross the road, it instantly lifted my mood for the rest of the day.

Ivy Black said...

LOVE your mermaid curls, baby! Love dahlias too so I won't refuse one. Wouldn't mind a beer either.
Bloody gorgeous, you are.

Ivy Black said...
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Ivy Black said...
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Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

pretty pretty flower! But now as pretty as you!

pastcaring said...

Oh yes pease, I would love a dahlia! I'd really like a beer with you too, or a cocktail, or just any old booze, frankly, as long as it comes with plenty of Krista chat! How funny that you can take your own food to the pub, that is unusual here.
Your dress is so summery and colourful, you look beautiful, especially with those mermaid ringlets. I don't think you look pale, but then as someone who never tans, I think everyone is more sunkissed than me - I have learned to embrace it, no point fighting the freckles!
Soak up the sunshine, give Peetee a kiss and Sunny a pat from me. Enjoy the rest of your week, darling! xxxxx

Perdita said...

Big screen beer!?! Genius!

Love love love that dress and necklace too!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I just love Dahlias! Such beautiful colours. That beer looks so damn good too! That dress is soooo pretty, I really love it, especially with your pink mermaid hair. It's not really yellow, when you look closer it's a riot of colour. oooh and I love that necklace, reminds me of speckled birds eggs! xxxx
ps: need to find something to name BettyLou because I love the name so much!

Helga! said...

Dahlias are one of my fave flowers, especially the spikey cactus variety!!! They come in such great colours!
I am loving the tiers on that frock, so nice and swingy! Perfect for generating some breeze in the Summer heat.
Most excellent that you have a tap house nearby now! I suspect you'll be sneaking out for beers quite a lot now...I am looking forward to sneaky sunny afternoons in a pub come Summer. I don't do it much in Winter, although funnily enough I am having drinks after work with a new friend at a new wine/whiskey bar in town!!! On a school night! I never!
You are looking beautfiul, darling. Do give Peetee and Chris kisses from me, and get a broom to bash Ash out of that tree! XXX

Annie said...

Thorne Garnet - Beer Porn! Absolutely brilliant, and spot on! How fab to have a place like that open up nearby. Bring your own food is really cool, as Curtise says, we don't get that much over here.

You look lovely, enjoying the sunshine. Have a fab weekend!

Annie xxx

Anonymous said...

Dhalia accepted graciously xx

Also Thank you for your very kind words left on my comments the other day. I keep reading it and it always puts a big smile on my face.


freckleface said...

As soon as I saw that dahlia I thought of Helga. But I will happily have it too, because I'm a dahlia convert - growing them for the first time this year. I love your swingy yellow dress and your mermaid hair. Tan? No need. I'm a shade loving plant too, never bothers me.

Beer glorious beer. I've just had a lovely glass of prosecco in the sunshine. It makes you want to go out and do things this weather doesn't it? I'm looking after a pooch this week and keep thinking of you and Peetee! xxxxx

two squirrels said...

Oh happiness is when you are given flowers from a gorgeous friend.....thank you.....or is that a gorgeous mermaid...tee hee.
What a great wee summer dress....the colours are fabulous.
Hmmmm a cold beer....yummy.
Have a truly wonderful weekend.
Love V

liz said...

Dahlias are lovely. I'm crazy about your sunglasses! I never get tired of heart-shaped sunglasses...I could use a few more pairs!

CityScape Skybaby said...

Hi you magical mermaid, love the beautiful dahlia and the sound of the chocolately salty thing, mmm, love chocolate pretzels, they're addictive, so I imagine I would love that too. The last two pics of you are my favourites, you just look so technicolour and dayglo, who cares about a tan! xx

Melanie said...

Aren't dahlias pretty flowers .. I passed a garden once which had nothing but dahlias growing, it looked so beautiful, seeing all the clashing colours together xxx

Trees said...

Love the idea of a bar where you take your own food? I've never heard of that - fun!! Love your frock and the dahlias are so pretty. Enjoy the sunshine :)

Cristi said...

Yummy, beer looks so good! And, I love it when it's served in those glasses instead of the usual pint glass! You look very pretty in your Jams World dress, looks great with the amazing mermaid hair!! And, pale just look like a typical Oregonian!lol;) Super cute Peetee shot too, those eyebrows and eyes, so expressive!:)
And OMG WHAT!?! The sunshine doesn't last here forever...dang, I'm movin'!;)

Jane George said...

want your dress want your shoes!!! gorgeous!!!! x